Skyrim Hearthfire with free Dawnguard on PS3

By Alan Ng - Aug 24, 2012

It’s fair to say that PS3 users are not happy at all with the Dawnguard situation for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda had originally stated that PS3 users would get it 30 days after Xbox 360, but it is now coming up to a full two months without Dawnguard and there’s still complete silence from Bethesda.

Earlier on this week we toyed on the idea of Xbox 360 users getting an announcement on Hearthfire, the next rumored pack, before PS3 users even have a chance to play Dawnguard. We received some very interesting feedback for sure which you can read through yourselves here, but some additional details on Hearthfire have arrived and it once again threatens to make this a reality for PS3 owners.

Now, an official DLC description has reached Reddit and it suggests that Hearthfire will give Xbox 360 owners the chance to buy land and create their own buildings from scratch. You’ll be able to perform deep customization inside this house, with luxuries such as a complete armory or a full scaled alchemy laboratory.

Does this description leaking out suggest that Bethesda is close to an announcement perhaps? After all, Dawnguard was first announced on May 1st for Xbox 360 owners so they are well due some new content after playing Dawnguard to death.

This is likely to cause further frustration amongst PS3 owners as they face the possibility of Xbox 360 owners being able to build houses in Hearthfire, before they have even had a chance to play as the Dawnguard or Vampires in the first pack. We read through the feedback in our previous article and did spot one unlikely scenario.

One user suggested that Bethesda should make up for their obvious lack of effort in keeping the PS3 community updated, by providing a free copy of Dawnguard as an apology. In support of this, it is an extra month of waiting that PS3 users have had to put up with, rather than 1 month that was originally the plan.

It seems unlikely that Bethesda are going to waive $20 just like that when Xbox 360 users paid for the same content, but what are your thoughts on this idea? Do you think Bethesda would be so generous?

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    i would like get the heart of fire on ps3 please reless it online because i would like to build my own city if not add it on too. please

  • thisisme

    i’m a huge fan of TES, i played oblivion on ps3 and pc, and I play skyrim on ps3.
    i’m very disapointed that Bethesda seems to become less interested in Ps3 as in Xbox.
    the fact they are a month too late isn’t all that bad, if they have problems, they have them.
    but the fact they are already talking ’bout a DLC for Xbox, really freaks me out.
    they just gonna stop for ps3 or what??
    what’s next? no TES 6
    I don’t think they should give it for free, after all they need to make money, but less that 20$ it need to be.
    i’m really disapointed in Bethesda and I think that many ps3 users would agree if i say they aren’t reasonable against PS3

  • christopher brown

    they should, because this is complete CRAP, if bethesda cant develop for all systems, they should stop putting out games for all systems. they should at least combine hearthfire and dawnguard for $20 rather than making us pay for both and killing us with an extremely long wait time.

  • yo

    seens when does Bethesda care about performance issues

  • Meheheh.

    Ok, so with the release of Hearthfire, Xbox get Dawnguard and Hearthfire as their bonuses for Skyrim.
    PC Users get literally anything they want on Skyrim using mods.
    And what do we get? Nothing. Nilch. Zip. Nada.
    And what do Bethesda get? A load of dosh. D:<

  • ed

    i hope they give dawnguard for free im mad as hell

  • clearly the situation is the ps3 cant handle skyrim and dlc, the memory on a ps3 is terrible, I have a xbox, ps3 and a ds I am finding more and more the ps3 has trouble and I am even thinking of selling it, I am pissed because having bought skyrim for my xbox I dont see why ps3 should get it for free this means xbox users have been poorly treated and two wrongs dont make a right maybe its time for people to wake up to the ps3 not being all that?

    • Brian

      Would you be saying the same thing if it were delayed on Xbox this long? The point isn’t that the PS3 is better. It’s that they should have been finished with it on all consoles before even announcing a release. And the problems with PS3 are irrelevant here. This is the first game I have noticed THIS major of a problem with. The problem isn’t the console. It’s the developer. I don’t care about getting it free or even discounted. But at least giving some small details on their progress would be nice. I mean, it’s not like there are any secrets about the DLC now. It’s been out for 2 months on Xbox. And about the PS3 not being all that. That may be, but the same could be said about Xbox.

  • Bethesda should not be forced to give away content it has worked hard to produce for free, that is insane. However they should give ps3 users more information and updates rather than complete silence, and not even imply the idea that they might give up altogether. I would suggest that a ps3 dawnguard-hearthfire special offer be put in place that amounts to a discount of maybe 5-10% for the first month of its release. Whatever the fanatics might say right now, their ‘shunning’ bethesda might be very short-lived if that tactic was taken.

  • Y2Joris

    Not for free no, Bethesda needs to make money.
    Simpler idea, reduce the price of Dawnguard to half, and give us Hearthfire for free… infact, give the Xbox Hearthfire for free as well. The PC pretty much already has it for free, so why should console users pay for it?

  • ps34ever

    Put it in a pack with heartfire will srew us even more because then we will have to buy dawnguard if we want heartfire and pay for it ,im not paying for dawnguard anymore ,how dumb would i be to give them my money for screwing us over and buying something that xbox users have had for months,just give us heartfire on time and the other dlc to come ,F* dawnguard!

  • Tramatized PS3 owner.

    Bethesda will not give a discount. This is reality, they are a money making buisness but what they MIGHT do, is give PS3 owners maybe an extra update or something that X-box owners/ PC owners havent got. eg and extra quest or item.


    I know that Bethesda will make this up to PlayStation 3 Gamers.
    My predictions are , if we pay full price for the DLC,we might get
    some exclusive goodies like body armor etc or we might just
    get Dawnguard free and pay for Hearthfire. Either way they
    aren’t going to keep pissing off the PlayStation community
    even more with delays knowing that this anger from PS3
    gamers is being expessed internet wide all over the world.

  • Zane Newberry

    No they won’t, but if they don’t wanna lose a ton of fans, they need to do something. I’d give away Hearthfire with Dawnguard because Harthfire is only 5$ Bethesda, don’t be stuck up.

  • Free? no.
    Half off? Yes.
    I’m sure they pulled a good chunk of change outta the Xbox fans.

  • tybad1

    All i have to say is that people who think they are going to release an expansion they have yet to announce(And they’ve even said that their main focus right now is on getting Dawnguard ready for the PS3) before Dawnguard on the PS3 are looking are ways to hammer Bethesda and need to get their heads out of their clinched buttholes. Do you guys really think they have the ability to work on fixing Dawnguard while making a whole new damn expansion? Some people are way to biased. This DLC will probably be released around the beginning of next year if i had to guess(pure speculation on my part, but that’s just what I’d guess)

  • Angry Customer

    I agree with Johnson31D that the DLC should not be free but a discount should be in order for whenever dawnguard comes out for PS3 if it ever comes out. I also think that PS3 owners should get Hearthfire first just to even it out

  • The_Truth

    All I see in this thread is, “WAHWAHWAH! GIMME DAWNGUARD FOR FREE BECAUSE I DON”T FEEL LIKE PAYING FOR SOMETHING THEY ARE DELAYING TO FIX THE PERFORMANCE ON. I WANT IT NOW OR I SHOULD GET IT FOR FREE/A DISCOUNT!” Bethesda would never give discounts/free on only one system because some users feel like they are owed Dawnguard because of a delay. I’m pretty sure no other company would ever do that either. Bethesda is working on the performance issues on the ps3 version of Dawnguard. If you got it the same time PC users did, you’d all be whining about the performance issues and basically be saying the same things you are right now, just about performance instead of a delayed DLC. It’s hard to feel anything for the ps3 users because of 1: all the whining going on and 2: you should have known that the ps3 the least liked console of 95% of game developers. Users of only one system should never get a DLC for free or at a discounted price just because they didn’t get it when they wanted it. Now, STFU and stop whining about not getting something when you want it, that isn’t how the world works unless it changed when I was sleeping.

    • No one’s seriously asking for it to be free or discounted; the idea is being put forth as something Bethesda could do to recover a bit of their customers’ faith from this blunder.
      Arguably, they should have had the content ready for all platforms prior to launching it on any of them, and the 30-day exclusivity period could have been used to iron out any kinks or bugs the 360 community encountered.
      Yes, they’re working on performance issues, and yes, the PS3’s architecture is a lot more of a pain to work with than the 360’s (as the 360’s mirrors PC, which developers have been using for ages), but that’s a piss-poor excuse. All it’s proved is that, once again, Bethesda attempt to make the game for one platform, and produce a hackneyed port for the rest.
      This is hardly a one-time event where users of one particular system would be heavily benefiting from a trivial matter; this has happened several times in the past. The PS3 community has been stomped at every single turn by Bethesda’s poor foresight and lack of concern. Bethesda’s been coding PS3 versions of their games for almost 5 years…they should have this down pat, by now.

      Businesses who repeatedly treat customers like garbage tend to fail. Most businesses know that, and don’t do so…that’s why discounting products “isn’t how the world works”, because most successful businesses don’t put themselves in a position where discounting their new products is actually a good investment for them. At this point, slashing the price on the DLC would actually make them more money, and restore some of the faith users on ALL platforms have lost for them.

      P.S.: Whining about whining is just plain daft. Add something constructive to the thread.

      • The_Truth

        I’m not whining about the people whining, I was pointing out their flawed logic and telling them that Bethesda is trying to make it run better on the ps3. Face it, if it was released at the same time the PC version was released, there would be either the same amount of whining if not more about the performance of DG. They aren’t giving an estimated release date because they don’t want people to think that is the definite final release date and then another serious performance issue pops up and they end up having to delay it. They are communicating to people, they just have to open their eyes to see it and know whats going on. Bethesda also aren’t treating their customers like garbage, just because they aren’t giving a continuous stream of information about the DLC doesn’t mean that they are treating the fans badly.

  • silly sally

    If you don’t want to pay for the DLC, don’t buy it. If you’re bored with the 200+ hours of gameplay Skyrim has to offer buy a new game.

  • screw Bethesda

    i quit with dawngaurd assassins creed III is 2 months away and i have it on pre order

  • annoyedgamer

    This is low, even for Bethesda. The very least they can do is give us a free copy of the DLC, or even a major discount to show that they aren’t completely ruthless.

  • jordan s

    Bethesda sucks… give it for free or bethesda sucks

  • fallengamer13

    I understand the development problems and bugs that come up when creating a video game, and I am okay with Bethesda taking so long, but I believe, as consumers (who fuel the company in the first place), we should get regular updates on the situation, not be left in the dark not knowing either way whether the DLC will release for PS3, or whether it won’t.

  • rick

    sadly, no… and its kind of hard to say considering im a skyrim owner on ps3, so basically, my biggest favor to ask bethesda would be to tell us a REAL date release and give a little peace to all frustrated fans of skyrim whom are playing it on ps3

  • Falling Anvil

    Does anyone here still truly believe PS3 Dawnguard will ever see the light of day?
    Think about it. They coded Skyrim for Xbox 360, then ported it to the PS3 without bothering to get to know the system to optimise the game properly, leaving PS3 gamers with a more broken version than the other platforms (not that it runs particularly well on those, either), then released a string of updates that have brought a new game-breaking bug with every one they fix.
    As a European PS3 owner I’m still on patch 1.5, and while it certainly runs better with that update, we’re still waiting for 1.6/1.7 which from all accounts has caused a whole lot of new issues for Skyrim players in the US – shorter draw distance, more pop-in textures, less LOD, more freezes, framerate lag etc.

    So, we have a badly-coded version of Skyrim that is too fundamentally broken to properly fix, updates which have to take away from graphical quality in order to improve gameplay (and which seem to cause as many problems as they solve), and a vague statement from Bethesda that Dawnguard isn’t working properly for PS3 but they’ll “continue to push for that reality”. If they can’t release an update containing horse combat for the game without breaking it even more, how can they add all the new content that comes with a DLC?
    As far as they’re concerned, they’ve already given us the bad news – the DLC doesn’t work (and considering the quality of games they HAVE released, Dawnguard must be really, REALLY broken). What are the chances now of them actually devoting enough time to the PS3 to somehow cram all that new content into a game that’s bursting at the seams under the weight of the content it already has? It sounds more like they’ve just been working on new DLC instead, which IMO does not bode well for PS3 gamers.
    Well, those who actually give a toss about Dawnguard, anyway.

    • The_Truth_Giver

      No good devs(ID, Valve, Bethesda, etc.) like the ps3 because of it’s crap split-RAM. The split-RAM makes it almost impossible to make games like Skyrim for the ps3, so the way I see it, you are lucky to even get Skyrim in the first place.

      • Good devs don’t port a game from one system to another with a vastly different architecture.
        Any company who’s taken the time to properly work with the PS3’s architecture has produced brilliant results. The reason they don’t like the split-RAM is because they’re too lazy to use the rest of its strengths to their advantage. In their position? Yeah, I’d really only want to code for the PC and 360 as well…the PS3 IS a hurdle. When your company decides to release a game across all three platforms, however, you make the effort to do so. If an employee in any other industry showed even half of such lack of effort to their job, any of us would fire them on the spot. The gaming industry, though? “Oh, it’s okay.”

  • midwest45

    bethesda wont release dawnguard on ps3 for free as they have always spat on the playstation community. pure and simple, xbox has morrowind, xbox has less bugs, xbox gets dawnguard 1 month before us and another month to wait in delay. free is the least likely scenario while a SMALL discount isnt out of the question along with a heartless apology that no one in the company will feel genuine about. the most likely possibility is full priced and in market before it gets too out of hand along with that small apology. needless to say bethesda doesnt give a crap about us playstation users as long as they can continue to milk us for money and maintain a well enough image, such is the workings of most buisnesses.

  • Jclay1297

    im a psn user and i like BETHESDA but this dawnguard thing is taking way too long

  • Good news

    hey guys bethsda r going to give europe and Australia 1.7 patch on monday!!!

  • Armored Trolls lol

    When Dawnguard is finally released, even if heavily discounted, I won’t be getting it. Skyrim was fun. Was. I have no desire to play it anymore. I lost interest in Dawnguard too. Waiting got boring. I have other games to play. Bethesda remaining silent really didn’t help. I personally don’t like being spit on, which is basically done to us. Bad business practices shouldn’t be rewarded.

  • info warrior

    I am as angry as all of you but the fact is all this bitching on the internet will accomplish nothing. The only way we will make our voices heard is to hit bethesda were it hurts. Their pocketbook. If we really want to crawfish them and thumb our noses to these sons of whores is to just refuse to buy Dawnguard when it does finally get released. By no means am I saying never buy it but wait maybe a week or two before buying that will scare the hell out of them and thwy may think twice before hanging us ps3 users out to dry.

  • haha I’m running out of things to do on skyrim. I’ve been looking online everyday almost to see if there is going to be any update. But I have a feeling that the add on will never show its face to the PS3 users. And yet again we will have to let XBOX get the next add on first then wait another month to get that one. If I had a better graphics card in my mac I’d probably get it just so I could try out dawngaurd.

    • Dead Pigeon

      Then your lack of a decent graphics card is a guardian of your integrity. Even if I could afford it, there’s no way I would give more money to Bethesda over this by buying the game for another platform (and I sure as hell wouldn’t buy the 360 version + a 360). Microsoft’s tactics for getting more sales than Sony are disgusting, just proves that their console is inferior when they have to stoop to this petty dibs-calling to screw over other platforms rather than getting sales on their console’s own merit. And Bethesda are equally disgusting for going along with it and taking the money, spitting in the face of all their customers in doing so. I certainly wouldn’t go along with it. If I don’t get Skyrim DLC on the console I already have the game for, I don’t get Skyrim DLC. It’s not a huge loss, and I’d rather feel like a Bethesda outcast than Microsoft’s whore.

  • Ceadeus

    Bethesda would probably never do it but if they did I would certainly be surprised.

  • Nathanqaz

    Of course Bethesda wouldn’t, they all just care for the $$$.

  • robert kennedy

    they better i like there games but this is not right to ps3 players if they dont give us dawngaurd y should i buy any of there games again id rather buy from a company who is fair to both systems

  • peterw

    i think that bethesda should atleast do a very good discount on dawnguard for ps3 owners, like instead of paying $20 for it we only pay $5, cause they wont want to give it out for free lets be honest, but i will be revved if i have to pay full price to a company thats kept me waiting in the dark and cant even tell me exactly why its taking so long other then its not up to par, which if that was the case why did they even release skyrim when they did, because that was buggy as all hell when it was released!

  • KittensKickAss

    well… since I don’t believe anything they say anymore about skyrim. I will comment on the fact that I will NOT be buying “Dishonored”….. But I think that Ps3 users have been beta testing this for Bethesda for years anyway. .

  • tomb

    i will not be buying dawnguard. the only way i will ever even consider skyrim dlc at this point is if the dawnguard would be free since we had to wait forever. i hope they dont even bother trying to sell another elder scrolls on ps3. ithink it would flop at this point. cause im never going to buy an inferior system to play dlc. bethesda = (!)’s


    I used to love bethesda when i first came across oblivion (didnt know much about them at the time, so yeah). Then Skyrim came out and they shot arrows in all our knees. From then on i saw them for what they really are, bunch of walking wallets waiting to be filled.

  • AngyDingo

    Once I had adored Bethesda and everything they made, now I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the kidney by them.
    Since they’ve proved to be unreliable and uncaring by their lack of even filling us in, why would I ever believe they could pull off an MMORPG that requires constant attention.
    I know that myself and many other gamers won’t be wasting our time.



  • did anyone fail to see that it wasn’t anyone from bethesda that said heartfire would come with free dawnguard for ps3? whoever wrote this needs to rename this article.

  • Kay

    This is getting a little out of hand just give us the content already seriously they know exactly what the ps3 users are going through, especially now. How are they going to release it on PC and delay us for another month they could of at least waited until both users were finished then send both dlc out on PC and PS3 but no that would be a generous move which Bethesda is not….. ugh sickening.

  • Ian

    No, bethesda could care less for there ps fans.There. pretty much telling us to go f ourselves

  • I don’t think they have to be so generous. All they ever promised is that it would be released. I’d like better PR, but so far they haven’t broken any promises.

    I’ll tell you… initially I was really disappointed. I had fired up Skyrim to fine tune my character and reassociate myself with the controls, expecting it to drop on the PS Store in the fifth or sixth week after the XBL release. But that was me making an assumption.

    As soon as I hear that it’s working right, I’ll gladly spend full price on it. If XBL gets Hearthfire before PSN gets Dawnguard, I’ll start having problems. Until then, I’m fine waiting.

    • Agreed. I’m still quite anxious to give it a whirl, and I’m not at all miffed about paying full price.

      However, due to their poor communication, a discount would go a long way to regain some of the respect their customers have lost over the years, especially their PS3 customers. This is Operation: Anchorage, all over again. Fingers crossed that the following DLC release(s) for Skyrim (if not all their future games) are handled a lot better.

  • The Fallen

    This is what show that indie game makers are better. They listen more to the people. They would never allow this!

  • I would be absolutely pissed if they got a free $20 download. Two months really isn’t anything, the people who complain this hard need to actually face the sun once in their life. They get free membership so it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get it. If it was Xbox taking this long it would be different because we pay to play.


      Its not our fault microsoft has its hands in your pockets. Piss off.

    • blboy129

      for skyrim it wouldn’t matter

  • Tell it like it is

    A discounted Dawnguard would be nice for PS3 fans, but LOL at all the dummies that say they “want something new” for Skyrim on PS3 while at the same time whining about having to wait and believing they deserve a hand out.. What they really “we want something new and you should give it to us for free”

  • No.

    Hell no. The people who paid hard money for the content will be screwed over a whole lot more than the people who have to wait a while longer.


      Really? Well Dawnguard has been ruined already for us what with all the walkthroughs and videos that are everywhere. What say you now? Cur

      • blboy129

        that’s why i’ve been avoiding any spoilers period on dawnguard so it will be nice and fresh for me 😀

  • Minos

    I think we should get dawnguard and have that give us the ability to get heart fire for free. That way we can have time to play dawnguard.

  • What a flametastic article!!! Bethesda has been silent!?!! On August 2nd they stated, “”We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3,” said Bethesda on the company blog.
    “We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we
    aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience
    in Skyrim will be worse. We do everything we can to have our content
    available to all; from our free updates, to user mods, to paid DLC.
    We’re as disappointed as our fans when that isn’t the case, but we’ll
    continue to push for that reality.””

    I know that would be hard to find since it is only the COMPANY BLOG. That might be a bit confusing for you, Alan. You’d have to go to the SOURCE to find that out. Good job at being a shitty reporter.

    • They haven’t said anything since then, and nothing that you quoted even affirmed that they were actually working on it. His point is valid.

      • Not only all that, but this LIAR said, ” but it is now coming up to a full two months without Dawnguard and there’s still complete silence from Bethesda.”

        Yet two weeks ago they posted an update on their blog. What is there to figure out.

        • PS3 DOVAH DUDE

          Pete Hines keeps saying he’s clueless. You call those updates?

        • Exactly. They have not updated us. Simply opening your mouth does not make you an informant.

        • AvatarσReason

          Ever considered that Pete Hines’ knowledge of whats going on it limited?

        • Hence his caustic Twitter remark about not being a coder.

          Either way, I wouldn’t call the “updates” Bethesda’s given us anything near keeping us in the loop. The biggest blunder is that they waited a full week after the exclusivity ran out to even mention that they were dealing with performance issues (then again, we all knew that’d be a problem, given their last couple titles).

          “Fact: It was a shitty update.” Brilliant, sir!

        • Wow. Don’t just say, “Whoops, my bad, I musta misread all that.” No. Actually TROLL HARDER! Wow. Dovah dude called Pete Hines Clueless and what Bethesda did as barely an update. Maybe you oughta keep up with the convo there Justin. He isn’t agreeing with you or the “journalist” that wrote this pile of crap article.

          I called out the author of the article for lying. He claimed Bethesda has given nothing but silence for TWO MONTHS. You trolled and either didn’t read what I said or didn’t read the article and claimed “his point is valid.”

          Bethesda gave an update (what Dovah Dude quite aptly stated, “You call those updates?”). The update quite correctly states that they “are not satisfied yet with the PS3 Dawnguard”

          This reporter is LYING. The comments are showing just how uninformed his LYING is.

          Fact: Bethesda Gave an Update two weeks ago.
          Fact: This article claims there has been silence for two months.
          Fact: It was a shitty update.
          Fact: The updated clearly indicates that Bethesda is working on the Dawnguard DLC for PS3.
          Fact: This BS article comments section is full of angry users who want this DLC but due to an uninformed shitty journalist (aka your buttbuddy) they are angry at Bethesda without really knowing what is going on.
          Fact: Dovah is not agreeing with you. You are wrong.
          Fact: you are a troll.

        • You are rather imbalanced as a rational being aren’t you?

          What he and I both said is that you cannot call those updates as they contained no actual new information.

          Technically you are right, but absurdly so, that yes, they are typing words and releasing those words to the public. But they still have not said that work is even being done to fix this situation.

          And I would suggest that the person who states opinions as facts would be slightly more likely to be the actual troll.

          Feel free to go crazy on me again, but I’m done responding.

    • Gaming loner

      HAHAHAHHAH yea they are disappointed cuz they won’t get any money from us ps3 gamers. hhahah lmao nicely writing Bugthesda

  • Johnson you are abviously not pouring 200+ hours into a game when you claim to be a market analyst. You make valid points but dont inflait yourself to be something you are not. And any company who can afford to have someone dedicating that much time to video games is in no way a fortune 500 company, unles they are in the bussiness of video games. Reality sucks, get a helmet. Also, your ability to comment on people douybting your character when you should be “analysing the market” doesnt bode well , I’m a docter/ banker/ ceo/ dictator/ devoute Amish in nevernever land.

  • AvatarσReason

    As soon as Dawnguard comes out you’re all going to buy it and discussions like these won’t even be a memory anymore… Most of you Ps3 users are all a bunch of entitled complainers.

    And before i get bitched at, i have Skyrim for the Ps3! I wouldn’t want to play it on any other console.


      We are entitled. Entitled to information and explanation.

      • AvatarσReason

        You’re entitled to nothing none of us are, the mere fact that they’ve even decided to produce Dawnguard for the Ps3 and not wait to put it on a GOTY edition shows that they’re putting forth effort to get it to us at all.
        It all comes down to fans being impatient and an unfounded FEELING of entitlement. The remedy for this is patience, something more and more uncommon as our ability to readily and easily access information rises. Sorry you can’t Google this one for immediate satisfaction.

  • Matt S

    Bethesda really are obtuse with their behaviour u have seen more copies of skyrim being traded in than anything else these days. Basically Bethesda have blown it for ps3 I would not buy anything from ten again due to their lack of professional behaviour.


      Can you believe stores are still trying to push ps3 skyrim for full price new or used? Now thats just stupid.

  • Mc~trollov

    waaaaahhaaa :”'( ps3 users get over it! U’ll get it wen it’s ready, u will only be bitchin about it being a (game breaker) if they just released as it is


      i’ll “game break” it across your head lol

  • Shaun

    Bethesda can rot in the corners of hell for all i care after this if they do release dawngaurd on ps3 i’m buying it and never buying anything bethesda made again

  • Guest

    Not a chance in hell and PlayStation doesn’t deserve anything as it is nothing but overhype and underdeliver. Suck it Sony! Just go bankrupt!


      Sorry, what? Couldnt hear you with that microsoft shaft in your mouth while your head’s in your ass.

  • plko

    dawnguard should be half price or at least 15 dollars like a normal game dlc

  • gAMING Loner

    aNY UPDATES on patch 1.7 europe? (ps3) PLEASE REPLY I WANT SOME INFO

    • Gaming Loner

      Come on, STOP WHINIG. Seriously it won’t get us any further… sAME F-cin comments everyday, Seriously we all know what kind of failure company Bugthesda is. NOW WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY TO MY COMMENT INSTEAD OF THIS OVERUSED COMMENTS?!!!?!?! i Can’t find info anywhere……


      Sorry dude, Bethesda has a sock in it. Nobody knows anything.

  • lardisen

    I think that if Bethesda doesn’t give a crap about any gamer’s and aren’t focusing on ps3 because they got paid to give it to x-box first and are trying to create the next dlc for x-box before trying to give the ps3 the first dlc. There are many more game company’s that care about their gamer’s.


    I highly doubt they will give DLC out for free, if they are to just throw out for free they may as well not finish it for us, they already shown they care little for the PS3 community, if anything I would like to see a reduced price.

  • id be surprised if ps3 ever get to see dawngaurd thinking of getting rid of my ps3 copy and getting it for xbox like i should of done in the first place but my ps3 was new then and was kinda of novelety but that wore off pretty fast lolz


      lol Hello traitor

  • Bilbo

    They Better!

  • Reece

    For every day the content is overdue, knock off 5% of the asking price… That would get their arses in gear. Although by now the content would be free…

  • Maugre

    I’m an Xbox user, but this is insane. They should at least half the price for it on PS3, but if it goes much longer, then it should definitely be free.

  • Derek

    If they do they will have redeemed themselves from the depths of hell that they share with EA. I want at least half price. If not a free Dawnguard download with the purchase of Hearthfire.

  • Shayne

    Idk…. I’ve been surprised before.

  • i still havent got skyrim update yet for my ps3 here in australia so if they brought dawnguard out right now i couldnt play it

  • They were probably wanting us to wait anyways, because on the IGN website it says “Release Date: Sep 30, 2012
    ESRB: M (Mature)
    Genre: RPG
    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
    Developer: Bethesda Game Studios”


      I just checked. It says TBA

  • JackBlack

    Wow, nice job in trying to get views on your article by inserting “free” in the title as to mislead ps3 players into reading your article. Eventhough only “one” person mentioned it should be free which wasn’t even Bethesda.

    Misleading Authors = Desperate

  • Daerk

    HA! They are two months late and left us in the dark since August first they don’t give a crap and sure as hell won’t be so generous

    • DetailedVision

      Nope… If it ever makes a debut on the PS3 it will be at full price. They gotta get theirs for all of the long hours the devs are putting in on “Getting it to the point of their liking”

      • The_Truth_Giver

        They have been reporting that there are major performance issues with dawnguard on the ps3. If they released the ps3 version as it was when the PC version was released, then NONE of you would have the right to complain about the performance issues. They are trying to make it run as efficient as possible and will release it when it runs with few performance problems, which may be tomorrow or even next month.

        • Keith

          It won’t be released tomorrow and “next month” is ridiculously opitimisitic. Besides, look at the nature of the comments here. They’re not so much pissed off at the wait. They’re pissed off at the lack of information concerning the wait. There has been absolutely no indication of when they even hope to release it on the PS3 and now Hearthfire will be available Sept 4 and still no word. They’re two months behind schedule here. They’re not even acknowledging criticism from PS3 gamers never mind offering some kind of recompense for the delay. And understand this: the delay is Bethesda’s fault. If they were not going to be able to produce a decent quality game for the PS3 they shouldn’t have even bothered but then again it’s all money isn’t it? People were going to buy it anyway and, when/if these do come out on PS3 (for the full cost), the idiots will buy it anyway and Bethesda suffers not one whit from it.


      Sad, but most likely true.


    Half price would be great, but all I want is periodical status updates for ps3 dawnguard from Tod Howard’s mouth, not that “know nothing unless notified” suit we call Pete Hines.

    • Howard should have stepped in with feedback a LONG time ago. Hines — while I can completely sympathize with the tongue-lashing I’m sure he’s getting from the internet at large on a daily basis — has been nothing but caustic with his commentary and cryptic with his information. Very poor form.

  • AngelOfFaith

    in my opinion PS3 users should get a discount, yes bethesda is a business and each business should follow the 3 P’s product i.e the game price the price of the product and promotion which giving the lack of information shared, bethesda would need to make a promotional deal with their PS3 customers most of which have bought 5 or more of the games that bethesda has been involved with, or they may see a drop in their sales not only for this DLC but future DLC’s and games due to the fact that they have been discrimitive to their PS3 users not only by this DLC but fallout 3, lets not forget that in TES IV for the XBOX they got an exclusive DLC which turned out to be an amazing home for TES community of that platform furthermore lets not forget that the PC got the creation kit and a few beta programs keeping in mind they have got the modding community to fix bugs etc. and the XBOX got the dawnguard beta so overall the PS3 didn’t get any benefits as far as i have noticed in comparison to the other platforms which to me seems to be unfair treatment to the PS3 community

  • Dawnguard for free would be great and would more than make up for the wait.

    ‘Course, it won’t happen because Bethesda is all about the money. I’m quite surprised they’re not making us pay for patches.

  • I think that they wont give it to us for free, I have been waiting for this for ages and am getting bored of waiting, I would be happy with 50% off Dawnguard and a PS3 30 day exclusive on Hearthfire. However Bethesda will not do this so all I can hope for is a release on all platforms at the same time. PC and PS3 users are always being kicked aside by AAA games for the money microsoft’s 360 shuves in their face.

    If they do not release Dawnguard soon I will get bored of waiting and just ignore ‘The Elder Scrolls’ franchise all together, and rub salt into the wound by playing ‘Scrolls’ the Mojang game.

    • Gaming Loner

      nO, The 360 IS HAVING ANOTHER EXCLUSIVITY DEAL WITH BULLTHESDA, SO WE’LL HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER MONTH!!!! but this will be their last exclusivity!

      • PC didn’t have an exclusivity agreement with them at all and look when they got Dawnguard in relation to us PS3 users. Just because there is no agreement, don’t assume that all the remaining DLCs (after Hearthfire) will be released at the same time…

    • I laugh because you dont see sony dishing out money to have an early monopoly on big games like this, but microsoft does it because PS3 is better

  • mracr10188

    Half price i say

  • I had Skyrim PS3 for a month (but played it a lot, more than 100h) and it was enough for me! I am not buying another Bethesda game (developed by them or published* by them) at least for this gen. They seem to be the triple A company that cares less about their gamers. It’s all dollars for them.
    *Mainly because when they publish games not developed by them, they are developed by one of the many studios they own that uses the same game engine.

  • Pissed

    There we have it….they are not even working on dawnguard for ps3….they are working for hearthfire for xbox!

  • i start with amiga, black box, micro genius than mega drive, than sega saturn ps1,2,3, psportable, nintendo and i dont remember there were more consoles… to video games, and it was my top 1 !!!!!!!!!!! lifes game and i quited only because of this from it, is that clear… and nobody even if they gift me a free xbox 878454 version. i wont even remember games name.

  • JJW

    I just cant seem to understand the wait on this DLC for PS3 if they can have it come out for the other systems why not PS3, whats with Beathesda and this lack of communication on the release this is total BS. I am a loyal PS3 owner over computer and xbox and should not have to feel like i have to buy those other systems to get these dlc’s

  • John from boston

    Who cares anymore assassins creed 3 is only 2 months away.

    • Daerk

      YEA BABY!!!

    • and other good looking games


      dont forget hitman >8)

  • AvatarσReason

    They most certainly will not, not even a discount for that matter…

    Everyone needs to be calm about this and get back to marking the days off their calenders until Dawnguard does arrive and it is coming.

    If money (greed more specifically) had anything to do with it Bethesda would’ve pushed a broken horribly buggy version of Dawnguard on us Ps3 users long ago, then everyone would be bitching and moaning that Bethesda doesn’t care about their customers releasing bugged whacked out content (as we’ve already witnessed in the release of the original game)… they’re damned if they do and (apparently) damned if they don’t.

    And everyone needs to leave Pete Hines alone as well, the only reason he’s being assailed with negativity is because he’s a Bethesda figurehead that Ps3 users see appropriate to dump their nerd rage upon.
    Would you have him and Todd Howard stand behind their coding staff with whips?

    Plus shame on you Alan Ng it’s almost as if you’re trying to piss people off with your shoddy (under researched) reporting… Bethesda NEVER PROMISED Dawnguard WOULD BE RELEASED AFTER THE 30 DAY EXCLUSIVITY DEAL WAS UP. At least do a minimal amount of digging before posting things on the internet.


      No, somebody needs to be behind Todd with a whip lol. That should get things moving.

  • marhorn

    Tell ya what… give all Xbox users a free copy of Wipeout….then that will be cool!


      wtf is wipeout

  • Don Eazy-E

    Plus A Big Title And Last For Me Iz Grand Theft Auto 5 Screw All The Other Games When It Comes Out I’ll Never think about these add ons Anymore Or Any Other Game So They Can Suck It

  • raged ps3 user

    ha hell no thay ant going to give it away thay can keep it for all i care now, bigger titles are comming soon

  • Guest

    There not that generous they’ll do anything as long as it means more money for them, uhhh why did i get skyrim for ps3 when i like my xbox so much more


      Because your an idiot. lol

  • Don-Eazy-E

    Like I Said Before I Like Skyrim but I Don’t Seem To Like The Makers No More And I Know I’m Not Gonna Buy Anymore Of Thier Games. Yes Imma Ps3 Owner I Never Paid For Skyrim Or I Would Be Pissed at this situation haha But idon’t know How Some Of The People That work In That Company still Have A Job . Because If I Was’nt done with My Job I’d Be Fired So I Guess bethesda Like Lazy Workers for all we know But The add on won’t never be free And not expecting half price since thier money hungry I Got An Idea For Bethesda How About They Never Make Another Game For Ps3 Cuase Playstation owners Don’t need thier crappy games in our systems no more There U Go Bethesda This Advice Is Free For Now. More I’ll Charge You Hahaa


      Don’t blame Elder Scrolls, it’s not its fault it was made by Bethesda.

  • If Bethsda does not give us dawnguard and hearlth fire i will not buy dishonered and i may be just one person but i bet many will side with me think it over bethsda

  • I think it should be half price for us ps3 oweners bethesda should do something fast they aready to much bad pabesatey


      **bad publicity

  • I think that they should offer a discount for a week as an apology. Not free.

  • JD

    Lmfao.. you people. For one, it is a game, and secondly it is one that requires a TON of programing to create… If you think it is soooo simple to write the programing for an expansion as large as Dawnguard on THREE DIFFERENT PLATFORMS then do it yourself. I have ps3 and have been waiting for the Dawnguard just as long as every other ps3 player, gtf over it

    • Spiritreaver

      Faulty logic there i’m afraid.

      If it was my job to take already made and assembled game code(and i was trained and certified to do so), i think that after having done the process several times over several yrs(’07~’12) i’d have a decent handle on how to do it.

      Or it would like any other industry and i’d been canned long ago.

      • PS3 DOVAH DUDE

        Maybe you should go over and show them how its done then?

      • PS3 DOVAH DUDE

        I misread that. my bad

    • guts2323

      Thats no excuse, big deal, Capcom and Square/Enix do multiplatforms all the time. Midway did it with mortal Combat and that is that so i won’t cut bethesda slack they need to be up to speed on handling systems.

    • berserk0351

      It is just a game and bethesda is a international company.Its bad for business to aluenate a third of your consumers,and as for programing being hard if you when to work and your boss asked you why you didnt do what he asked as nd your response was its too hard for you id hope he would fine someone more capable and you would be looking for a different job.

  • mornelithe

    I don’t really care what they do. I won’t buy any of their DLC for Skyrim on PS3 (and thankfully, I didn’t spend any money on Skyrim either). I don’t support developers who treat their fans in such fashion. I could go downtown and have someone spit in my face for free.

    • The_Truth_Giver

      So, trying to give the fans the best performance on a DLC is treating them like garbage? I have some advice for you, actually read up on whats happening before you start spitting BS from your mouth.

      • Not telling people what’s wrong exactly, and what they’re doing to fix it, or any sort of solid deadline, (even if it’s a long one) is treating them like garbage.

        • mornelithe

          Exactly. As a gamer, I have absolutely no problems if the Xbox, PS3 or PC versions are delayed for quality control purposes, or to refine something or what have you. But what really irks me, is when you have millions of people who’ve fully bought into something, have already had to suffer through serious amounts of adversity just to play the game, and are then given absolutely no serious update.

          Nobody’s demanding that they release the DLC free, right now (Nobody who can be taken seriously, anyway). Just an update, ANYTHING that says you know, you guys still matter to us, here’s where we’re at.

          That Bethesda hasn’t even made that smallest of gestures, qualifies as treating your customers/fans like garbage

        • Truer words have never been spoken. Eloquently put.

        • The_Truth_Giver

          That isn’t treating the fans like garbage, what bioware did with ME3 is treating the fans like garbage. What Bethesda is doing is not treating the fans like kings, not treating the fans like kings isn’t treating them like garbage.

      • mornelithe

        How would you know that’s what they’re doing? Every single press release they’ve made has been “We have no update”, or “When we have a report, we’ll give it”. That’s not treating your fan-base like they matter. And yes, that is garbage.

        All they have to say is we’re working diligently on producing a quality working product for the fans of our franchise. We realize it’s inconvenient, but we ask that you remain patient…the wait will be worth it!

        Anything, is better than what they’ve done, thus far.

        • The_Truth_Giver

          There was an interview with a bethesda dev and he said that there were major performance issues that they needed to get fixed before they could release it on the ps3. They are giving updates, just not updates about the release date because they aren’t completely sure when they’ll be at a point where DG is playable on the ps3 with few performance issues.

  • Bethesda really need to understand this situation. I was accused by Peter Hines himself of having a “if I can’t have it, nobody can” attitude when I suggested the team at Bethesda should have had Dawnguard ready on all platforms before the exclusive release on the xbox. This way, after their time was up Bethesda could simply push a button to send the working DLC to Sony and Steam so that they could release it without giving Microsoft and their users more than they payed for.
    I believe we should be getting Dawnguard and Hearthfire for a reasonable discount for this crap we’ve had to put up both from Bethesda and the users of xbox 360s.

    • Senator476

      When was this? On which site? I have been haranging Hines for a month now on Twitter, to no avail.


      My guess is they gave themselves a vacation during that period.

    • The_Truth_Giver

      Would you be fine if 360 players got a considerable discount on 1 month ps3 exclusives if the devs were fixing performance issues if you bought the DLC for full price?

      • If they’d had to deal with a company who handles them as Bethesda has their PS3 products, I’d be fine with them being eternally discounted for every product that company ever put forth, just to serve as a firm slap from karma.

        I don’t want a discount, I’d just like to not be kept in the dark. It’s far too easy to stub your toe. No one wants that.

  • Jmanmofo

    I doubt it would be free because Bethesda are money hungry people but to show they actually care bout there ps3 users it should be like 5 to 10 dollars

  • Johnson31D

    No, Bethesda is a business pure and simple…one that is poorly ran in this digital age when it is essential to stay atuned to the wants/needs of your customers who now have so many avenues to voice their disgruntled opinions. This is no longer the 90’s when word of wrong doings spread by WOM. Today people (customers) are just a few keystrokes away from sharing how they have been wronged by a company that provides little to no communication back to those that should be most important to the company…without the customer, there is no revenue, no “VP” role for Pete Hines and others to withhold information from. As a gamer who owns a PC, Xbox, and PS3, I never thought that the decision to buy Skyrim for the PS3 in lieu of the other platforms would put me at a disadvantage in terms of receiving DLC (or all of the bugs I faced), but here we are. I think the entire PS3 community just wants some communication from Bethesda (preferably someone other than Pete Hines…someone that actually knows something). It’s not realistic to expect a free DLC because we’ve waited this long, but a discount would probably go a long way in reconciling the relationship Bethesda has damaged with its customers. But what do I know, I’m only a gamer…and a Market Analyst at a Fortune 100 company.

    • NgTurbo

      I have to agree.

    • a screwed ps3 user

      as soon as you said you “own a PC, Xbox, and PS3” your entire comment has become MEANINGLESS seeing as how you have clearly played dawnguard
      first put yourself in the shoes of all the PS3 users here that have poured 200+ hours into Skyrim and want something NEW and then you might have a valid standing point
      however I do agree Bethesda is a business and we all know deep down they will not reduce the DLC price regardless of how long they take to put it on PS3 (3-4 months maybe…) they will just get SOME lost business and will say “oh well…” and keep on going screwing PS3 users whenever possible

      • Johnson31D

        So quick to make assumptions…I said I own a PC, Xbox, and PS3. Did I ever say I bought Skyrim on a platfrom other than PS3? No. I too have 200+ hours into Skyrim on PS3 (ONLY), have not played Dawnguard (obviously), and am exactly in your shoes.

        • i have about 260 hours in skyrim and i play college football and i throw for college also, and i love playing skyrim, but this is pissing me off, i want some news on it at least say its gonna take 3 weeks or something

        • John

          You play collage fooseball and you have the time to play skyrim?
          You’re not a kicker are you?

        • The_Truth

          If you know anything about Bethesda games, you’d know not to get it on the ps3 as it is usually the worst version of the game.

      • John

        I don’t see how his comment became meaningless after stating that he owns all three platforms. I also own an xbox and Ps3. I bought the game for ps3, I’ve had relatively no bugs or crashes (except for some texture pop-ins, which really don’t bother me), and I’ve been waiting just as long as any other ps3 player for this release. Sure I have the capability of going out and getting another copy on the 360 so that I can play the DLC, but that would be $80 going into the pockets of the company that sold me a console that has had 10 crashes, 6 red rings, 16 shitty customer service calls, and a partridge in a pear tree.

        • blboy129

          lol that last line made me lose it xD

        • JLSPRN

          LOL Me too LOL!

    • u have pc and yet got it for PS3 beats me why u wudnt of just got it for pc to kick off with just for the better visuals

      • Y2Joris

        Because not everyone gives a crap about better visuals.

        • but the pc version of skyrim is the best though

        • TheChallenger

          My pc cant handle any game at all, let alone skyrim 🙁 to much crap on it.

    • Zach

      A discount of $5 could go a long way for an apology, That’d be awesome.

    • I could care less about taking so long with dawnguard but the fact that they refuse to say anything about is what pisses me off

      • PS3 DOVAH DUDE


      • Blink_Fishtacos

        Hell yeah

      • The_Truth

        The reason why they aren’t saying anything about it is because they don’t want it to be official then delayed for longer then piss some fans off even more. Bethesda are making sure that it will be a definite release date rather than one that can change at anytime.

        • What can you do in the face of such reckless judgment?

  • markhjr

    I am extremely displeased with the fact that us ps3 players still dont have dawnguard and i do feel that there should be compensation at least a discount say 10$-15$ since its considered old now with new updates on the horizon and all

    • I only own a 360, but I feel for you guys anyways. This is ridiculous and you guys deserve much better.

      • what a guy. my hat’s off you you brother

      • PS3 DOVAH DUDE

        We appreciate you, Tim Dovah

      • Broski

        Thanks! As a PS3 user myself, it’s good to know that there are some Xbox users out there who understand the unfairness in all of this instead of rubbing Dawnguard in our faces.

      • 0.o

        As a ps3 user, I thank you for not bringing console wars into the conversation. This problem allready stinks withount it

  • Jim

    Half price for double the wait