iPhone 5 too big to share event

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 24, 2012

It was around one month ago we first heard about an Apple event that would showcase the iPhone 5 in September, and this news had been followed with rumors of multiple new products appearing at the same event and seeing a release date within days of their unveiling. These included the iPad mini and a new iPod touch, but when we take a step back and think about the size of the new iPhone 5, the more this seems unlikely to happen.

The iPhone 5 is too big to share a stage – you only need to look at Apple’s turnover for the last quarter, which reached $46.33 billion and more than doubled Microsoft’s. It is well known that Apple’s biggest product is the iPhone and with a 6th generation phone on the way why would this device share the stage with another? It wouldn’t be too far from reality to think that the iPhone is worth more than all of Microsoft’s business combined, especially when you take into account the revenue from apps as well.

If the new iPhone 5 did share some limelight then it would likely be iOS 6, although you would see the new operating system available for download before the new hardware, which is thanks to lessons Apple learned in the past when they released both iOS and a new iPhone on the same day.

We’re also starting to see general agreement between well-known bloggers in regard to the iPhone 5 event, and a number of other technology websites agree that Apple would more than likely reserve the September 12 date for just a new iPhone and iOS 6. The well-known John Gruber has highlighted this very subject in a recent article, and he doubts some trusted sources that claim the upcoming event would include more products than just the new iPhone 5.

The iPad Mini event for October – Gruber believes that a smaller iPad would deserve its own stage without being overshadowed by an iPhone, which could share the stage at a special iTunes event featuring the lighter iPad mini and new iPods. You can read about the similarities of an iPod touch 5G and Apple’s phone in this article, which touches on the possibility of these devices becoming one in the future.

Do you believe the new iPhone 5 would share the stage next month with other hardware? Apple has too much riding on the iPhone 5 to share the stage with other hardware, and this product is too big in our opinion to be diluted with other news at the same Apple keynote, so if we’re right you’ll see only iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5 fully detailed in 19 days.

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  • I’ll buy the iphone 5 if it is any good, but it’ll have to be bloody good mind you.

  • Jajajaja fanboy iphone is old tech

    • Danny Dodge

      The wheel is old tech but I’d rather drive a car on wheels than on androids phones..the experience is better and more important than the tech

  • The 5 will take over the world. It BETTER be amazing.

  • I can say without speculation that the iPhone 5 for me will be far better than the Samsung Galaxy S3. I read all the reviews and went and bought the S3. I had an iPhone 4S and I knew there would be a transition to deal with but I’m quite techy so that was no big deal. I was excited to get the S3 and started very positive. After nearly three weeks I finally had to admit that even though the specs were better the S3 for me it didn’t even compare to the iPhone 4S. I was so disappointed. The iPhone display is crisper and cleared than the S3, the 4S camera is better, the S3 is too big and bulky to handle, the the S3 is a much Bigger battery HOG and Androin apps don’t compare to Apple’s in even a remote way. The 4S is more fluid in functionality. If there was no new iPhone coming I would keep the 4S over the S3. I think there’s better Androids than the S3. I didn’t think I was a fanboy but maybe I am. Now only those who have had the S3 and went and bought the 4S need reply…