GTA V significant push

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 24, 2012

There has been a significant push in the marketing of Grand Theft Auto 5 within the last couple of weeks, which has led some people to think about the possibility of GTA V seeing a release date this year, although this very idea has been rejected by a number of analysts. While it’s unlikely for a launch in 2012, the ramping up of GTA V news is certainly a sign for something solid soon and more attention being placed on the games promotion.

We explained a couple of weeks ago that some gamers needed a reality check when it comes to the GTA V release date, and those hoping for a launch this year are going to be disappointed. This viewpoint has been backed by Jesse Divnich, an EEDAR analyst, and they feel that a launch this year would not be in the “realm of possibility“. This hasn’t stopped Rockstar from teasing gamers with GTA V treats, although it is well known that this franchise doesn’t follow the norm and tend to write their own rules when launching a new game.

You can bet that Rockstar are being very calculated when it comes to the release date for the next Grand Theft Auto game, and this date is most likely already set but will stay a very close guarded secret for the time being. You can also count on dedicated fans buying GTA V no matter the month it launches, and with GTA IV seeing success from an April launch that had been previously suggested as a bad month to launch a new game, it looks like Rockstar are set for success whenever they decide to release the game.

GTA 5 excitement wearing off – it’s worth noting a number of PR readers agreed that some of the excitement has worn-off for GTA 5, which is in part due to the amount of time passing since the trailer. These same people said they’d buy the next GTA “whenever it releases“.

This week has seen some nice transport screenshots for GTA 5 and also multiple sports visuals, so these would’ve created a little more excitement although another trailer is needed in our opinion, especially one that showcases some gameplay with new features exclusive to GTA 5. What would you like to see in a new trailer?

You can count on GTA 5 before April 2013 although unlikely in 2012 – it’s well-known that Take-Two’s financial situation and forecasts put a launch date before April next year. Michael Pachter has also shared a few words on the recent increase in GTA 5 marketing, and he feels that the game could be close to completion but stays sceptical considering the irrational way Rockstar do business, which has led to Pachter getting things wrong in the past.

What do you make of the significant push we’ve seen with Grand Theft Auto 5 in the last few weeks? The screenshots were welcomed but so much more is needed this year, and if we’re not going to see a launch then at least deliver another trailer soon please Rockstar.

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  • ggtgtagtalad

    Has everyone forgot the hint in the gta iv booklet ” openseveryehere march” and the rip is the V sign for gta v

  • JesseT

    you can count on GTA to be selling before April 2013 but not in 2012??
    wow hahaha. yea umm i’m going to go with AFTER April.

  • Elliott

    GTA IV is definitely one of my favourite games of all time, up there with MGS4, so if GTA V is as good as the last one I’m happy to wait until April 2013

  • AlexB

    Alight quite simply I have had enough of all you trolling rumor spreaders. Why does everyone still question what consoles it will be on and when it is to be released? Why why why!! Xbox live already premiered the trailer on the dashboard earlier this year. Sounds pretty hopeful that it will be on xbox or else they just advertised the competitions product. And secondly, go to the rockstar facebook page and read with your own two eyes, the basic info part. The game would be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and pc in 2012! How much more obvious does the company itself have to be!!!! Trust me they’ve picked and chosed every word they print carefully. oh and 4 more screens were released this morning.

  • suckmybaws

    come on r* release date already. screens are good but carry little info. game now


    Its whatever. I just hope i havent been drooling over cinematics…

  • GTA Freak

    We don’t need another trailer,”what we need is the game”

  • they need to hurry up it feels like its been forever since theyve put out a GTA game, oh wait it has!!!

  • R.A.G.E.

    Dear Rockstar, hats off, round of applause, bravo bravo, job well done! what more do your amazing fans have to do to gain your respect? we create websites, submit ideas, generate more buzz for the game than you do, stand in front of retailers for hours waiting to purchase our favorite game, helped you fuc!$ become what you are, and this is how you repay us. 1 trailer and 6 screenshots in a year and no information.

    • Rich

      7 screen shots

      • AverageJoe

        I hope I get all MacGuyver status and blow up los santos with a pencil, a clit ring, and a dirty sock.


    i thnk we have maxed out on our screens. 12 and here are no blank thumbs there. thanks r* now get ready for silence

  • c’mon

    has everyone seen the new 4 shown on gta 5 v website?

    • R.A.G.E.

      please do be so content! if we show them excitement over litter screenshots they will continue to tease us with just that. think big! trailer with release date…

      • c’mon

        i was just informing people when as soon as they came out knowing people would be on here at that time. go away

      • drazor

        The fact you think rock star cares what you personally think is funny. There not sittn there goin oh this many thousand ppl view the screenshots, so were only gonna release more screenshots to mess with them. Think for a second rage, r* doesn’t care about you opinions and weirdly enough, neither does. Anyone else here.

  • Deathion

    4 new screenshots are up everybody

  • Mark

    Rockstar have removed the 3 blank thumbnails from the ‘V’ website now. Maybe they’ve had a re-think to their marketing strategy, and decided they’ve given too much away at once? Or a big boss man has decided to withold more screens longer to tantalise us, and overload forums with anger and imagination again? Let’s face it, 6 screens in one week for Rockstar is pretty much a marketing overload for them!

    • Aesop70

      They released 4 more screen shots 🙂 they took the 3 blanks down cuz they released 4 more today lol they look amazing, best ones by far!

  • Susan

    These GTA 5 screenshots are nice but nothing compared to a trailer showing car customization and loads of gameplay.

  • RickyT

    Come on Rockstar another trailer please, we have waited long enough.