BF3 August Premium content divides opinion

By Alan Ng - Aug 24, 2012

We have some important news for those of you with Premium access to Battlefield 3. DICE has just announced the content that players will receive as part of this month’s content drop, but you may be disappointed to hear that there are no exclusive in-game items to unlock.

Last month players had some new assignments to work towards which unlocked some new weapon camos for certain guns. This time though, there won’t be any in-game unlocks and you may feel slightly hard done by in terms of bonus content.

Having said that, the content on offer isn’t exactly terrible though. DICE are giving premium owners the chance to see some brand new exclusive footage from the upcoming Armored Kill expansion. The video will be going live on August 29 and you’ll find it in the video section on Battlelog when the date arrives.

Last month we had a premium strategy guide which gave users a detailed insight into how to master Close Quarters and this time DICE is releasing some ‘exclusive’ concept art which DICE say have never been shown to the public before. The art booklet will be in electronic form like the strategy guide, so you’ll be able to save it to your computer and store for future viewing.

Last but not least, there are two premium events that are also taking place before the end of the month. The first is a standard double XP event which starts this weekend, while the second gives you the opportunity to pitch your ‘best map’ idea to DICE for a chance of winning a signed limited edition Battlefield 3 lithograph.

The double XP weekend is a little different from other times though, as you can extend the duration of the event by liking the following page on Facebook. That’s it for the August content – how do you feel with this month’s drops Premium members? Would you have liked to see more assignments and more camos to unlock in game?

It does feel like a tame update, but we’re guessing that DICE will be making up for it when early access to Armored Kill arrives at the start of next month. View the full updates here.

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  • Exclusive pics and videos are really lame because they’ll be available to anyone and everyone all over the net when they come out. We need camos for ALL the guns. It’s lame having camo for just a few weapons. Overall, the only good that comes out of being a premium member is 1) a cool menu design and 2) save $10-20 on maps.

  • LOL, It doesn’t “Divide opinions” EVERYONE knows this was a last minute panic that dice threw together!!!

  • Open you’re eyes

    Yes we bought the premium for the maps, but for most the deciding factor in payg for maps that you knew nothing about was the extra content, with the extra content, its no longer her EA/Dice hold my money for me, it was oh bonus content sweet, that’s a good deal, well with the weak bonus content so far provided its no longer feels like a good deal, it feels more like a scam to me. Most of this wouldn’t feel so bad if it wasn’t for the other mistakes made thus far in the battlefield experience, selling to many servers, having no official servers up, patches that seem to patch nothing ( you can still get in the ceiling in metro) server maintance that does little to help with the over abundance of servers, or even getting people directed to your server that you again paid for, and last but not least we have the announcement of the premium edition, that for a little more than I paid for premium alone you get the game, along with premium. Also not making the bf4 beta available to premium members was a slap in the face, nope spend more money if you want that, which seems to be a recurring theme with EA/Dice.

  • Dynasty2201

    [Note] With every 1000 likes on Facebook of the official BF3 group or whatever and on Twitter, DICE are adding an hour to the Double XP weekend, upto a maximum of 72 hours, so we potentially have a 5-day Double XP weekend this weekend.
    The art is a piss take, but they’ve already made a mistake on the gun camos.
    4 new camos on the first unlock, sweet.
    Next, 4 new camos…for the same guns again….nice one…just what we wanted….
    Granted you had to work for those camos through assignments, but still, add more camos for every other gun atleast. Cant be THAT hard to add.
    Double xp weekends are nice of course, just question how long they will keep adding them, unaware everyone is 100stars now, so they’ll have to replace them.
    Everyone seems to be forgetting the ACTUAL REASON WE BOUGHT PREMIUM.
    All the DLCs work out cheaper.