Samsung Galaxy S4 needs battery innovation

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 23, 2012

The success of the Galaxy S3 is undeniable with well over 10m sales and now the focus of some fans has turned to the next incarnation, which will almost certainly be named the Samsung Galaxy S4. There has been a few details emerging already, even though the S3 launched just a few weeks ago, but what should we expected from the upgraded model?

Samsung Galaxy S4 specs to make a worthy upgrade – we have heard that the Galaxy S4 should feature improvements primarily for multimedia, which would be supported by 1080p video recording and a 12-megapixel autofocus camera on the back. The key difference between the Galaxy S3 and S4 will be the sound quality when recording video and playing music through the stereo speakers, which are likely to be found on the side.

The Galaxy Note 2 will feature a bigger screen with the same sized frame, so it is more than likely we’ll see similar improvements with the Galaxy S4. Samsung could increase the S3 4.8-inch screen size slightly without making the smartphone any bigger, although some users have some very specific features they want to see on the Galaxy S4 that include more RAM, a hot swappable micro SD card slot, and improvements to the sensor quality and video stabilization. What would you like to see in the way of Galaxy S4 specs?

Battery innovation for the Samsung Galaxy S4 – the most repetitive request we’ve seen for the Galaxy S4 is improvements to the battery, which initially sees most users asking for more milliampere-hour. It’s true that a 3300/3500-mAh battery would help improve battery life, and a number of S3 battery problems can be fixed with a bigger battery, but it’s our opinion that more innovation is needed rather than bigger batteries.

Most gadgets need improvements to battery life, especially with the specs improving faster than the battery that drives them, and the Galaxy S4 certainly needs to innovate somehow with providing longer gaps between charges. One way this can be done is by adding some sort of solar panel on the backplate and some Gorilla Glass delivering additional protection around that area.

Do you feel that battery life is one of the most important improvements needed on the Samsung Galaxy S4? Currently there’s no word on a release date, but hints have been dropped for early 2013, so keep connected to PR and we’ll let us know more as we get Technology companies need to invest the millions they’re making into better battery technology, and the next generation of smartphones need batteries to be reinvented.

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  • Bilal

    i think retina display will be p;us pint

  • Hitch543

    Waterproof would be awesome and edge to edge display

  • indirect rep

    Also I’d like to see better signal quality. I live in Grand Rapids and signal quality is not the best…

    • That’s not the Phones fault, it’s your provider.

  • Battery: Yes, a huge issue.
    My thoughts are a higher capacity battery AND fuel cell capabilities. The fuel cell part being, able to RECHARGE
    with the insertion of some petroleum product (i.e. butane). You get a full charge with a lighter size butane
    cartridge. But you also should be able
    to refill the butane cartridge with a CAN of butane, as this would be expensive
    used on a daily basis.

    Also I want to see an S-pen, along with a dock for it. A phone is too small to NOT have a stylus
    type of tool.

  • This was my idea! the backplate with the solar panel! I even posted in various other S4 forums this same point! Come on give me some credit!!

    • Will

      You mean the backplate which points towards the floor…

      • G

        not when you are outside talking to someone, or not when its flipped upside down on its face under a lamp charging….