GTA V diversity with multisports

By Alan Ng - Aug 23, 2012

Earlier on this week we unveiled you to three fantastic new screenshots for the highly anticipated GTA V. Those screenshots gave us an idea on how the new Cheetas will look, but now as promised, Rockstar has given the GTA community more reason to celebrate.

The three screenshots released earlier this week were sub titled ‘Transport’ by Rockstar and showed us cars, jets and bicycles. The developer has now unleashed three new screenshots for you to drool over and it shows us how ‘Leisure’ will also play a big part in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Previous games in the franchise featured all sorts of fun mini-games for the main character to enjoy while not on missions and it looks like GTA V will give you the opportunity to participate in a good old fashioned game of tennis. Rockstar has released a beautiful shot of a private tennis court on the grounds of what looks to be a country villa, with two players in view taking part in a game.

We’re guessing that Rockstar wouldn’t troll us with a picture of a tennis court like that if players couldn’t take part, so assume for now that GTA V will include tennis matches. That’s not all either though – we mentioned above how Rockstar gave us a look at the famous Cheeta sports car and now a new screenshot appears to suggest that Sanchez dirt bike racing is coming back to the game as well.

If you’ve played the likes of GTA III, you may remember that you could participate in dirt bike races for prizes and it looks like we’re in for the same treats with GTA V. Last but certainly not least, we may be seeing another first for the GTA V franchise – parachuting.

Rockstar has released an exciting shot of the main player parachuting into a breathtaking river side gorge, and we’re guessing that this aspect may play a key part in some missions when you have to make a quick escape. Better yet, imagine if Rockstar allows you to equip a parachute at any time for use whenever you feel like it – we’re thinking of dirt biking off cliffs into a parachute here?

Everyone can agree that Rockstar is taking their time on releasing official information, but you can’t deny that they really know how to make a video game. Just like other GTA titles, it looks like many players are going to put off playing through the main campaign just to relax with activities such as dirt biking, tennis and parachuting.

Has Rockstar outdone themselves with these latest shots? Let us know what activities you plan to do when you get the game.

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  • Sumpy

    Saints Row 3…that is all…

  • Brian Powers

    What if you could skateboard in this game?

    • I hope not, since it seems unlogical for some old pappy riding a Skateboard.

  • The new screens are up!!

  • rickthedick13

    “If you’ve played the likes of GTA III, you may remember that you could
    participate in dirt bike races for prizes and it looks like we’re in for
    the same treats with GTA V.”

    GTA III didn’t have dirt bike races, or even any motorcycles. Only Vice City and San Andreas had bike races.

    • Okay but let me ask you, GTA: Vice City is an expension of wich game ? :).

      • Jack

        GTA Vice City isnt a expansion pack it came after gta lll and before gta SA

  • marhorn

    Just cause 2…..that is all….

    • Brian Powers

      Not as fun though

  • Deathion

    the parachuting in the gorge pic looks similar to far cry 2 except i had a hang-glider instead of a parachute

  • Its “CHEETAH”, damn it, it has a “H”

  • John

    I really want to see the Jetpack from san andreas making a return to V…

    • Maybe, but I hope it may look more like being realy compact, because honestly the GTA: SA jetpack was ugly :P.


    Not being a troll or anything just some information to help improve your article, you mentioned that the player could “participate in dirt bike races for prizes” in GTA 3 but there weren’t any motorbikes in GTA 3. I know i am nit picking but I’ve seen a lot of writes get flamed for less.

    Also its great to see more screenshots and on the GTA V website there are slots for 3 more pics like there were before todays release so keep an eye out.

    • Okay but let me ask you, GTA: Vice City and GTA: SA are expensions of wich game ? :).

      • JAMES

        Same era, not Expansions
        big difference.
        an expansion would be ballad of gay tony for GTA IV
        Vice City Totally new and different game

        • Borderlands Expansions have different maps then the game it self, but are still expansions.

        • Jack

          GTA vice city and GTA SA aren’t expansions packs

  • truthtalk5

    Hurry up Rockstar, so ready for GTA V man.

    • I doubt is coming out this year, with so much time left, we can expect it being a 2013 release date, well if we get to 2013 since, the world ends in 2012 xD.

  • GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony had parachutes.

    • For base jumpiing only, if only there were planes to jump off and glide through the air :(.

      • You could use parachutes in GTA San Andreas, remember.

        • Jack

          You could parachute off helicopters in TBOGT and jump off buildings

  • Mike

    Wingsuit. Needs wingsuit.

  • gta

    Gta san Andreas had parachutes so there not new to the gta franchise and if you meant it for the gta v franchise then of course its going to be new its all new rubbish reporting

  • Cam

    Would love to*

  • Cam

    Amazing, can’t wait to see what they come up with..mid love to see vita support 😀

    • No man, no vita support. Vita was a good promis from sony, but in the END is just disappointing to see how unsupportfull sony is towards those who bougth it. Sony lost the handheld gaming frenchise and now are losing the whole gaming frenchise, I hope the new PLAYSTATION will give me something good for my money without YELLOW LIGTH OF DEATH

      • Brian Powers

        What the hell? The PS Vita is awesome, and has a ton of features and potential.

        • Name me one feature that is actualy revolutionary and bringing something we didn’t had before the vita came out ! I bougth the vita and felt like my walet was raped. I tryed to believe that my 350 $ was well spent (I had preordered it from EBGAMES, the first bundle was it called) I bougth a ”Gadget” to play old PSP games, because vita had none interesting video games to come out, I though they would release a lot of games the first week. Uncharted was good, but it still was only uncharted. Other then that, there were no other cool games that would have made me sit there playing for hours, I even played more Nintendo DS then VITA.

  • Patient

    Wow! Certainly gonna be GOTY 2014!

    • GOTY isn’t something anymore suprising these days. Every game gets the GOTY tag today, instead of calling it Complete Edition, because GOTY feels more like precious then CE.

      • Jack

        shut up admir you know nothing about gta you thought vice city was an expansion pack

        • I said, in my opinion it looks like one, since you can’t just download the Expansions on the PS2 it self. Look at BOGT from GTA4, it’s a expansions and still runs on by it self without the GTA 4 Disc.

      • admirandjackarguement

        Shut up Admir, you can’t spell bought, stop using bougth all the time