WWE 13 full roster revealed, Kurt Angle not happy

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2012

The wait is finally over for WWE fans. After months of THQ teasing gradual roster reveals, we’re happy to report that the developer has now unleashed a new trailer for WWE 13 showing the entire character roster, including the full set of Attitude Era wrestlers as well.

The list is very impressive as well, although there are one or two notable omissions which we’re guessing will come later via DLC. Let’s get the one of the main excitements out of the way – the main Attitude Era DX roster will all be in WWE 13 and it looks like their reunion at RAW 1000 served as a double purpose.

With the exception of Chyna – Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Xpac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn will all be playable in the game in their DX attire, meaning that you can relive the glory days from your sofa as a stark contrast to the state of WWE programming right now. Other surprise additions include the APA Farooq and Bradshaw, JBL on his own in his cowboy attire, a Hunter Hearst Helmsley iteration of Triple H and the most dangerous man in the world, Ken Shamrock.

WWF veterans will also be pleased to see the likes of British Bulldog and Hawk and Animal in the game, as well as humorous additions such as The Godfather and Shane ‘o-Mac’ Mcmahon. Surprisingly, the likes of Val Venis, Steve Blackman, The Hardys and new talent Ryback have all been left out of the game, but there still happens to be a slot available for Vince Mcmahon in his Attitude Era outfit during the Austin storyline.

Take a look at the full roster at THQ’s website here and check out a cool reveal via video in the trailer below. The clip also includes footage from Undertaker shoving Mankind from the top of Hell in a Cell as we previously told you about here. Are you happy with the full roster, or are you a bit disappointed that certain individuals didn’t make it?

Kurt Angle has also expressed his disappointment on not being included – would you have liked to see him in the game, despite him wrestling for TNA now?

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  • cameron

    kurt angle needs to be on wwe13 without him not on the game or in the attitude era it will be a complete waste of the attitude era he played a huge role in the attitude era if THQ does not put him as a DLC the popularity of the game will go down

  • It seems all the storylines in Attitude Era mode will only go as far as mid-1999, at best. :/ EVEN THOUGH the Attitude Era lasted for WELL OVER 2 YEARS AFTER THAT! What, do they think “Those moments don’t matter” or some sh*t?

  • i want kurt on 13 along wit da wcw & ecw greats

  • j

    where is too cool, rikishi, american bad ass undertaker, steve blackman, big boss man, hardy boyz, kane with other mask, goldberg, crash and hardcore holly, chris benoit (i know!), test and albert, the cat, viscera and gangrel, al snow, sable, jacqueline, d lo brown, ivory, dudley boyz, tazz and to leave kurt angle out is a disgrace!

  • Mofokin Ridiculous

    Ken Shamrock but no Steve Blackman? Wtf if i remember anything from the attitude era, which i do, obviously who doesnt, it was Steve Blackman kickin alot of ass with a kendo stick, the hardcore title was one of the best things from that era, yet theres not many people from that side of things, theres the apa, new age outlaws but wheres crash holly, hardcore holly even the hurricane, where are alot of people like Rikishi and Too Cool, WE WANT THE WORM!!! Rikishi was on WWE not long ago dancing with his sons the Usos maybe he could of been in it might of turned it down because the Usos arnt? Who knows but theres alot of people missing from the Attitude Era, not that its a bad line up i feel they could of had another character instead of wasting a slot of H.H.Helmsley seriously wasnt that pre attitude era? Thats a joke that they did that

    • I don’t understand, either, why they included the “Helmsley” elitist version of HHH since that one was DONE FOR by mid-1997, if I recall! Seriously, who considers 1996 part of the “Attitude Era”? Yes, Austin DID start his infamous “Austin 3:16” line, but aside from that, you can’t REALLY say with a straight face that 1996 was “Attitude Era.” MAYBE 1997 (esp. the start of DX) would qualify, but 1996 still wasn’t quite edgy enough.

      Besides, wasn’t 1996 in WWF still part of the “New Generation”??