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Wii U release date and price within 30 days?

Despite all of the recent coverage on the Nintendo Wii U at E3 2012, Nintendo has yet to confirm two of the most important aspects of the console – the highly anticipated release date and of course the price that consumers will have to pay for one.

The company were absent from this year’s GamesCom festivities, which means that we’re still waiting for the answers to the above questions. The good news however, is that Nintendo may be planning to reveal both sets of details next month, as it has been confirmed that the company are holding an event in New York on September 13.

Just for reference that is days after Apple’s rumored iPhone 5 event and it’s not the first time that Nintendo has used New York as the location for major reveals in the past. On January 19 2011, Nintendo announced the pricing and US release date for the 3DS in New York and had a similar event in New York for the original Wii before it.

If history is going to repeat itself, September 13 is going to be the big date when we finally know how much this thing is going to cost and it could be an initial guideline for Microsoft and Sony’s pricing for their own respective next-gen consoles as well.

We told you here how the Wii U could go on sale during the Black Friday period, so perhaps Nintendo will finalize a Thanksgiving release date then. With so much hype, criticism and excitement since E3, have you now decided whether to invest in the Wii U yet?

We would really like to see some updates on that amazing looking Zelda game as well, or how their Wii U Smash Bros game is shaping up.



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