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Mini iPad requires additional space

We have some new details on Apple’s elusive ‘Mini’ iPad to tell you about now. Away from the countless leaks surrounding the iPhone 5, we’ve now heard that Apple has told hardware resellers to prepare for the upcoming arrival of a new iPad.

It was only March when we saw Apple unveil their third-generation iPad to the world, but it looks very likely that we’ll now see a smaller iPad in the region of 7-8 inches to compete with Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet which sells for the very affordable price of $299.

Details published by MacRumors suggests that Apple has told hardware sellers to make additional space available in their iPad booths, with September 12 a likely deadline for when the space has to be ready by. Apple apparently didn’t mention what the space would be used for, but it obviously doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is the Mini iPad they’re talking about.

If you have been keeping up with the latest Apple rumors, you’ll know that Apple’s iPhone 5 event is rumored to be happening on the very exact date – Wednesday September 12. This now provides a big hint that hardware sellers may get the chance to fit their stores with the new iPad on the same day that Apple’s September event finishes.

It is all building up to be one exciting event indeed, along with the iPhone 5 reveal and another look at the promising iOS 6 update, which will include turn-by-turn navigation with Siri amongst other big changes.

Is the Mini iPad on your shopping list this year, or have you already forked out on a Google Nexus 7? It will be interesting if Apple goes straight for the kill by making their new iPad $299 as well – will you buy one then without hesitation?



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