Blocked iPhone 5 vacations nails release date

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2012

It looks like Verizon are not wasting any time in their preparations for arguably their biggest smartphone launch of the year. The iPhone 5 is now a forgone conclusion and we’ve just heard that Verizon are blocking employees from taking vacation during a fixed period next month.

As we’ve told you numerous times, the iPhone 5 is highly expected to make its debut in a special Apple event to be held on Wednesday September 12. Earlier on we told you how the Mini iPad could also be arriving on this date, but Verizon seems to be focusing on the next generation iPhone for the moment.

According to information revealed by Tech Crunch, Big Red will be blocking all staff from taking a break from duty starting from September 21, all the way up to September 30. This should be ringing further alarm bells, as following on from the September 12 event, a release date of September 21 has also been firmly attached to the iPhone 5.

Given the huge interest surrounding Apple’s next iPhone, it’s unsurprising to see Verizon take steps to ensure that they have enough adequate staff to deal with the customer service frenzy that will inevitably come their way once Apple unveils the device on stage.

We haven’t heard similar plans for AT&T and Sprint yet, but don’t be surprised if we hear similar stories for both as well. Consumers will want to know where they stand regarding current data plans and whether everything will be a smooth transition if they choose to buy the iPhone 5 at launch. Given the chop change nature of Verizon’s data plans, we have a feeling that the extra staff will be needed just to answer the barrage of questions on this very subject.

Are you going to be first in line for an iPhone 5 on September 21st, or are you already committed into a long term contract that would be expensive to get out of?

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  • Bobby Jack

    The only reason to get the new iPhone from Sprint is:
    1) You enjoy having the slowest data signal of the 3 major carriers.
    2) You are a cheap-skate and would rather have a low monthly payment over quality.
    3) Your mommy is paying for you on her Family Plan.


    Mmm lets see xperia s samsung galaxy s3 is more powerful and easyer to use than iphone 5 why get an iphone5 witch gona cost double the price of an sony xperia s or Samsung gs3? People are blind theses days

    • Registeredfornow

      As blind as someone who can’t spell these words: which, going to, these, easier and let’s? Maybe you should look at some books instead of magic screens.