Skyrim Hearthfire DLC before PS3 Dawnguard fears

If you have been keeping a close eye on the whispers regarding ‘Hearthfire’, you’ll know that the name has again popped up in the headlines in relation to being Bethesda’s closely guarded secret as the next DLC expansion after Dawnguard.

It’s not really a secret any more though, as there is again talk that Bethesda has filed a trademark for Hearthfire, following the exact same pattern as Dawnguard prior to release. We already told you about this in July, so we’re unsure why the filing of Hearthfire is again being discussed, but it does pose one interesting discussion for PS3 users.

As most of you will be aware, PS3 users are yet to receive the Dawnguard DLC expansion, with Bethesda recently stating on Twitter that they didn’t have an update on the situation or when it will finally be available for purchase. This has led to considerable anger as you can imagine, but could we be facing a prospect where Bethesda are already planning to announce Hearthfire as the next expansion for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 users will get Hearthfire or the next expansion first once again, signaling the end of Bethesda’s deal with Microsoft to have the first two DLC packs release first on Xbox 360 before PC and PS3 users. We’re now approaching September and there’s still no hint of information on whether Dawnguard will be out on PS3 before then.

Would you consider it a royal slap in the face if Bethesda announce Hearthfire before you have the chance to play Dawnguard on the PS3? Xbox 360 users will obviously support this cause as most have probably played and completed the Dawnguard expansion to death and are eagerly awaiting fresh content to play.

As for Hearthfire itself, details are obviously very minimal, but there are whispers that it could involve some kind of Undead Nightmare-esque zombie mode for Skyrim. It’s fair to say that Dawnguard was very well received for those that have played it, so there’s little doubt that the next pack is going to be a must buy for many of you as well.

As a PS3 user, what are your thoughts on the continued silence from Bethesda? Would you be shocked if we get a Hearthfire announcement before Dawnguard lands on the PlayStation Store?



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