Skyrim Hearthfire DLC before PS3 Dawnguard fears

By Alan Ng - Aug 21, 2012

If you have been keeping a close eye on the whispers regarding ‘Hearthfire’, you’ll know that the name has again popped up in the headlines in relation to being Bethesda’s closely guarded secret as the next DLC expansion after Dawnguard.

It’s not really a secret any more though, as there is again talk that Bethesda has filed a trademark for Hearthfire, following the exact same pattern as Dawnguard prior to release. We already told you about this in July, so we’re unsure why the filing of Hearthfire is again being discussed, but it does pose one interesting discussion for PS3 users.

As most of you will be aware, PS3 users are yet to receive the Dawnguard DLC expansion, with Bethesda recently stating on Twitter that they didn’t have an update on the situation or when it will finally be available for purchase. This has led to considerable anger as you can imagine, but could we be facing a prospect where Bethesda are already planning to announce Hearthfire as the next expansion for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 users will get Hearthfire or the next expansion first once again, signaling the end of Bethesda’s deal with Microsoft to have the first two DLC packs release first on Xbox 360 before PC and PS3 users. We’re now approaching September and there’s still no hint of information on whether Dawnguard will be out on PS3 before then.

Would you consider it a royal slap in the face if Bethesda announce Hearthfire before you have the chance to play Dawnguard on the PS3? Xbox 360 users will obviously support this cause as most have probably played and completed the Dawnguard expansion to death and are eagerly awaiting fresh content to play.

As for Hearthfire itself, details are obviously very minimal, but there are whispers that it could involve some kind of Undead Nightmare-esque zombie mode for Skyrim. It’s fair to say that Dawnguard was very well received for those that have played it, so there’s little doubt that the next pack is going to be a must buy for many of you as well.

As a PS3 user, what are your thoughts on the continued silence from Bethesda? Would you be shocked if we get a Hearthfire announcement before Dawnguard lands on the PlayStation Store?

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  • mr. cuddlesworth

    honestly to me is that bethesda isnt trying hard enough to bring dawnguard or/and heartfire to the ps3 actully im an ps3 user so i dont want to be left out because of them lets hope this is not the same with the dragonborn DLC coming out dec 4.

  • I can say they lost a lot of impulse buyers like myself. I would’ve bought dawnguard without a second thought. Now that I’ve had time to read reviews and think about my purchase, I’ve decided to spend my money elsewhere. I don’t want it at this point after being shafted all these months. I know you’re busy Bethesda, but I didn’t realize 30 day exclusive meant over 2 months exclusive for Xbox. I hope that’s what you paid for…

  • sampackdwkt

    im tryin to figure out why would they release it on one platform before another if ps3 users suffer we all should the xbox is dead console software companies still have not even scratched the surface of what the ps3 can do so what waste your time with xbox only reason xbox is still alive is the fable franchise which again is a dead game on a dead console so keep the better game on the better console btw i have bolth consoles

  • DawnguardonPS3

    I don’t care about building houses on Skyrim or anything. My main reason for wanting hearthfire is because of the adoption mechanic, but really Bethseda? Announce new DLC for Skyrim before Dawnguard is even on PS3? I’m not going to boycott them because I love Skyrim, but we should get Dawnguard for free or atleast 75-80% off.

  • #Xbox360

    Perhaps Bethesda doesnt want to continue making patches and new content for PS3 for whatever reason, and could be deciding to leave skyrim where it is, or maybe its just alot easier to code stuff for microsoft programs, to be honest i dont know what operating system playstation runs on, but that could be an issue.

  • Dillon

    If sony started charging for online content/gameplay, then im sure they would get exclusive benifits that Microsoft gives to xbox players.

  • sporeboy100

    maybe they should release the third and forth DLC first for PS3, PC a week later and for XBOX, hmmm… release it as exclusive DLC for people who also buy dishonoured which they get the DLC 4 weeks after dishonoured releases

  • pc/ps3 owner

    Guys im just as upset as you are but why X-box?? Bethesda is a Pc thing. diablo world of war craft fallout and lots more. they are all best on pc not motherfucking xbox

  • gadf

    I think as a sorry to PS3 owners they should update all our systems to skyrim platnam edition. (if it exists)

  • Mikey_lolz

    Guys, sorry to say this, but the more you say ‘I hate Bethesda’, the less likely they’ll want work on it. All they get is negative support, they won’t work on it. I’m as pissed off with this as anyone else, but with the new one coming out for Xbox just shows that we either be patient or don’t get it.

  • dddwwwdddwww

    Hearthfire just adds a new custom home. No new enemies, weapons, etc. Just a cheap attempt to make quick cash by Bethseda. Still enjoy my PC version over any console one.

  • luke the nuke

    if hearthfire gets released before dawnguard, im gonna burn my skyrim CD and MAIL IT TO BETHESDA

  • luke the nuke


    • luke is retarded

      Ahh, another ignorant lemming. Too bad you live in your mom’s basement and never learned that Bill Gates retired a little over 4 years ago.

  • Jim

    And people wonder why people pirate things…..

  • poopooman

    I would go down to the Bethesda offices and sort this out myself, but I took an arrow to the knee…

  • zabadorty

    Obviously Gates made fish a**nine deal hoping it would make people want xbox more that PS3 and switch over. Nice try Gates, PS3 is still infinitely better than your system 😀

    • zabadorty


    • Dillon

      I would agree with you, except my ps3 had gotten the YLoD only after a year. Where as my xbox i have had for several years and still runs perfect.

    • zabadorly is a moron

      I’d just like to point out how legitimately retarded you are: Bill Gates retired over 4 years ago.
      Gates’s last full-time day at Microsoft was June 27, 2008

  • casper13rocks

    i find it flatout discrimanation and someone should sue bathesdas ass

  • bethesda sucks

    wouldn’t be surprised if they did. bethesda has been terrible with the dawnguard for ps3 situation. if they even release it I’m not going to buy it. they don’t deserve the 20$

  • Minny

    They are so concerned with making Xbox happy that they risk losing a bunch of ps3 loyal fans! Like it really takes this long to fix dawnguard for ps3? Give me a break! Either just say its not go an be released on ps3 or give us a date, but stop screwing with us!!!

    • Minny

      And if Xbox gets hearthfire b4 we even get dawnguard, then I’m with Scott! They better give us dawnguard free, or at least 50% off!

  • Mumble

    Edit: I meant 1.7 makes the game worse as any PATCH did.

  • Mumble

    In europe we didn’t even get 1.6/1.7 but I heard it makes the game worse (as any DLC)

  • Scott

    Not even planning on buying dawnguard anymore.
    Maybe bethesda could restore my faith in them if they made dawnguard a free DLC for PS3 users…

    • Minny

      Ya, good luck with that…

  • Angryps3gamer

    Eff you Bethesda. You’re exactly like Bioware when they said the player’s choices in Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 would matter for Mass Effect 3’s endings.
    We keep being lied to and being treated like idiots by greedy and lazy developers like you.
    I don’t care at all about your fans.

    Well, you lied to me for the last time. I’m returning all your games I bought to Gamestop (yes, even Skyrim), and I’ll boycott you forever.

    I seriously hope you go bankrupt. You are no better than EA and Activision.
    Yes, I Effing went there.

    • angryps3games

      >You don’t care at all about your fans.

      And eff typos too.

  • NerdRager

    For one, Bethesda needs a NEW PR rep.

    Second, They aren’t scared of anyone’s threats not to buy Dawnguard because they know that no matter how poorly they treat ps3 users you’re all (despite what you may say) WILL buy it anyways.

    Third, Why isn’t Sony doing anything about this? Their console is getting a huge s**t taken on it, or if not their console then their loyal ps3 owners…
    i for one will buy Dawnguard when it comes out but i will NOT buy another one of Sony’s consoles again, you’ve got my business Microsoft well played.

    • PlaystationFan

      Way to really stick to both Microsoft and Bethesda! Not only are you getting a$$-handled, you’re also going to accept. Way to lose faith in your system. It’s probably for the best though. I think Mark Twain said it best stating that; “Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.”

  • DickAss Bethesda Fuckedworks

    Bethesda doesnt want your money, we have enough dirty money from microsoft

    • I’m glad I have PC

      LOL @ the name

  • rikothecat

    I can’t even believe the whole fixing of Microsoft with Bethesda. It is unfair to more than half of the skyrim players. And even on the Xbox, you can’t run the DLC on the lower memory consoles so they have you get new consoles to run the new software, so it’s not fair even to some Xbox users as well. I don’t know what the wait is, CMON BETHESDA!!!

  • Pissedofps3user

    They don’t even give us the respect of a tentative release date. I will be so angry if they bring out Hearthfire before we even get Dawnguard. I have Tweeted Bethesda many times asking about DLC and never get a response. How do they think they can just ignore us?

    • Try tweeting Pete Hines. But the only thing he usually says is that he just doesn’t have an update.

  • Dcfabolous

    Sorry but madden 13 releases in 6 days! Sorry bethesda(losers) had their chance! But ill be on madden till next year or longer! Hope dawnguard is released but by the time i spend my money the next elder scrolls will be released! Bye bethesda

  • And can I just add that the delays are not the problem. The communication is. Bethesda developers are video game royalty. Their PR department should be publicly flayed for this.

  • I think that a product that was promised cross-platform being delayed on one of the promised platforms past the actual release date of its successor is where I would draw the line. Announce away.

    To rephrase, I’d be okay with Dawnguard arriving on the PS3 as late as but no later than Hearthfire arriving on Steam… and Hearthfire better be released then too!

  • Steliome

    Play Station users let down due to Microsoft’s unrivaled greed and corruption. Nothing new, I expected as much once I heard they had a deal with Bethesda. I would hope Dawnguard comes to PS3 before we hear anything on the new expansion. That should be their first priority. This comes from someone who plays on both PS3 and PC.

  • bethesda mass suicide

    screw all this… let’s go play dragon’s dogma

  • Brandon Wilson

    I’m an xbox user, but come on bethesda, it has been almost two months since it was released on xbox. It is just not fair.

  • Brandon Wilson

    I have an xbox, and dawnguard is soooo AWESOME. When i first made a set of dragon bone weapons, i pissed myself. The weapons are so detailed. The armored trolls are cool, but kinda suck, too.

    sorry ps3

  • Alex

    its clear that they dont care about the ps3

    • Alex is retarded.

      It’s clear that you’re retarded.

  • Alex

    this is not fair at all to loyal ps3 players. Microsoft cheats there way with money. its been a month and a half it better be fixed soon

  • Angry gamer

    If I don’t get to play dawnguard I’ll never buy any Bethesda games again. And I encourage all other ps3 owners to do the same.

    • #Xbox360

      Easy now big fella. You can play Dawngaurd. Just do the sensible thing and buy an Xbox. I also encourage all other ps3 owners to do the same.

  • bac0n

    I figure Bethesda has about a month to get Dawnguard out for the PS3. After that, the hype for the end of the year games will have reached a fever pitch, and the remaining shreds of goodwill Bethesda has in the PS3 market (that is, if they have any) won’t be nearly enough to distract people from all the other, infinitely more well-supported, games coming out.

  • TheRunawayTroll

    i’m not even excited for dawnguard anymore.


    Very disappointed with Bethesda, it’s like they don’t care about the PS3 community, if anything I would have expected the Dawnguard DLC to be out for PS3 before the PC, seeming as they have plenty of mods to keep them happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a release date for this before PS3 get one for Dawnguard and if that happens, just going to sell my game, not spending money to support a company that just shows now care for the PS3.

    As for the actual content my god, how many games are going to throw out a zombie DLC just to squeeze out some more cash out of the people who are simply entertained by the concept, can’t game companies come up with anything new and unique? First Vampires and werewolves and now zombies, no originality. Would rather save my money for new games coming out like Assassins Creed 3 and Hitman Absolution

  • well at this point i’ll wait for dawnguard at a reduced price because I’ve already waited 2 months for the stinking thing!

  • andyoo

    I’m a ps3 user, and tbh if heartfire is announced or released before ps3 gets the dawnguard dlc then I without a doubt will take my skyrim cd and destroy it, then I will take the broken cd and case and burn it in a fire pit. I always see and read stories about how ps3 users will destroy their skyrim cd and I never thought I would be one of them, but with no news as of yet on its release I have no other choice.

    • Adam

      LOL i love this post. nice andy

    • Truth Hurts

      Hey, if you want to be an emo little baby, and destroy a 50+$ game, because you can’t play a couple addons to an otherwise great game, that until this point, because you want to seem cool and jump on this bandwagon of hate, go for it. You’re the one that’s throwing away money, has no impact on anyone but your own misguided and ignorant self.

    • #Xbox360

      It’s funny, cause Bethesda couldn’t care less. LOL they got your money, if you wanna burn a crisp $50 bill, go right ahead.

  • Toc

    I honestly don’t care, I have Skyrim on both consoles but I still prefer to play it on my xbox ’cause there’re fewer bugs… so when it comes to DLC my xbox would get it first anyway even if they were released at the same time

  • Karateharry

    i am really annoyed as dawnguard has not been realised yet on ps3 and as a major skyrim fan would be deverstated if Hearthfire came before we even got dawnguard so im hopeing that when hearthfire comes out that it will come out faster than dawn guard like the next week not months!

  • Jimbob

    Its more about compatibility issues. Skyrim on PS3 has always been a buggy affair. PC and Xbox have many more similarities in terms of hardware and OS than PS3. As I understand it, the engine is more stable/compatible with PC and Xbox.

    Just gotta live with having content for Skyrim later than Xbox and PC instead of pointing the finger at Microsoft or Bethesda and bitching. Or just play it on a PC?
    I guess this isn’t an option for everyone though.

    • DetailedVision

      Not an option for all indeed… Mass Effect 3, GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and countless other games and their companies employees haven’t had any trouble creating and distributing multi-platform games and DLC… This just shows that Bethesda creates for one platform and ports over to the next.

  • DestroyTheOrcs

    Lets storm the gates, and burn down Bethesda’s building.

    • luke the nuke

      thats a little TO harsh. i mean, yeah im pissed at bethesda but i dont want to KILL them

  • Have been playing elder scrolls since daggerfall and only playing es5 on ps3 because my beautifull pc was stolen in a burglary and is gonna take sometime to replace.
    That said, Bethesda have acted in a disgusting manner and I for 1 won’t be buying their products anymore.

  • Campagnaro

    Bethesda should release dawngaurd and hearthfire at the same time on the ps3

  • TheGrundeezee

    What also would be awesome is if another company bought Elder Scrolls, and then didnt suck. Im not buying DLC from bethesda, by the time they get their crap together the fall and winter rush will be happening and I’ll have new games to buy/play.

    • Gaming Loner Boner

      Any updates on patch 1.7? (europe ps3)

      • WhyBethesda?

        Oh my god! They still haven’t even released 1.7 in Europe. I had read that is was coming out the day after we got it. That makes this even more ridiculous.

        • Adam

          we haven’t received in australia yet either and it’s been over a week since you guys have had it. lol beyond a joke. just laugh these days. best game ever has become the biggest disappointment ever. who would have thought

      • DetailedVision

        I’m so sorry to hear that 1.6/1.7 isn’t available yet over there, but to be completely blunt…. You’re not missing a damn thing. Turned on my ps3, downloaded the patch, started playing the game to check out the new additions for 10 minutes (if that), then turned it off due to extreme boredom and disgust.

  • marhorn

    LOLOLOLOL…it more than makes up for 20 mins extra on AC3

  • Bethesda ARE YOUR SERIOUS?? Im selling all games from your company and never buying again. Either get a grip or lose your PS3 customers, idiota!

  • MO

    PS3 Users should just boycott Bethesda

    • Adam

      Everyone I know, including myself already have mate. In australia and as i’ve read, europe still don’t have the 1.6+1.7 update…and no news, means bad news. the money they make off the ridiculous microsoft scam, they’ll lose from ps3 in the future. long term loss for short term gain a benefit? i highly doubt it. make a deal with the devil and you get screwed bethesda!

      • #Xbox360

        But by the time this “Short term benefit” wears off, they’ve already invested all their microsoft money into a bigger and better game coming to a market near you! And when it does, neither Xbox or PC fans will be discouraged, they’ve got all their updates on time. Bungie has over $3billion selling their Halo series on basically 1 game console. So where Bungie has 1 system, skyrim and bethesda has 2 systems, Xbox and PC.

  • yasantha meegoda

    First of all That Great news. But I Honestly feel bad about PS3 Users. I Have Xbox but I think it unfair to late drastically to PS3 users.(If there aren’t any fair reasons)

    • luke the nuke

      i have NEVER seen an xbox player care for ps3. your obviously a viking 😀 (quote from robbaz, king of sweden)

  • Elliott

    I honestly believe there should be some sort of lawsuit against Microsoft for underhanded business tactics and for manipulating the market so that they can screw the competition

    • PS3USER

      It’s all thanks to money, everyone makes more money, as long as that happens no one cares.

      • Elliott

        Yeah no one cares except the consumer! Surely the person playing the game should matter

    • Informed Consumer

      Exclusivity deals have existed a lot longer than you have. This only shows how ignorant you are over how anything works.

      • Elliott

        What a ridiculous comment haha

  • IHateBethesda

    Instead of hurrying up the dawnguard dlc for ps they are making another dlc for xbox?WTF is wrong with bethesda?

    • Brandon Wilson


    • IHateBethesda is a moron

      If they new what the problem was, they would have fixed it by now. Rather than wait around for Sony to stop jerking around with their failstorm of an OS and console, they worked on other smaller projects. Better than sitting around playing Minesweeper.

  • Reece

    It’s the lack of information that’s the issue here, it’s like they just don’t care.

  • Chris

    umad PS3 owners ?

    • Angryps3gamer


      Yes, I mad. 1/10 made me reply.

  • uuugggghh

    Bethesda is wac. Big ass company can’t make a multiplatfo
    rm release. Smh

  • Somebody

    Honestly, i would rather just wait for the GOTY edition and be done with it.

  • WildePyro

    You know what would be awesome. If Dawnguard and Hearthfire became available together on the PS3 and Xbox got screwed out of Hearthfire cause they got the 30 day exclusive for Dawnguard. Hey a man can dream can’t he?

    • PS3USER

      That would be glorious.. unfortunately Microsoft thought about that, the deal they made for a 30 day exclusive release, was made for the first two DLC releases, so I can imagine we will have a repeat on what is happening with Dawnguard with Hearthfire

    • sporeboy100

      or better yet, PS3 gets ALL the DLC for FREE and the PS3 version of dishonoured gets released 3 weeks BEFORE PC but 2 months BEFORE XBOX where XBOX has to pay double for DLC

  • JJW

    I just dont understand the hold up, come on already bethesda, get your head out of your asses

  • caleb

    ps3 can suck my balls for all i care cause xbox has more security and u have to pay on ps3 it can get hacked easilyoh and ps3 accordinly have the best detail for stuff well look at its youtube and then look on xbox youtube xbox has much more detail

    • dogwalker4000

      That whole sentence/paragraph made no grammatical sense, in fact even with proper grammar I still don’t think you would make much sense. Roll on September when your English teacher can attempt to teach you a thing or two.

    • atleast ps3 didn’t have processer meltdowns like the p.o.s xboxes

  • Bethesda is a hungry money-beast! They do not care who in the gaming community gets screwed over, as long as they can still wipe their asses with dollar bills.

  • Mat

    This is wild. I hope Bethesda loses tons of buyers and supporters on the ps3 side. I have both systems, but this whole situation has just been ridiculous. They lost my support completely.

  • Smilez

    I would be outragiously pissed off bc if they have time to put that out then that means all time and effort to get dawnguard out on ps3 has obvisiously put on hold when they could have been doing that the whole the lets see if they do or not

  • Patience no more

    What are bethesda employees doing all the bloody day :
    i am certain that 80% of employees works on hearthfire 15% employees are trying to find excuses about dawnguard being late and 5% emplyees working on dawnguard itself to fix it…There you have it….

    • Taylormade

      It’s 1%
      His names Derek.
      He has an office in the basement next to the toilets.
      People say he smells and that he’s a little weird but… I think ol’ Derek deserves a chance.

  • Shayne

    Heh, I’d probably pirate it for PC as a huge kick in the balls for Bethesda. I bought Dawnguard for PC, waste of time AND money.

  • TruthBeTold

    I honestly won’t mind it ‘too’ much, so long as Dawnguard and Hearthfire are released at the same time for PS3, could be a nice dose. However, I imagine we PS3 users won’t get it until mid-October, which is a bit depressing. I had started playing Skyrim again when the 1 month limit was expiring, ready to get the DLC and bask in a larger, more enjoyable gaming experience.

    I may have to wait longer now, but the mounted combat released in the 1.7 update will keep me busy awhile longer. All-in-all, I am still very upset at these engrossing delays and lack of information.

    • Gaming Loner Boner

      do you know when patch 1.7 comes out in europe (ps3) it’s so frustrating, these f-ing review websites and bethesda aren’t updating anything

  • Nero2076

    I can understand and deal with Xbox getting dlcs before ps3 but if they get 2 before ps3 gets one I will be done with TES games and fallout as well

  • thumper

    Honestly, I just want Dawnguard. Why won’t Bethesda just release it, take our money, and move on from this whole ordeal? If they actually have people working on the next dlc when this one still isn’t up to par then they’re incredibly inconsiderate people, moreso than I’ve been assuming.

  • ThePirateThief

    Bethesda is getting real cocky, they are going to release this Hearthfire first for Xbox just to kick us while were down. And they just KNOW that people will STILL both Dawnguard and Hearthfire when they release.

  • Mad

    Screw Microsoft and the $#*+box 360. Screw bethesda for screwing the loyal ps3 fans

  • coontoons

    I would be surprised if ps3 gets dawnguard at all by this point.
    The first dlc that was released for oblivion was never released for ps3 so why should dawnguard. So sorry to burst any bubbles but don’t get your hopes up about dawnguard.

    • ps3 does have all the nonplayer made dlc content pc/xbox for oblivion but the delay on dawnguard ps3 is beyond unacceptable

      • DetailedVision

        Sorry to say, but no PS3 doesn’t… Missing 3 pieces of DLC for TES: IV.

        • guts2323

          no it has then all now, on the game of the year addition but not seperately.

        • not exactly. they left out a lot of smaller things that xbox and pc users could get. horse armor, the orrery, wizards tower,vile lair, i think there might be one or two more. but i just bought goty oblivion and was bummed that it didn’t have half the add ons they released on pc and xbox. bethesda’s is just going with popular demand to make money. screw money. it ruined the world.

        • sdf

          Shivering iiles, knights of the nine …. whats the third

        • DetailedVision

          It was a little piece called the wizard’s tower. Just an in game home that was really vast and cool, but it was only released on 360

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t be shocked at all, as this seems a onesided deal between bethesda and microsoft money!

  • Disillusioned

    It would be an absolute outrage if new DLC is announced on 360 before Dawnguard is available on PS3. Just shows that money rules all, big slap in the face for diehard fans

    • xNyphinu

      Looks like the slap hits the face September 4th, Hearthfire gets released on 360 before any word on Dawnguard…..

    • lordnech

      Its only to be Expected Morrowind and Oblivion both came out on xbox consoles first. Its just a matter that playstation should have jumped on this years ago.

  • TheyNeedBettrProgrmrs

    That “we are not satisfied” already took long enough no? like almost a month? I think they barely started with the ps3 dlc when the xbox contract ended.

  • i live in australia and we still have not got the update yet for ps3 and with out it cant play dawnguard when it comes out or if it ever does i wish the would just release the dlc now

  • Maguey

    It is not fair to say it was received well, because it wasn’t! There were lots of glitches and the whole issue with losing NPC’s is a real problem, so don’t ignoe that fact.

  • Darien

    I dont have any words to say to this. School is starting so i wont have time for skyrim or any game for that matter.

    • Darien is a schmuck

      We thank you for you’re useless comment then.


    hurry up with dawnguard we just want the addon. why the hell cant you hurry up!!!!!!!!

  • plko

    come on bethesda wtf

  • Fire Pete Hines

    1. Speak to a lawyer about suing Bethesda for False Advertising.
    2. Speak to the Better Business Bureau about Bill Gates and the “Sherman Antitrust Act”.
    3. Fire every God Damn PS3 Coder at Bethesda.
    4. Fire Pete Hines!!
    5. Stop Bill Gates in court from obtaining yet another unfair monopoly in the business market place.

    • TruthBeTold

      Bill Gates retired early last year, or even two years ago.

    • Karateharry

      if we fire everyone at bethesda we will never get dawnguard!!!!

    • Derpwagon

      Or not listen to retarded people like you. That’s always an option.

    • #Xbox360

      Bill Gates is retired and has sold himself almost completely out of Microsoft. So 2 and 5 don’t apply. As for #3, You step up to the plate and code a game as large and vast as Skyrim, single handed then you can talk about other peoples jobs. #4: I think Pete Hines is doing an excellent job getting Skyrim and all its expansions onto Xbox and PC. So I’d prefer for him to stay. Thanks for your time.

  • dax

    if this hearthfire dlc comes out on xbox before we get dawnguard on ps3 might have to throw my ps3 through bethesda’s front window.. it would be a total go F your self from bethesda to ps3 usere..