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Galaxy Note 10.1 glamorized by James Franco

After making its debut in Korea, the Galaxy Note 10.1 fever has now hit the US. The larger variety of Samsung’s Note series is now available for purchase and a new advertisement from Hollywood’s James Franco casts a glowing light on the iPad competitor.

If you are thinking of getting the Galaxy Note 10.1, it’s a good idea to read through a collection of the reviews that have now been plastered online. The device is getting mixed reviews, with some early criticism slating a lack of programs which utilize the included S-Pen.

You won’t find any criticism in Samsung’s new commercial though, which bigs up the device to the extreme with the help of the Green Goblin himself, James Franco. The ad is a very cool one though, with Franco adding various elements of humor to the clip and even going out of his way to highlight his multitasking capabilities by directing the video himself.

We also see Franco tout various features of the Note 10.1, such as solving a complex algebra formula, to shooting a quick video with notations and sending it off to various social spaces. If the ad has pushed you over the edge into a purchase, you’ll be able to order one via Samsung’s website for $499 – that relates to the 16GB version and is available in a variety of colors.

What are your thoughts on the ad? We’ve seen a lot of comments on how the ad is very similar in the style to Apple’s commercials, both with the way it was filmed and with the use of big name celebrities which Apple also started doing recently. Would you like to see more celebrities in future Samsung commercials?



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