FIFA 13 cover touts Messi, Rooney bids farewell

By Alan Ng - Aug 21, 2012

Wayne Rooney has been EA’s cover star for FIFA games for as long as we can remember, but we can tell you that this is all coming to an end. Rooney’s contract with the company has apparently run out and he’ll now be replaced on the cover of FIFA 13 by the best player in the world, Lionel Messi.

Rooney has been on the cover of every FIFA game since 2005 and it is probably going to be a shock for some to see that he isn’t featured on the box art of FIFA 13. Lionel Messi will take over in his place, although he will be joined by two emerging Premier League stars.

Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will get the nod, while Manchester City’s highly rated goalkeeper Joe Hart will also be featured on the cover as well. Was it a case of money which led to Rooney’s omission, or did EA just decide that they wanted Messi to run the show from now on after poaching him away from Pro Evolution Soccer?

Messi is a natural choice for the FIFA 13 box art, but do you agree with the choices for Chamberlain and Joe Hart? If you could have picked the two stars to feature with Messi, who would you choose? Cristiano Ronaldo is obviously unavailable due to his commitments with Konami, but we would have liked to see someone like Robin Van Persie or Steven Gerrard for a change.

You can find out all of the latest news on FIFA 13 here, including confirmation that the game will feature Mario Balotelli’s hulk up celebration and that the FIFA 13 demo will include a preview of the new Match Day mode.

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  • JackD95

    gerrard and hart if they both had to be english think they got in a bit too early for ox, too quick to board the hype train imo…