PS Vita price cut progression, but not in 2012

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2012

While some people are still very happy with their PS Vita launch purchase despite a lack of new games to play, it’s clear that others have decided to hold back due to the fairly high price that Sony are asking for their new handheld.

The system sells for $249 or $299 in the US depending on the WiFi or 3G model respectively, which many deem as too high at the moment since you can buy a 160GB PS3 Slim console for the exact same price as the WiFi PS Vita.

A price cut is obviously coming for the Vita, but everyone wants to know when and if it will be happening just in time for Christmas. The bad news, is that Sony has confirmed that the system won’t be cut in 2012, but did reveal that they are working to make this a possibility sometime next year.

Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida provided an explanation to Eurogamer on why they won’t be cutting the PS Vita price this year, saying that it is all about cost reduction. They added they they’ll first have to manufacture the Vita with cheaper materials first, to allow them to cut the price of the Vita for consumers – all of which takes time Yoshida said.

In the meantime, Sony are putting their faith in various console and software bundles that will soon be available, such as Little Big Planet. We’re willing to bet that there will also be a Black Ops Declassified Vita bundle closer to release as well, which should really help Sony to shift some more hardware before cutting the price.

If you picked up the Vita in February, or in December last year like us, let us know if you think your launch purchase was justified or not. The Vita had a great launch lineup, followed by a barren spell where few games and new apps were available. The system has now added a great YouTube app however though, which gives promise that more big name third party apps will be on the way soon as well.

Are you waiting for Sony to cut the price of the Vita before you buy one?

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  • Mcmclaren

    Got a ps vita after uk launch, around mid march, when im not on my ps3, its ps vita or im working or possibly doing something else! I dont get bored with the few games and apps i got but definently looking forward to killzone or any other FPS. Why else have 2 dual analogue sticks!

  • Rad

    I bought one at lunch and its really good hardware. But lately they havent released better software. at the moment the second hand price is around 130 GBPin uk. Since I dont use it I sold it.

  • Majestic 12

    Needs more Gran Turismo, Timesplitters HD Collection/sequel, ICO HD Collection, Okami HD, Okamiden HD, Peacewalker HD, new Metal Gear Solid, HECK LOAD OF NEW IPS….those games I listed are classics that are just screaming to be on the Vita. I don’t think anyone would be angry if those came out.

  • sid6.7

    I have to admit, I haven’t touched my Vita in weeks, and when I look at the few titles coming down the pipe there is absolutely nothing that even slightly excites me. Ports of PS2/PS1/Wii/DS games? No thanks.

    Cross-buy might be cool, but if I’ve got a PS3 and Vita version of the same game, I think I will probably just play it on my PS3. I’m holding out hope though.
    Basically, where’s my Monster Hunter?