iPhone 5 landmark launch

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 20, 2012

Throughout this year we have heard that the iPhone 5 launch will be the biggest launch ever when it comes to consumer electronics, which had been echoed over and over each month by numerous sources. This message has intensified once again this month and is in part due to the expected iPhone 5 release date, which should be in late September with an event early on in that month. Considering the new record share price for Apple it looks like this year will be one setting a number of records with the help of a new iPhone.

The latest analyst pegging the iPhone 5 to set a major CE record, joining the army of opinions before him, is Peter Misek and he also adjusted his expected Apple share price to as high as $900. We heard before that 80m iPhone owners could be waiting for the 6th generation iPhone, and early predictions suggest there could be at least 10 millions sales within the first two weeks of the iPhone 5 launching.

If you want to get your hands on the iPhone 5 then you should be ready for an event on September 12, and also be ready to place your pre-order on that day with shipping expected to take place just over a week after the event. It is good to remember that all Apple launches see the shipping dates slip within hours, so if you really want to be one of the first make sure you get an order in early. We will also see event invites sent out within the next few days if this press event is indeed a reality, and these also give clues thanks to the images contained on them, so keep connected to PR and we’ll update you when we hear about these invites.

We also heard that AT&T are making some big changes to their schedule in September and October in preparation for the iPhone 5 launch, and this includes canceling training that had been scheduled and telling all staff to be at work during this time. It’s interesting hearing about this without Apple officially announcing anything to the public, but these changes within companies like AT&T are always seen before each iPhone launch and are a clear signal for the next generation to be arriving very soon.

Has the hype surrounding the iPhone 5 helped sway your choice when looking for a new smartphone? We’ve heard a lot of Android users call iPhone buyers sheep (aka iSheep), and it’s interesting to see this considering most Apple fans we spoke to base their choice on what they like rather than following the crowd. Some people that are going to be in-line for a new iPhone 5, or whatever they call it, have been buying Apple phones since the first generation arrived. Feel free to leave your opinion on this in the comments, and let us know how you decide on a new smartphone.

The iPhone 5 might end up being the biggest consumer electronics launch ever, but what should we expect in the way of specs? The latest rumors from Apple sources point to LTE, just like the 3rd generation iPad, a 4-inch display created by stretching the device that should provide a 1136×640 resolution. We saw a new Apple patent last week that detailed how a new display technology could be used with the iPhone 5, which would help create more room within the device, improve the production process, and could result in a leaner smartphone. It’s good to remember that some people are happy with iOS 6 only, and see this as a big upgrade without the need for new hardware. Are you happy with just iOS 6, or do you want new hardware as well?

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  • chico

    iphone 5 rocks… oh i mean throw rocks at the iphone 5… apple sucks..

  • Well I for one won’t be buying it will not have the hardware of the galaxy s3, i.e much smaller screen, not so powerful cpu or gpu or ram. also no support for flash, that is vital for me to watch movies and all the footy goals in the premiership on bbc sport and lets not forget that over 95% of websites support flash rather than html5. Mine you I also don’t like ipad as it dosn’t have usb slots, i mean usb remenber windows 95 with support for usb, its not new technology is it. how can i connect my digital camera and many other moden items that have usb connection. On top of all this if you look at the global sales of smart phones in the last 12 months, android has the biggest market share and apple share has dropped in the last year. I mean the new iphone 5 has a 4 inch screen that in android world is mid range phone. I know I will get a lot of stick, so i say sorry in advance and please allow me to have a opninon thanks 🙂