GTA V conveyances visualized

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 20, 2012

Most gamers understood a lot more about transportation within Grand Theft Auto 5 after the first trailer, and since then we haven’t seen much other than a couple of screenshots that didn’t detail a lot in the way of GTA V vehicles. Today we’ve had another tease in the simplest of forms, which includes 3 screenshots on the official website and a promise for something more later on this week.

You can see the first image above and this shows a nice sports car with “CHEETA” on the back, and the jet seen below had been expected after we heard some official comments on how planes will make a return in GTA V. The bigger map also makes the next Grand Theft Auto a perfect environment for multiplayer games on a much bigger scare, which some people want to include dogfights and other forms of air combat.

Customizing bikes in GTA V – The final and third screenshot teased under the “transport” title is a bike, and this is something we would love to get hands-on with. To take this a step further it would be great if Rockstar included the ability to customize not only cars, but also road bikes in a number of ways at different stores throughout GTA V. We’d love to hear your ideas on customizing bikes within the next game, and if this is something you would like to see?

The GTA 5 release date is still up in the air – these screenshots are only going to increase the debate surrounding the expected launch for GTA 5, and some gamers might think after a long silence we’ve seen screenshots and some viral marketing, so could this be a hint towards Rockstar upping the marketing of GTA 5 ready for a sooner than later launch? We touched on the launch last week and how some people needed a reality check when it comes to a release year, which pretty much means we’re running out of time for the next GTA to arrive within 2012.

If you didn’t see the other two screenshots published a couple of weeks ago, then you can see these below, although you can expect a lot more later this week thanks to a promise from Rockstar in their latest post. We also wonder if something much bigger might come this week considering we’ve seen a few screenshots now, and it could be that Rockstar want to surprise gamers with a new trailer, which would be about time considering the massive gap since the first video.

What GTA 5 screenshot would you like to see next? If we’re only to see screenshots for now, then we’d love to know what you think Rockstar should show us next? For us it has to be some more clues towards new features within GTA 5, and one of our favorite features is different forms of customization, so please Rockstar tease away with an image.

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  • WE NEED A WORKING TOW TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul


  • guilty

    already these are old… wow! thanks r* i… guess i should say sorry for saying it won’t happen. sorry r*

  • BrodieStewart

    more is coming with every release, first 1 trailer, then two screenshots, now three, anyone else see a pattern.

    • Majestic 12

      When it hits V screenshots..sorry 5 Rockstar will reveal themselves to be aliens and take over the world…and stuff. o.O

  • quinn

    i would like to see at least a couple different road bikes if they are not fully costumizable. including a bmx bike, mountain bike, road bike, and maybe something just for fun such as a tricycle or a 50cc mini bike

    • quinn

      in customization there should at least be a choice of color for the bike if you cant possibly add some parts to make the bike lighter and faster. and if you could bunny hop that might be kind of interesting.

  • Majestic 12

    The graphics reek of the common trick employed in current-gen games, that horribly unrealistic overlay of shine on anything and everything which is, apart from the serious lack of originality and game-play progression, why I buy so few games these days. The lack of complex textures is disturbing from what I’ve seen in the trailer, but I guess you’d be blinded by the ‘shine’ before you can take any notice. It looks really bland looking and there are far too many empty spaces, It’s a city. There should be all kinds of things going on. Crappy pictures or just another reminder that this game should have been delayed for the PS4??

  • Ben

    I’m sure plenty of people would like to see if there will be a return of the hunter (apache). Would be great if it was an up to date version though. Keep up the good work Rockstar! 😉

  • Vlad-V

    Screenshotrom above,screenshoot underwater and screenshoot …..

    • Vlado-V

      Screenshoot from above

  • Kevin Brunz

    The car in the photo is not spelled Cheeta, it is Cheetah, the H is just hidden by the glare. That’s the way it was spelled in gta III, vice city, and San Andreas. Also look at the second E, it’s in the exact center of the back, CHE E TAH. 3 letters on each side of the second E. If it was Cheeta, then it would be off center and wouldn’t look right. But just my observation and common sense at work I suppose. Even tho no one cares.

    • Majestic 12

      apparently not obvious to the author lol

  • Joao

    if you pretend the ‘440’ on the car’s licence plate is the number of days until release of the game, the release date would be 3rd of november 2013. also, you could think of the 56pm as a time (5/6pm), this could relate to something important. or maybe i’m just overthinking this


    hot damn, that cheeta is giving me a boner

  • Dunksgaz

    I want to see some screenshots of the surrounding countryside and other area outside the city

    • ishmoster

      Same. The map will be 5 times larger than the GTA IV map.

  • SUrfg1mp

    Not interested in the dog fighting at all. The multiplayer free mode has been killed by the idiots that just want to dog fight in helicopters. Must say from the screen shots so far the game looks stunning. I’m happy to wait for the game as I’m pretty sure the game will be well worth the wait. Not been let down by a gta game yet and I’m sure this one will be no different.

  • xxxcodslayerxxx

    o god dis gam ic gone bi goud cant wat

  • DanTheOutlaw

    I preorderd this game in Febuary this year and they told me they think its coming out in October.

    • where you pre-order it from and who said october? thats better than my estimated month of november with hitman/blackops2

  • Nj26

    I want to see police unforms/options and police vehicle customization/detail.

  • justinj

    dont u think customizing bicycles is asking a bit too much? id be happy with just being able to change the colours via the pay and spray. cars on the other hand….

  • matthamrick

    A shot with the protogonist

  • DJ Skrull

    I want to see a picture of a massive shoot out in the streets ala Heat.

  • ratscore

    I would love to see the SA Map 😀

  • Ownage

    It says that they dont know the release date yet, but Gamestop are already taking pre-orders. The game will come out March 2013.

    • can you provide link.
      b/c last time i was in Gamestop guy told me he couldn’t do pre-orders for GTA V.

      • Here in Australia, GTA V is available for pre-order which is strange to me as there isn’t even a official release date yet…

        • i can pre-order this game in the states to.
          thats just to name a few

        • but no one can do it at Gamestop
          or else it will be an option on their web page

    • also (i used to think March)
      but that is to soon after Bioshock also 1 month won’t be enough for Rockstar to meet their goal.
      so that leaves 2012 release but we still don’t have info for 2012 release. I’m shooting for May. (Rockstar won’t meet their share) of T2 goal. but if this more info coming later this week is just 3 more screenshots then 2012 is def. out of question.
      3 screen shots is def coming this week.
      it depends on something else being released by rockstar for GTA V to come out this year.
      If you look at the car they still have some work to do with the game.
      but back to original topic GTA V not in March.

    • DJ Skrull

      Gamestop does that dirty ploy just to get people to pre-order, then alter their listing when an official date is announced. Don’t drink the kool-aid.

  • xeon

    second trailer is coming….i m very sure.

  • Mr.?

    The graphics are incredible considering GTA5 will be released on X360. Does anyone think that this generation of consoles will have trouble handling the graphics as shown on the screenshots?

    • John

      I think so but, both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

    • Jamie

      All the screenshots released were rendered on a PC. If you liked the way max payne’s engine looked, you’ll enjoy GTA V.

      • UnknownUser28

        Are you inferring this, or you actually have proof?

    • UnknownUser28

      Not really, they are professional developers. They usually, find some sort of way to fit all the scale onto consoles. 1 example would be to look at BF3.

    • ps3 wont and im pretty sure xbox wont either

    • ishmoster

      even it doesn’t I dont give a fu*k I’ll play anyways

  • rob

    I know u see the black guy with the flashy chain flying the jet!

    • darkestfallen

      It’s not a chain, it’s a shirt collar. I opened this pic up in Microsoft photo editor and he is most definitely not black, he might be the guy on the rooftop in the trailer. I can reassure you, he is not black.

  • mark

    i want to see more of the map from above, maybe a vast mountain range or desert if there is one, then id be excited

  • GTA V Whore

    A screenshot of weapon variety or a good shot that shows off the vast outdoors, nature areas. If not, I will still be excited for a short sentence. I’m still playing GTA IV religiously, the series is just amazing. Rockstar could keep me interested all the way till 2016.

    • ishmoster


  • Jason

    Hey! Daniel Chubb finally writes an artical with actuall news!

  • darkestfallen

    Hopefully the guy in the helicopter is the protagonist? To answer the questions from the article, i would love to see a variety of sport transportation ie: skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, atv’s, hang gliding, etc. This would make the game super fun not only on a “steal and kill” scale, but on a “lets do different stuff” scale =)

    • darkestfallen

      i meant to say jet……not helicopter lol damn you gta 4!!!!

      • We saw him in the trailer, he was talking.. he was in a car in the trailer and now he’s in a jet in this screenshot, I would say with some certainty that he is the protagonist.

        • OfficerTenpenny

          You dont see him talking in the trailer. You just hear someones voice while it cuts to some man looking over the city. Maybe it is him talking, maybe it isnt..

        • garbled!

          also theres a hispanic or black guy sitting int he red car in the trailer, and hes also in these creen shots. maybe two protagonists?

        • garbled!

          ps wasnt looking at the keyboard when i wrote that >.<

  • gta aviation know it all

    the jet looks like a cross between an F 16 fighting falcon an the joint strike fighter, alsom combo

    • giggity

      it’s a version of the F-18 Hornet, dude. it looks slightly off so GTA can get around copyrighting but it looks more like the F-18 Hornet than the others

      • gta aviation know it all

        you a faggit, have you seen an F A 18 hornet, dosent look alike. proberly most resembles the SU 27 if it wernt for the underside air intake

        • giggity

          that’s why i said F-18 Hornet not an F A 18 Hornet. read and think before you respond