Droid 4 still alive with Ice Cream Sandwich update

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2012

We have just told you about a surprise update to Jelly Bean for the ASUS Transformer Pad, and now it looks like the happiness is spreading to the Motorola Droid 4 as well. The handset may be starting to age, but we have details on a possible update to Ice Cream Sandwich that is now being prepared.

The device was released back in February of this year and like many other Android handsets, consumers were ‘promised’ a swift update to Ice Cream Sandwich shortly after purchase. Seven months later and we’re finally seeing reports of that promise coming true, with some owners stating that they’ve already received a notification over the weekend to update to Android 4.0.4.

You may have already installed Android 4.0.4 if you’re running a custom firmware, but for everyone else you should head into your phone settings and check to see if a manual update can be pushed in your area. The good news is that your phone should perform a lot quicker and will obviously benefit from that simple, but elegant Ice Cream Sandwich UI.

The bad news is that you may lose support for Adobe Flash once installing, since Adobe has now decided to cut all ties with their once essential mobile Flash player. It has been a long seven months of waiting for Droid 4 users, but are you optimistic that the device may defy the odds once again and be upgraded to an official version of Jelly Bean?

It’s probably a long shot officially, but always a possibility with custom software after seeing devices such as the legendary HTC HD2 running Jelly Bean. Let us know if you have already installed ICS, or if you haven’t received the notification in your area yet.

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  • Installed ICS. After a problem with the update, “My Gallery” not working, and no pictures showing up in any photo viewing software it needed a factory data reset. Now it’s working incredibly fast, almost like I got a brand new phone. I am really disgusted with the lack of flash support. I’m not sure why older version of flash are not available. I used Flash a lot, and the phone feels handicapped without it. Not much I can do about that as it’s Adobe and not Google or Motorola.
    Another complaint is the lack of an easy way to turn off 4G LTE. I find this a HUGE oversight and just plain stupid of Motorola. Yes you can use a 3rd party app like LTE OnOFF for the Thunderbolt, but the fact you have to jump through hoops to turn it off is ridicules. I’m lucky to live in an area blanketed with strong 4G, but I do turn it off from time to time if I know I need to stretch the battery. I also feel bad for people who don’t live in 4G areas with that power hungry 4G radio constantly looking for a signal. Battery life must be horrid in those areas. Throw in the non replaceable battery and the phone looses a lot of it’s utility.
    Am I glad I got ICS? Sort of… It’s cleaner and faster, but I’ve actually lost more functionality than I gained.
    RIP dear Flash…we knew you well…

  • Yep just installed not really sure about the virtual keyboard though

  • Nicholas Murn

    Mine is rebooting as we speak

  • Droid4 User

    Installed it and love it, I already loved my Droid 4 but now the little annoying things about it are gone. Except not happy about Flash player not getting along with this software.

  • Michael

    I have received it this weekend and now my flash player is not working. Is there anyway to fix problem??? It took forever to get flashplayer now update is a downgrade…..lol

  • jason

    I have it installed and so far it’s great. I bought the Nexus 7 when it was released and really like the way Jelly Bean works, my phone now has a very similar interface. Haven’t had a chance to see if it runs any smoother yet.