Black Ops 2 Wii U exposure too much to hide

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2012

Still don’t believe that the Wii U may be getting one of the biggest console releases this year? Some more solid evidence has popped up again suggesting that Treyarch’s highly anticipated Black Ops 2 shooter is on the way to the Nintendo Wii U.

If Nintendo and Activision manage to bring out the game around the same time as the console and PC versions launch on November 13, it is going to be a major attraction for gamers who are still on the fence as to whether to invest in Nintendo’s new console.

The Wii U already has one massive game on the way in Assassin’s Creed 3, but it could be joined and perhaps overshadowed by Black Ops 2. LinkedIn is again the culprit for this latest piece of information, with a employee resume revealing that they had been testing the game on Nintendo’s console since May.

If legit, it also looks likely that the Wii U version won’t be too disimilar to other platforms, with ‘multiplayer testing’ on Wii U and PS3 also mentioned in the resume. To refresh your memory, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumors suggesting that the game is headed to Wii U, despite the continued silence from Treyarch and Activision on the subject.

In June we told you that the game had been featured in a Nintendo magazine, suggesting that the Wii U version would have added support for the touchscreen controller, providing a new twist compared to the versions that will release on consoles and PC.

What are Activision waiting for we wonder? It’s clear that the game is coming, but we just hope that it gets a November release with the other platforms, and that content isn’t cut which we’ve already seen on one Wii U title in FIFA 13. Would you pick up a Wii U version of Black Ops 2 ahead of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC?

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  • RSC/8150

    I will get this for the Wii U before my 360. If the online is good enough I will not even get it for the 360. I like the direction Nintendo is going. Graphics are already more than enough. The future of gaming will hinge on console creativity and new ideas, not the same old played out crap. The
    Wii U is the next big thing. Developers will no longer have to hold back for Nintendo. Now they only drool at the options that the Wii U presents. Black ops 2 on the Wii U will be very good and the only debate will be Wii mote or pro controller. People that are hating on Nintendo are completely ignorant to where gaming is headed and are stuck in the past with bad memories of games that could not meet their potential with the previous Nintendo systems. Graphics are already to top quality HD. All the new systems have to focus on something besides graphics. Nintendo has always done that will success, even with lacking system power. Sony and Microsoft and just watching as Nintendo revolutionizes the gaming industry. They will copy of course, but Nintendo will lead the pack for the years to come. I can’t wait for TGS!!

  • I’m getting A.C3 for #thenewnintendo #WiiU IF they include zombie mode (UNCUT) then Yes I will be getting this as well. Here’s hoping @Activision and @Nintendoamerica do this RIGHT!!

  • Raka

    Nintendo will never go software only. They will keep making consoles for Mr Potatomoto to make games on, because whatever they make, it will sell if it has Mario, Zelda, Starfox, Fzero, or Pikmen on it. And when Mr Miamoto dies, they will take their money and quit making videogames altogether, and you will never see another Nintendo franchise ever again.
    Far more likely, is Sony crashing and burning. if the rumored specs are right, Sony is attempting to use the PS4 to sell 4k resolution TVs, the same way the PS3 sold us on Blue Ray. But with the global economy in shambles, people literally cannot afford another $699 console, expecially if we need a several thousand dollar TV to go with it. With the way Sony’s been bleeding money from EVERY subsidiary, well… Every trough has a bottom. They probably wont hit it next year, or the year after… but I doubt we will see a PS5.

  • I don’t think anyone ever questioned this really. It was confirmed by several sources from journalists to EA to Iwata himself saying they’d held stuff back. It was probably going to be on there anyway since its Activision and we know how much they like to milk.

  • As a lifelong Nintendo fan, this sucks for the Wii U. It could mean the piece of crap sees more popularity than it deserves and Nintendo’s rewarded for ripping off their customers with crappy, last-gen hardware that should’ve released in 2010 at the latest. Seriously, Nintendo would benefit greatly from going software-only- hell, the entire game industry would benefit. No more crappy Nintendo consoles. They haven’t made a good home console since the Gamecube, since then they’ve been tainted by casual money, corrupted, bastardized. The Nintendo I knew and loved is dead, this soulless husk deserves no support from gamers. Hopefully all the CoD players of the world will just stick with their systems and not throw their dollar votes toward the Wii U. If the Wii U fails, Nintendo could go two ways: software-only, or back to producing decent hardware that doesn’t suck ass. I can live with either of those, but seeing Nintendo rewarded for evil business practices and holding back technology is extremely painful.