iPad authenticity in doubt with Samsung claims

We have been hearing for weeks on how Samsung allegedly copied the iPhone design traits with their Galaxy S lineup of smartphones and now we’re hearing of further arguments in relation to their respective tablet origins.

According to some recent details from Samsung’s industrial designer Jin Soo Kim, it was Apple who were influenced by Samsung for the original iPad, as Kim has claimed that work on the first Galaxy Tab had begun even before Apple announced the iPad.

If you can remember, the first generation iPad went on sale during April of 2010, but Kim has said that he begun work on the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab as far back as October 2009. However, it wasn’t until November 2010 that the device first went on sale, but Kim obviously feels like this is an area that needed to be brought up in Samsung’s defence in relation to the ongoing patent war.

AllThingsDigital have included some quotes from Kim in the ongoing court case, and when specifically asked if he had copied Apple when designing tablets and smartphones for Samsung he replied ‘I have not’. Will this new piece of evidence about the Galaxy Tab’s origin help to convince the judge that it is actually Apple in the wrong here, or will Apple mount a counter-offensive to these new claims?

The good thing to note, is that this information is all becoming public knowledge so at least Android and Apple fans will be able get their own opinion on what really went on before the likes of the iPhone and Galaxy S arrived. If you have been following the patent case between the two giants, let us know your predictions on how it will turn out.



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