iPhone 5 slows industry with release date

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 16, 2012

Now that we’ve had the figures for smartphone sales in the second quarter a clear drop can be seen when compared to last year, and the fall iPhone 5 release date has been singled out as the main reason why this drop has occurred. Both tech enthusiasts and analysts have raised this viewpoint, although it might be more than just a new iPhone that is contributing to the slowdown.

The latest Apple rumors point to an iPhone 5 releasing in September, but consumers are also waiting for other high profile smartphone launches in the latter part of 2012. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a growing number of users wanting the bigger screen on a phone display, which is also known as a tabphone. We touched on a report almost 2 months ago that predicted a slowdown for the last quarter, and this has since proved to be correct with millions holding off for the iPhone, but it’s also clear that there’s millions of buyers eyeing a number of high profile smartphones launching in the next few weeks.

Apple climbs while smartphone industry slows – a recent report from Gartner shows a 2.3 percent drop for the smartphone industry year-on-year, although Apple saw a 2 percent increase when compared to last year during the same quarter. Samsung has had a pretty amazing year with the rest of 2012 also looking good, and in the second quarter they clearly topped the sales chart with a 21.6 percent share of all smartphone sales. It is worth noting this figure comes from a range of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S3, and Apple’s figures are based on their only phone that’s expected to be upgraded next month with the iPhone 5 (6th generation).

Are you holding out for a new smartphone this year? The iPhone 5 might have been named as the main culprit for the recent slowdown, but we think a number of upcoming smartphones are adding to this problem, which will be seen as a minor glitch once the full 2012 sales are looked at next year. The next generation of smartphones are going to deliver even more innovation but are expected to lack where improvements are really needed, which is the balance of better battery life and new battery draining features.

Bottom-line: We might have seen a slowdown in smartphone sales recently, but this will be more than made up with record sales for the second half of 2012, which are likely to break records both in the smartphone industry and when it comes to consumer products sold in general.

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  • Apple Insider

    There’s a lot of new features that hasn’t even been leaked and will not be leaked that’s going to blow people away on the Sept 12th keynote. Apple hasn’t released a totally redesigned iPhone since June 2010 (yes, it’s really been THAT long).

    • Humpty Dumpty

      How do you know?

      • how do you know this is not the case, the pendulum swings both ways , how do you know whats been leaked is not a massive hoax and how do we know that whats been leaked it is the actual iphone, the only thing to do is wait until its showed by Apple.

  • me

    IPhone will be what is should have been last year.. its not good enough.. apple used to trend set. Now they are just trying to keep up with the trend… ios is bland and dated.. they only thing they have now are outstanding lawsuits and a hand set that makes everyone who reviews phones put down other handsets that use plastic.. apple need to pull their fingers out and get back up to speed with their innovations..

    • You are kidding me , honestly i am going to pretend you are joking because no one can be that silly, now before i am accused of being an apple isheep or fan boy i will like to say i have a Samsung G2 , Xoom tablet and ipad 2 and a iphone 4s, now, Apple is able to single handed grind a whole industry to a near halt and you are telling me Apple is following the rest, Apple releases a product in two parts one the actual product the second an upgrade of that product, hence the iphone 3g followed the iphone 3gs followed the iphone 4 followed by the Iphone 4s next the IPhone 5 followed by the iphone 5s or whatever. Ios is so bland your kidding me the easy use and smooth workings of IOS is why apple has sold 15 million phones one phone by the way android has 150 handset all by different makers and about 15 versions of android running around 140 of those phones will never see jellybean , while 90% of idevices have the latest ios, what you mean to say is i hope Google and its partners get their fingers out and push updates as soon as the came out whats the point of Google having a new OS and announcing it in 2012 when most hand sets wont get it and those who will wont see it until 2014, i know your anger makes you repeat what other android users say but as i use both i can tell you apple has the edge, and i am not an apple employee by the way.

  • Sam 2

    Me too!!

  • Sam

    Cant wait for the new iPhone to be released!!