GTA V reality check for release

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 16, 2012

When it comes to the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date the biggest debate taking place is not what month the launch will fall in, but rather the year we are likely to see GTA V release. There are still a large number of people hoping the game will see a 2012 launch, although this is extremely unlikely considering we have just a few months to go and there is no sign from retailers or even Rockstar.

Some people need a reality check when it comes to the release of GTA V, and this is especially true with some of the latest rumors and so-called news leaking online within the last week. We noticed a GTA V related video that had been published this time last week and we decided to give it a miss considering the lack of authenticity, but feel compelled to report this news considering the growing number of gamers seeing this as confirmation that the next Grand Theft Auto will arrive in the next few weeks.

You can watch the video below that claims GTA V is in the last “phase of development“, and also sources this information from an official Rockstar support website after one fan tried to suggest an idea for the games development. Most gamers understand that GTA V would be nearing completion by now considering it has likely been in development for a number of years, although the majority of fans understand that this year is almost certainly not going to happen.

The video creator gets a few things wrong and also some other gaming blogs seem to think there is a beta planned, which will not happen considering this had already been confirmed in an official Rockstar Q&A earlier this year. Rockstar explained that any claims of a test for GTA 5 is likely a scam and should not be trusted.

What should Rockstar do for fans this year when it comes to GTA 5? The consensus among gamers is that we’ll see another trailer, about time considering the gap since the first one, and more screenshots but sadly it also looks like the teasing seen with the Epsilon Program will continue right up to the likely Spring 2013 release date. It would be nice to see some gameplay in the next GTA 5 trailer, and some hints towards features that we should expect in the game like car customization.

Do you still expect GTA 5 to release this year, or have you finally accepted 2013 as the launch year? If you want to see something fun, made by a fan, then you can see BF3 crossed with the GTA 5 trailer here, although most news hungry gamers would have already seen it.

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  • People we got more screenshots today and rockstar is saying more to come.
    maybe this game is 2012 after all.

  • Doug

    more “official” details would be nice…


    Rockstar actually confirmed that they don’t even know the release date, all they did say is that it won’t be out until after March 2013 🙁 but I think if they were not sure about the release that they should of delayed the trailer until they knew a release date, instead of getting everyone’s hopes up 2 years early… More than 35% of ppl would of lost interest in it by now and they won’t give any info because they want to shock/awe ppl when it does come out unlike Saints Row 3 where everything es known before the game was released…

  • lexaebrown

    I’m just so tired of having weekly checks and seeing nothing but assumptions and over thought ‘clues’ GTA V why the hell would you release a trailer and then just go cold? the the coldest thing every it’s like were mouse and you drop a piece behind a thick glass bullet proof wall. Ridiculous can you at least give us a small update it’s been four months.

  • After catching up on these comments.
    1. it is rude of rockstar not to release more info. (4+ years in development) i’m sure they can release more info.
    IE.. Character name. Map of the city
    that sort of info would be nice.
    2. I still find it funny people think this game is 2012. (i used to believe) but no info and this late in year??? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN PEOPLE.
    now i’m going back away from GTA news.

  • So little excitement for this now cause of the time passed since the trailer. It’s a shame I was really lookin forward to it. No doubt I will be when the news picks up but it’s the same as GT5 at the mo. The wait for that went on for a so long I cared so little in the end.

  • mark-ohh

    is not that we dont care, its just that the excitement went down -__- , well for me i dont feel excitement due to the lack of info, that rockstar has gaven out, yeah we still check but, its like blahh!!!

  • mjw

    Think about how all the half-life fans must be – we got a picture – just a picture, 6 years ago was it? and we all went crazy

  • rickthedick13

    It’s very funny how there’s so many people here saying they’re not going to buy GTA V now because of how “rude” Rockstar is, even though we all know they’re going to be the first ones to race towards their local gamestop once the pre-orders come rolling in.

  • John

    Watch Dogs from Ubisoft looks way more interesting GTA V
    Have you see the Watch Dogs trailer it is freaking amazing !!

    I know it is hard for you to believe as i was at first but Watch Dogs looks a clear winner in this genre

    • fifa13

      whatta dummy . watchdogs will be nothing like gta v. Id bet its not even open world, you’ll probably be stuck in downtown chicago the whole game.

  • bobby

    people 4 month is enough for rockstar to release gta5 theyre near done/and from the trailer it could be cinematic gameplay or just plan cinematic and if its CG then its could be in the stages of bug testing and patching or there just tweaking a few things like a cherry on top so i sepect a trailer by september and if were lucky release in october most likely(we dont know for fact there at the last stages) early 2013 not mid early as in January February or May(shit this year is still very possible

  • Bojack

    I’m pretty sure they care..There has been such a dead spot between the release of the trailer and any news of the game that the excitement has simmered down..everyone is pretty much in standby mode now…

  • Jonathan

    You can already preorder it here in France : the date says January 2013 and i believe this is correct.

    • bobby

      if its not rockstar dont trust and this not rockstar so they should suck a lemon

  • Alex

    In reply to this article, I’d like to point out to the author that going by rumors is pretty much the worst thing you can do when you want someone to read your article, and don’t feel bad about it. There are tons of rumors and fake screenshots, however, there are cases in which users have submitted a ticket on Rockstar Games, and received very important replies from the staff, which include statements like “the game is in the final phase development.” I don’t think that (if) the game was really to be delayed, there wouldn’t be screenshots of a helicopter flying in the middle of the city, despite the fact that the background of the screenshot doesn’t look like there are missing cars, buildings, etc. So I’d advise you to write about something productive and not about discouragement. If you want to start a discussion, your article comments will turn out to be only about rumors, and not productive at all. We can conclude from the screenshots, that a delay of the game until spring, (and I remind you that spring is still way ahead of us, and some people can create entire games in this period of time; take Call Of Duty as an example), is most likely not going to happen.

  • Obi Alfred

    That’s it. I am buying Assassin Creed 3 and Simcity 2013 and that’s it. That was so damn rude of rock star to release a trailer so early, then they blocked people who rightly protested for info so they would know when to buy the game. I hate how they think tthrowing two stupid screenshots would help at all. I hate rockstar now and I will not buy GTA after being treated like this.

  • cheesecake

    na man i wnt it now lol it needs to make it this yr gta 4 and episodes of liberty city is to boring now

  • Gtafloridafan

    If this is rockstar’s strategy to make it super anticipated, it’s not working. It’s gta so of course it’ll be big but it just seems like they are punishing the fans. For all this crap I’m gunna think twice before spending 60 bucks on their game. Unless it absolutely blows me away I’ll just wait long enough for the price to drop to 30 tops and get a used copy for even cheaper. Rockstar can wait on my money after pulling this garbage.

  • Lanky

    Rather it come out next year, without any bugs than come out this year and be unpla yable. Also for those who think it’ll be released when next gen consoles come out, you’re mistaken as they’d have to develop the game on current software, and being as a trailers already been released, the game would probably just get ported over to next gen consoles. Same with other games such as BF4.

    • fifa13

      shutup before you choke on your own stupidity. its coming on the new systems and thats final.

      • who will have the money to buy a new system??
        I know i won’t.

      • Nate

        Look, the 7th generation will be lasting until late 2014 at least, no gaming company would announce a game 3 years before it comes out, idiot.

  • RRR

    Well last time im buying a gaming console. I have spent $1000 on the ps3 during its first release. for the time that i own it i have waited 6 years for GT5, 5 years for GTA5…. and it just gets worse because these developers take too long to finish the game. The problem is they make so many titles but still have the same amount of designers and staff members. You guys are just digging your own grave.

  • durp

    You’re an absolute idiot if you thought it would come out this year.

  • fifa13

    i warned you dummies it would come out 2013 in the winter and on ps4 this whole time

    • morgan august

      Except its not gonna be on a next Gen. Its gonna be 360 and PS3. “Dummie”

    • UnknownUser28

      it’s not next gen

  • Carlo

    I hope they dont have car customization. That was one of the worst things I know from GTA.

    • fifa13


    • UnknownUser28

      Trollin, hard

  • Rosco

    At take two’s earnings conference
    for their projected earnings for the year (which you can be convicted of if the
    projections are deliberately misleading) they all but admitted GTA would be
    coming out this fiscal year. The projections of profit are so massive it can
    only mean they expect to have earned a substantial amount of cash from GTA before
    April (beginning of their fiscal year) which means it will come out mid march
    at the very latest. With GTA4 they only announced it was being released 3
    months before it came out anyway, didn’t they?

  • Lukey Butcher

    Its time to bring out gta5 this year it has been to long people are sick of waiting and ha ve too

  • Skyderpants

    New trailer after the DLC for max payne has all been released(probably november) then they’ll aim for a March release, but something will go wrong and we’ll get it some time in the 3rd week of May 2013…….That is unless they plan to release Agent first in which case I would think May 2014 would be more releastic…….

  • Kody

    Ay anything is possible no matter how much info we have. Could be 2012 2013 2014. We do not know.

  • anomalouserudite

    At the end of the day, it is just plain rude for Rockstar to release a trailer as early as they did, and keep potential customers waiting so long. Rude.

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    I reckon March or May. To be honest everyone should have known for a while its not this year. They would have released another trailer.

    I think all it was was a tease and advertising campaign by Rockstar. After releasing the trailer for it, they focused on MP3. As they did they let slip some features would carry over into GTA V.

    Some people think Rockstar are being unfair, most should realise its an extremley clever ad campaign. They were garunteed attention when they released the teaser, basically, they go cold turkey on it and the whole world is in uproar and demanding new trailer and such and meanwhile they stay silent for the most part. They knew the hype would start after that trailer was released, and so they sit there each day smiling at the prospect of having one of the most higly anticipated games ever made, simply because of them teasing and letting the community hype it up themselves.

    March or May next year, this time next year at the latest i bet. Which means, next month or two, we may see a trailer. Wait for Gamescon to close and dissappear and bam. Hopefully.

  • Ashli Howe

    One of these websites I was looking at yesterday quite rightly pointed out an image in The Episodes from Liberty City manual which has a tear in and in it looks like possible illustrated scenery and above this tear it is entitled; “Liberty City, It’s over!” and between that and the tear it says “Next stop.”, indicating to the tear. To the left of the tear image is also a red-outlined box with a black backgroud with red writing that states the words “Opens March Everywhere”. Maybe this a clue to GTA V’s release month, as also this backs up the end of their financial year theory. However, I cannot help but feel gutted that I’ll have to wait even longer for the game to release.

  • ItoldYouSo

    November 2nd, 2013. Second trailer. Mark my word.

  • yeah

    the imdb page says oct 15 2012

  • trolls, f*ck off

    why did i come here? i knew sh*t all would be here. this site is now blocked from my comp until it has real news.
    trolls, go away, i don’t want a fight… or start and i will not respond so you can feel good that you won even knowing i wasn’t anywhere near or caring about you. you can feel good that you started a fight while only you were involved and you can feel good that the only place you can fight is on the internet.
    have a sad life trolls. die soon

    • yehboi838

      lol 9 trolls

      • yehboi838

        lol 12 now

        • fifa13


  • it’s fake

    the video is a fake. i hope people realize that and are not getting conned by it

  • Motherfukkerjones

    Gta v won’t come out this year, but, Iv never wanted to be wrong so badly

  • karim

    I think most people who cared are not bothered anymore, due the length of time that has passed since the trailer…the excitement has worn off. I myself don’t care no more it could be Christmas 2013 I wouldn’t care but I will buy it whenever its released.

    • Steven

      If you didn’t care why did you look up news for GTA 5 😉 ?

      • Carlo

        Those of us that “don’t care” anymore still check the news every once in a while, but just because we’re quickly scanning for a release date. But like Karim said. No more excitement.

        • Sam

          I agree. I’m not excited for it anymore but do check Google News on anything GTA V related.

        • fifa13

          if you didnt care you wouldnt be here and you wouldnt be talking. you care so much that you’re lying to yourself about not even carring. i guess thats the only way you can make it through your days that sounds miserable.

        • Neville Stowell

          “that sounds miserable.” says the user named “fifa 13”. Using that name instead of your name makes you non-miserable

        • twst

          I don’t care I just happened to look it up cus we were talking about the ballad of gay tony at work. It could take 5 years to come out and it will still be better than diablo III

        • dear god kill yourself please

    • Liam

      I bet you will be excited when you hear the release date, and yeah i agree with you.

  • Robot92

    summer 2011, i hoped for a gta v release at summer 2012. in january 2012 i knew, we not gonna see gta this year. one, rockstar only have one big release every year. and we havent seen any footage that clearify that the game is done. we still havent, so i expect a august release date 2013, or even later, i dont know, but taht what i think.

    • NItegoddess

      Rockstar announced it would be before their end of the financial year. That is March 2013. So I expect like they say above…Spring 2013…aka beginning of March 2013.

  • gtttttttta

    I noticed on the epsilon program site they added a quote from an npc by the name of “morgan august” which sounds like “more in august”, i think they will be releasing info this month sometime. Just a guess but you never know

    • FergieTim

      I commented on the exact same thing on an earlier article right after the Epsilon quotes came out. I’m glad to see others noticed the same thing as me. It’s gotta mean more news in August, if not then why wouldn’t they have used another name besides Morgan then? It’s because it wasn’t a coincidence. It was planned, it means More In August. Good eye “gtttttttta”.

      • Errol

        You can both complement each other on your good eyes but if you done a bit more research you’d find that the Epsilonprogram website has been there since 2004 before the release of San Andreas. The only difference is they recently added the twitter account to the bottom of the page. So this Morgan August name has been there for many many years so it is definitely not a hint to more stuff in August. Rockstar will be very direct when they release information, none of this hidden stuff.

        • nikoisrusske

          The Morgan August was added along with the Twitter stuff so stop being a jacka#$ acting like you know everything. Rockstar has never been direct with GTA, they always tease us with these types of things.

    • UnknownUser28


  • >sees GTA IV news in feed
    >notices it’s from product-reviews
    >closes tab

    • Edward

      >sees GTA IV news feed (I’m sure you meant V)
      >notices it’s from product-reviews
      >reads entire article
      >realizes that it’s worthless info like always
      >embarrassed that he/she thought product-reviews actually had a good article but was deccieved
      >write comment about not wasting time in website
      >no actual GTA news, you die a little more inside