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FIFA 13 on PS Vita missing two features

After giving you the fantastic news about a release date for the FIFA 13 demo, we now have some equally good news for PS Vita owners. Some of you may still be playing the excellent FIFA Soccer game, but now we can confirm that FIFA 13 is on the way to the Vita.

Considering this will be the Vita’s second FIFA title, we have a feeling that EA are planning to now make FIFA an annual release on Vita just like on console, and it is obviously great news for those that enjoy a solid footy fix on the go.

EA confirmed the news during GamesCom, although they did point out to Eurogamer that they were unsure as to whether the game would be called FIFA 13 or FIFA Soccer again. It wouldn’t look right if they named it FIFA Soccer again, so let’s hope they do the sensible thing and just name it FIFA 13.

While it is great to hear that another FIFA game is on the way to the Vita, we do have some disappointing news to bring you at the same time. The portable version of FIFA 13 will not feature cross-platform play of any sort with the PS3, while unsurprisingly, EA has also said that FIFA 13 on Vita will not be one of Sony’s PS3/Vita Cross Buy games either.

We told you earlier this week how PlayStation All-Stars was the first big name to join that incentive, where you get the Vita version for free after buying a PS3 copy. However, it would have been a big ask for a third-party franchise like FIFA to come to the Vita for free, let alone the fact that this is EA we’re talking about.

If it is anything like the console version though, Vita owners are still in for a treat. If cross platform play isn’t going to be available, we’d like EA to compensate by putting as many console features in the game as possible – including the brand new Match Day mode.

What are your thoughts on a fresh FIFA game on the Vita? Are you bothered by the lack of cross play and Cross Buy or not?



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