Dawnguard PS3 shrouded in secrecy

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 16, 2012

One thing the PlayStation 3 owner wants from Bethesda in regard to the first Skyrim DLC is communication, and while moaning about the lack of Dawnguard on the PS3 won’t make it arrive any sooner, it is fair that these gamers should get some regular updates as to when the launch might be. Sadly the reality couldn’t be further away from this, and we’ve seen this in a recent tweet by those behind the game.

Dawnguard PS3 shrouded in secrecy – rather than delivering timely updates about the issues with getting the Skryim DLC on the final platform, we are instead seeing replies that lack details and in fact give just about nothing away. It has been two weeks since PS3 owners got confirmation that there were problems getting Dawnguard to run smoothly on their platform, and yesterday Pete Hines had been asked directly about the release date.

Hines had one gamer begging for some information, which is likely the reason he responded to the launch question in the first place, and you can see the tweet in the image below. This includes the question and reply from Hines, although other Twitter users jumped in on the conversation explaining, “Silence is bad for business“. It is fair that Bethesda has a lot of supporters that understand how time consuming fixing these bugs can be, but that line of thought is not shared by the majority of PS3 users that have been waiting too long for the Dawnguard expansion.

Finding a medium with the right amount of communication – it is proven that being silent can help create hype when marketing a new product, but when it comes to issues like those seen with Dawnguard for PS3 it seems that there needs to be balance with fan communication. Bethesda won’t want to make false promises and need to have a clear timeframe for fixing the issues with the PS3 first, but currently the communication is pretty much not there right now, which is really frustrating Skyrim players with a PS3.

Would you rather see Dawnguard released on the PS3 now and then these problems fixed later, and if not then do you think there should be more communication with the development? In our opinion there should be weekly updates on the development, and this is especially true considering how unfair it seems to PS3 owners with other platforms having the DLC already, which seems to be turning into a PR disaster right now.

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  • JC

    God, the amount of idiotic ‘I’ll support Bethesda no matter what!’ and ‘I’ll wait for as long as it takes for Dawnguard!’ really makes me wonder how much crap some people are willing to eat up like mindless sheep. Because this unwavering loyalty is certainly not reciprocated by Bethesda.

    It’s a business. And businesses have customers. Sometimes business screw up beyond redemption, as Bethesda have in this case. Customers therefore have the option to no longer do business with those they see as being incompetent. It’s pretty simple, really.

  • sxs5

    wheres my post?? PR F**Kwits

  • fuk u Bethesda

    I see everybody saying they are not gonna buy it, but at the end they are all gonna be like a horny Chihuahua and buy once it comes out.


    they should just give us fans what we want i mean you tell us about bugs over and over but we still complain. so what that tells you. we really want dawnguard. we been waiting to get are hands on this dlc for 2weeks. you released on xbox they had bugs but i bet
    Bethesda fixing them instead of working on are dlc. why not give us the dlc and fix the problem later i mean when skyrim first came out it had problems. but you fixed them in time.
    Bethesda not even posting videos of progress. all we really lokking for is to be vampire lords and having crossbows. we can care less about the side quest bugs right now. we waited long enough
    Bethesda. and i no that we cant make you give up the dlc but we can make you lose fans, love, support, and money on future
    Bethesda programs etc.

  • Bethesdaisgay

    Bethesda has not told PS3 anything because they were working on a secret project called Bethesda the queers are here 2012 which is a gay porno they were making instead of dawnguard. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE BETHESDA COME OUT OF THE CLOSET

  • Drying Paint

    I seriously doubt now that we’ll ever see Dawnguard on PS3. They can’t even get patches right, there’s no way they’re going to fix the DLC enough to make it playable. Their statement was vague and gives them a clear way out of releasing it at all.
    “We tried our best, but unfortunately we just can’t get Dawnguard working on PS3. We know you PS3 owners paid full price for Skyrim expecting to eventually receive DLC, but maybe you should have bought a less complicated console. Hey, it’s not like we’re obliged to give you guys the same treatment as Micro$oft’s customers. In fact we’re contractually obliged not to. Sorry.”

    • Bethesdaisgay

      maybe u shouldnt be such a jock rider u xbox fanboy

  • Ashlyn

    We should all just not buy dawguard. Hopefully Bethesda will learn not to screw ps3 users over again.

  • I wonder If it is so hard and so difficult to make dawnguard for PS3 then um …. how the hell did you guys bethesda Make Skyrim V On PS3 in the first place ??? I thougt making the game must be harder not the DLC that harder , Dawnguard has been announce like 8 month But still You guys cant Make this DLC on PS3 ? the way you guys taking so much time like this to other company they can buit a whole new game On ps3 by the time you bethesda took for just DLC lolz maybe you guys bethesda shoulda have other company buit game for you Let me remind you BETHESDA , You are the only company that has problem with PS3 Other company does not have any problem making game on PS3 Platform Only you Bethesda think about that If you wanna F**K with us PS3 , We will F**K you back F**K your stupid game bethesda i dont give a Damn . I will never given up on my Platform of choice If you have problem Go F**K yourself

  • Brandon

    They might as well have given Microsoft a 60 day exclusive at this rate!!

  • I have played skyrim since dagger fall and am only playing skyrim on ps3 cos my beautifull pc got stolen in a burglary and it’s gonna take sometime to replace. That said I’m discusted with bethesdas attitude and have now sold my copy of skyrim and will never buy 1 of their products ever again.

  • Chrome

    Do u think they even started it for ps3 they must of done Xbox first then pc and we are last as per usual

  • Chrome

    I bet they arent even bothered if we don’t get it I went to granger games a couple of days ago to see that about 3 people traded in skyrim so I might do tht now

  • The game sucks by the way its not even worth buying really. I am really starting to hate them for being sell outs im not going to buy a game from them again.

  • They are doing this because xbox 360 payed them to its sad they took the money. I have an xbox 360 and i think its sad they have done this and thats the reason behind it.

  • Dovahkiin

    What a way to paint their company (bethesda) in a bad image. Anyhow, the don’t care; there will be PS3 owners who would still buy the game. Even those who lost interest still would, we all know that.

  • Sb

    There better be a massive discount on it

  • Ayzed

    I hope pete hines becomes terminally ill.

  • Hines


  • Hines

    Go suck a dic pervert hines

  • zeke235

    anyone who thinks that silence is in fact “bad for business” is a moron. tell me you won’t buy dawnguard if it comes out in november. just tell me that with all honesty. game companies do this because they can get away with it. sadly this will always be true as long as there are games. anyone who remembers beating duke nukem 3D and then saying “oh wow!!! duke nukem forever is gonna rock!!!!” knows this. that is of course the only delayed release that disappointed us so much. half life 2 was a masterpiece as was starcraft 2 and in a far more obscure sense, syndicate (still counts. syndicate wars rocked and made headway into cyberpunk games). look, dawnguard is gonna be an awesome dlc pack but we won’t see it til it comes out. simple as that. if you’re that worried about it, buy an xbox

  • Meanie

    That’s why YOU HAVE TO LISTEN!!!!

    If a game company have an extensive background in modding support — GET IT ON PC!

  • The Future of Sega

    Thank goodness I fapped.

    • Bethesdaisgay

      WTF Dude

  • PS3 User

    i remember i once read in an unofficial post that dawnguard would be released at 13th september,at first i didnt believe it but now all data indicates that date…

  • Mag1c1an

    I disagree with all the comments moaning about Bethesda not caring about PS3 Users! Far from it, as Bethesda are waiting to release Dawnguard once they can get it running correctly, it shows that they do care. They are in a no Win situation, if they release it with tons of bugs and glitches that they know of, they will get flamed, and because they are late releasing it, they are getting flamed. I for one respect there attitude, and will still buy it when it does get released. I have been able to play some other great games whilst waiting for this DLC.

    • DF

      Well the main thing is is that we don’t know if they are really still working on it or if we’re even going to get it for that matter. You make a valid point, and who knows, you might be right and they may care, but all this leaving us in the dark again makes it seem as if they don’t.

    • Spiritreaver

      Perfectly within your right to disagree with all the ‘moaning’, but i have a question for you.

      What happens if Dawnguard actually does make its way to PS3 and its still buggy after all this time and silence?

      And frankly i think that is a very valid question that i’d like to hear all the Bethesda White-knighters answer.

    • Professorpoopypants

      I bet within 30 min of playing something thats not supposed to happen, happens and then what will bethesda have to say..o.O

  • The badass with a good point

    Shops should have been should sorry I was on a roll

  • The badass with a good point

    What fixes do they need the ps3 already got its patch it’s shops have been out already maybe if half of the makers of skyrim weren’t beating it to porn we would have had it when first expected if I was to work their I would have had dlc once I knew the patch ran smoothly and notified everyone it’s set to go instead of not saying anything I know I can’t really speak cuz I don’t work there but businesses forgot the fact the customer is always right so if I was their boss I would have fired all the slackers sorry if the truth hurts Bethesda keep doing what ur doi g whatever llifts yalls skirts

  • Shayne

    I played Dawnguard for PC and it isn’t worth it anyway. I bought BF3 premium and will wait for Armored Kill, the largest map in BF history is coming and I’ll enjoy that way linger than Dawnguard.

  • playstation forever

    i saved money for dawnguard, and well it looks like i will be spending that extra money on sopme psone clasics for my ps vita, which will be supporting ps one classics on the 28th. handheld final fantasy and lagacy of kain here we come…. lol. bethesda you lost my bussiness.. sorry sad SOB’s.

  • beardmore the bald

    I have been an avid supporter of bethesda’s all along…but this article hits the nail on the head…with just a little communication I could hold out…but I’m sick and tired of googling “dawnguard ps3” every f…ing day. They waited too long with Trasformers coming out, Assasins Creed in October, I have completely lost interest. I will most likely trade a bunch of stuff in for the GOTY complete edition in a year or so.

    • Tolfdir

      lol i literally google the same thing everyday too…

    • Go to hell Bethesda

      I Google the same thing every day….

  • jogreyr

    so basically they fixed all the x-box bugs then spent the 1 month waiting period porting it to the pc and fixing errors

  • Corins

    Microsoft-Bethesda, We’ll pay you extra if you guys shut up about the Updates

  • Max7673

    bethesda will say “uh guys ps3 dawnguard hase been out for 6 weeks why hasn’t anyone bought it?”

  • Verbakel

    Bethesda delivered an absolutely incredible game that has kept me entertained since its release; despite the delay for Dawnguard’s release, I would rather them take that extra time to sort out the issues rather than just release it for a quick buck, only to upset numerous fans; lastly I think it may be taking so long because Skyrim is a huge world, they would need to ensure the elements in Dawnguard didnt cause any issues with the existing elements of Skyrim; patience is virtue, Bethesda has mine

    • Bethesdaisgay

      maybe they just should have put dawnguard in another world like every dlc on fallout new vegas

  • CALiberal91

    All I want is a bit of communication so I know where the development is in terms of progress. Bethesda doesn’t really need to give a release date because they probably don’t have one, and I understand that sometimes developers get screwed, but silence is irritating. Patience will run out and Bethesda may leave a bad taste in some consumer mouths.
    I’m excited for the release and I’ll wait patiently, but I do wish we had some sort of updates, even if they just said “we are where we were a week ago.”

  • RC

    SCREW THIS! Bethesda, we all though this was going to release JULY 27TH! JULY 27TH!! for ps3. Now its not going to release at all because of you guys. WoW… you guys are sad.

  • marc G

    you realize that if you hype it tooo long people get pissed off and give up on waiting…

  • They say absolutely nothing, even when they make a statement. We still have no definite statement that Dawnguard is ever going to be released for the PS3 at all — they haven’t even outright said that they’re still working on it, or that it’s canceled. I don’t see what they gain from this. This isn’t like keeping quiet about the details of Skyrim writ large, where it just got you excited to find out for yourself what was in the game. There’s no hype boost, no “I want to find out what’s in it”, because every other platform has it and has spoiled it already.

    Oh, and trolls? I got Dragon’s Dogma instead (I will get Dawnguard some day if it comes out, nothing can keep me from a Bethesda game), I have plenty to do, so don’t demonstrate your lack of a life by coming here and complaining about PS3 users complaining. Kthxbai.

  • thumper

    Not to play a broken record, but it’s very frustrating to not have any information. It seems like Bethesda just doesn’t care about the PS3 or the users. It seems conspiratorial to assume that they couldn’t work on it because of some deal with Microsoft, but it is rather odd that they are apparently half-assing this. I like to think that they are good people; they gave everyone mounted combat for free, right? I mean, even if the PS3 update came way late… I just don’t think they’re doing it out of malice or favoritism for Microsoft or anything. I dunno.

  • DF

    Come on, we are paying customers and the same as any of their Xbox and PC gamers, don’t we deserve some basic respect? I first thought they cared about us after they said they weren’t satisfied with it, but now I that isn’t true. You are really making yourselves look bad, way to go Bethesda.

  • zatojz

    there is no way I’m buying Dawnguard now unless the give us a discount for having to wait so dam long

    • They better if they don’t the 20 price will be an even Bigger Insult

  • the face

    wow and i got a feeling the next dlc is gonna be just like this….

  • multirv90

    dawnguard first then the bug fix later!!! i dont even that much bugs before!!!

  • Waltrz

    well, dammit :/ i’m still gonna buy it :C

    • ps3 and skyrim mad

      same no matter how long it takes i’m still buyin it but what i don’t get is loads of people trading in their skyrim just because of a 10 hour questline and a few side quests they’ve just got to respect that it takes days weeks even to fix bugs it’s better to play it with 1 or 2 bugs then like 10

    • Bethesdaisgay

      dont do it ur are a slave worker and bethesda is your redneck master if you buy it now you will never gain your freedom

  • Armored Trolls lol

    I got bored playing Skyrim while waiting for Dawnguard. I quit playing, and have lost interest in the dlc. Bethesda’s silence didn’t help. Dawnguard will have to be absolutely amazing to get me interested in it again. Thank you, Bethesda, for saving me 20 bucks.

    • Same here. I accidentally burnt myself out waiting and now have no interest in Dawnguard. Instead, I’m back to playing Dark Souls again; and I don’t regret a thing.

    • I agree I will be downloading it for free off piratebay and playing on PC its an Insult they had 30 days to work on the problem.

    • Meanie

      Why would you? Get it on PC and enjoy tons to beautiful and creative mods. It’s kind of overwhelming for the first timers but that’s given.

  • Ryan

    thats some bull shyt…fuk bethesda and any future games they come out with im taking skyrim to game stop today along with brink (naw i might to keep that), fallout 3, and new vegas and I for damn sure am not buying that peice of shyt dishonored

    • Bethesdaisgay

      New vegas wasnt made by Bethesda they just published the game Black Isle, the original fallout team made FNV but now they are called Obsidian

  • …a PS3 user

    Originally, I had a $20 PSN card I had saved for the day Dawnguard would come out for ps3, but with Bethesda acting like they are and leaving us ps3 users in the dust (which isn’t the first time we’ve been left behind), I’ve just decided to spend my money elsewhere. That’s $20 they aren’t getting from me. Hope you’re happy Bethesda 🙂

  • keith mitchell

    All the rage and QQ’ing is hilarious.

  • Martin Keng He

    bethesda keeps breaking my balls.

  • Don’t understand why all of a sudden there are major problems with just one version and why they wouldn’t have spent the time before the Xbox launch and/or during the Xbox launch to work on and fix these problems. Utter ridiculousness. What does really pain me is to see gamers desperate for info as they rightfully should be, yet being shot down by unhelpful and someone uninterested comments from Hines (who represents Bethesda) which enforces the feeling we PS3 users have had of ‘Bethesda puts us last and doesn’t really care’ since The days of Fallout 3. I seriously think Beth needs to clean up their act, and at least tell us EXACTLY why this is being held up for us, yet is perfectly playable on Xbox (who appear to just throw money at Beth) and PC (probably do the same but not to the same extent as Microsoft).
    Let’s get a statement like mine out there so Bethesda can read our thoughts and understand our position a little better.


    • the face

      they couldnt work on before the xbox launch or during the 30 day period for other platforms cuz of the contract they have signed with microsoft but it still irritates me just as much alot of other ps3 they could keep us informed with updates now anyways their staying quiet and not even responding…

      • That’s supposition. Nobody who would know ever said that the contract kept them from working on it during that window. But that’s looking likely, innit? Bethesda will never tell.

    • hubbajube

      lol I’ve been saying the samething sense july 30th. And really they couldn’t of worked on it during the 30 day exclusion?
      And I am a fool for thinking they changed sense the days of the FO3….

    • Meanie

      Hmm so you’re the expert now huh?

  • –_–

    more info is what we all need. even if its like a percent of the progress or maybe assessment on a possible week to see a release. heck at this point i take a ‘guess’ just give us something to let us know there working on it.

  • i like Bethesdas games but thair communication skills with the gaming community is lacking in alot of ways all i want is that it is released for ps3 and that thair communication skills improve