Battlefield 3 Premium Edition angers loyal fans

By Alan Ng - Aug 16, 2012

EA are really trying to squeeze the life out of Battlefield 3. After their steps to include a one-off fee platform to the game with Battlefield Premium, the company has now announced another version of the game called Battlefield 3: Premium Edition.

This isn’t the news that current Premium owners want to hear. After a legion of fans forked out $50 to support developers DICE and EA with additional content for the game, EA are essentially shoving that loyalty right back in their faces by confirming that the Premium Edition will cost $69.99 – $20 more than the $50 that Premium users paid.

While Premium owners probably have a right to be a little aggrieved over this, there’s no denying that this is a fantastic opportunity for those that haven’t had the chance to experience Battlefield 3 yet. For that price, you’ll be getting the main game plus a subscription to Premium, which means instant access to Back to Karkand and Close Quarters, as well as future early access to Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game when they release.

This will divide opinion for sure, as some will feel like EA were always going to do this, while others will believe that EA are turning into Capcom day after day. On a more pleasing note though, EA has released a new gameplay trailer to coincide with the Premium Edition, and it includes some unseen gameplay for Armored Kill.

During the video we get a first look at a brand new night map which looks absolutely fantastic, while there’s even a brief teaser of the Aftermath expansion right at the end of the video as well. Lucky attendees of GamesCom this week have the chance to try out Armored Kill already, but for everyone else it is releasing next month.

What are your thoughts on this $70 Premium Edition? Do you feel a bit angry having paid $50 for it, when new buyers can essentially get Battlefield Premium for $20?

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  • Nostalagia

    Even better – many of us ordered BF3 Premium Edition only to receive an email yesterday saying the order was cancelled for a full £40 refund. Then we got BF3 Limited Edition free of charge. Now we can play BF3 and upgrade to Premium if we want to – preferrably when the upgrade price drops in the future. Full game cost < £20, presumably…

  • hi

    i think premium edition is great im about to switch from ps3 to pc and i already got premium for ps3 and im a colonel 19 but when i switch ill lose it all. awsomely if i get premium edition theyll give you the starter packs so i can still get all my guns and vehicle attachments i had to work hard for on pc and itll be cheaper for me. so i think this is a great idea for people switching different platforms who already got premium!

  • Rippedoff

    I was about to buy premium but i am glad now i didn’t. This is a complete rip off for loyal customers. EA totally milks the cow dry. I do enjoy Battlefield 3, but already got the limited edition and will wait for premium edition to drop. What a way to treat loyal fans. It only tells me to skip for Battlefield 4 wait for the premium edition.

    i have got lots of great enjoyment from BF3, EA shot them self in the foot IMO… Almost as bad as Activision. Thanks EA, you wont get anymore milk from this cow. EA should drop the price of the online premium and refund for the loyal fans that supported you from the start.

  • UmarBajwa101

    I got Battlefield 3 on my Xbox 360 last year (don’t have Premium on that) with the intention of getting the ‘proper’ PC version when I build one this year (I’ve now done that) and then all paid DLC I’ll get for the PC version, I was this close to paying £80, £40 for BF3 and £40 for Premium, but now they’ve announced the Premium PC Edition for £40 altogether so I’m OVER THE MOON! 😀 (Sucks to be you if you just bought both though)

  • Zephyius

    Doesn’t really bother me that much tbh… I pushed $110 into BF3, and the $40 extra I would have saved by buying the new bundle was worth spending on the 250+ hours I already had spent playing. I would say that this is more like selling BF3 vanilla at $20 now rather than selling Premium at $20… and to keep a positive mindset over this news, I will choose to believe that BF3 has been essentially price dropped to $20.

  • A Raging Gibbon

    I wouldn’t min this so much if the premium alone was put cheaper. £39.99 for premium alone where I have the game and Kharkand already or £39.99 for the whole game too, all expansions and give my old account to my friend. Actually yeah screw it if they don’t lower the premium price, I will get premium edition and give it to my friend.

    • A Raging Gibbon

      Give my old account I mean. Not new one 😛

  • Justin

    I’m probably what you would call a ‘loyal fan’, so I’d like to know where the writer of this article got his information. I’m not upset in the slightest about the announcement of Premium Edition. I gladly paid $60 when the game came out. I gladly paid $50 for Premium, and now they’re offering the whole thing that makes the cost of the core game $20? Man, if I hadn’t pulled the trigger on that purchase already, this is what would do it for me. And I’m hoping this brings new fans to the series. Alan Ng, wtf is wrong with you?

  • jake

    who fuckin cares i just wanna play armored kill

  • James

    I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve always Battlefield fan.

  • LInk bait LOL

  • I really don’t care. This is the world we now live in and chances are that it won’t change.

  • seasidesammy

    It’s not on.
    This is a rip off,, what happened to Platinum editions where the game had to sell X number of units first?
    Then it drops in price, fair enough.
    But when you pay for a game, then buy downloads etc. and 6 months later all the things you have bought are on sale
    How do you feel?
    Not very happy!
    Surely a game of the year edition should only be sold when all the downloads bought by the people, have been released.

  • mastersmith

    I dont think anyone should be mad. As someone else already commented “Game of the Year” editions of games are becoming more common place. The game has been out for over a year so it should not be a $60 game anymore.

    • CamcAmIaM

      It’s been out LESS than a year

  • Chris

    lol Dice/EA has turned into Activision. Milking their loyal fanboys like the cows they are…

  • Why should I be angry ? It’s like with anything Else you buy in the gaming world. A game comes out and you buy every DLC from it, it may cost you 80 $ then 6 months later a Game of the Year edition comes out with all the expensions + the game for 30 $ less then you paid.