Battlefield 3 Premium Edition angers loyal fans

EA are really trying to squeeze the life out of Battlefield 3. After their steps to include a one-off fee platform to the game with Battlefield Premium, the company has now announced another version of the game called Battlefield 3: Premium Edition.

This isn’t the news that current Premium owners want to hear. After a legion of fans forked out $50 to support developers DICE and EA with additional content for the game, EA are essentially shoving that loyalty right back in their faces by confirming that the Premium Edition will cost $69.99 – $20 more than the $50 that Premium users paid.

While Premium owners probably have a right to be a little aggrieved over this, there’s no denying that this is a fantastic opportunity for those that haven’t had the chance to experience Battlefield 3 yet. For that price, you’ll be getting the main game plus a subscription to Premium, which means instant access to Back to Karkand and Close Quarters, as well as future early access to Armored Kill, Aftermath and End Game when they release.

This will divide opinion for sure, as some will feel like EA were always going to do this, while others will believe that EA are turning into Capcom day after day. On a more pleasing note though, EA has released a new gameplay trailer to coincide with the Premium Edition, and it includes some unseen gameplay for Armored Kill.

During the video we get a first look at a brand new night map which looks absolutely fantastic, while there’s even a brief teaser of the Aftermath expansion right at the end of the video as well. Lucky attendees of GamesCom this week have the chance to try out Armored Kill already, but for everyone else it is releasing next month.

What are your thoughts on this $70 Premium Edition? Do you feel a bit angry having paid $50 for it, when new buyers can essentially get Battlefield Premium for $20?



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