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PS Vita 1.80 update is Sony’s chance to shine

PS Vita owners finally have something to smile about. After waiting an eternity it seems for PS1 classics to arrive, we’re pleased to say Sony has listened and will be adding PS1 classics support, as well as other major new features in the forthcoming firmware update to 1.80.

It’s no secret that PS1 classics should have arrived as soon as the Vita launched months ago. Still, it’s better late than never and it looks like the complete digital library of PS1 titles available on the PS Store right now will all be compatible on your lovely 5-inch Vita.

That’s not the only major update that is coming in the 1.80 update though, as Sony announced during GamesCom that you’ll also be able to use your PS Vita as a secondary controller for select PS3 titles. Games that will have this functionality include Street Fighter X Tekken, PlayStation All-Stars and Little Big Planet 2, with more to be added along the way.

There’s also going to be ability to transfer your playlists from iTunes direct to the Vita, while the web browser is getting a small improvement as well to allow navigation using the rear touchpad, instead of the main touchscreen – think less smudges. With all of the above, combined with support to navigate around the Vita’s homescreen with buttons instead of touch, we make this a very solid update indeed.

You’ll agree with us in saying that this is exactly the sort of update that fans have been craving for. All we need now is a solid amount of third party titles to come and Vita owners may just fall in love with the system again after a period of starvation.

PS1 classics is the obvious highlight here, so let us know what PS1 games you plan to play as soon as the update goes live. It will be available to download OTA on August 28. There’s a full overview on the PS Blog.



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