Black Ops Declassified graphics from Nihilistic scrutinized

By Alan Ng - Aug 15, 2012

After months of anticipation surrounding the elusive Black Ops: Declassified game on the PS Vita, we finally got a proper glimpse of the title after Sony unveiled a new trailer right at the end of their GamesCom press conference.

Before the event, details on the game were shrouded in mystery as we didn’t even know who was developing the game and we had no indication on what the graphics and gameplay quality would look like on that lovely 5-inch OLED screen.

The good news, is that both those questions have been answered, but the bad news is that you may not like what you’re about to hear. The game is being developed by Nihilistic Software, who you may be very familiar with if you have already picked up Resistance Burning Skies.

Truth be told, that game didn’t really fair well with review scores and the game came under considerable criticism for its below par graphics. There was a lot of hope that Declassified would end up looking on par with console versions of Call of Duty, but after watching the trailer we can safely say that this won’t be the case.

While the game will feature true online multiplayer over WiFi for up to 8 players in 4v4 matchups, the graphics are looking a little suspect already and are obviously not a true representation of what the Vita can produce. It actually looks like a step backwards in graphics quality and it’s a big shame, since this aspect may end up taking the gloss away from what could still turn out to be a solid title, in gameplay terms.

Sony also announced Killzone Mercenary for the Vita and it’s not a stretch to say that the game looks better than Declassified from a graphical standpoint. One sole reason for this is that Guerilla Games are also developing this, with Sony not drafting in a different developmental team as we often see with Activision.

Activision should have rehired Neversoft to remake the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD game and they probably should have hired a small unit inside Treyarch to work on Black Ops: Declassified instead. Watch the debut gameplay trailer below and let us know what you think of the graphics for Declassified.

Are you a bit shocked at the level of quality as well, or is it just us? We’ve seen iOS games looking better than this.

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  • teras

    It’s not just the graphics.

    What gameplay?

    What about the multiplayer? Only 4 vs 4 in only 6 maps. The PSP could support 32 players online in MOHH, so why can’t they do it? They will put in only 6 maps. Meaning that the rest of them that should be in there will be available at extra cost as DLC.
    The single player campaign will be just a handfull of special ops missions with a couple of lines thrown in to pose as a story. I bet it will not last more than 2 hours.

    So how is this worthy of a full AAA release pricetag?

  • Cam

    If graphics aren’t important to you go get your self a game from the early 2000’s they are fun to play and they wont cost you $60. Graphics are just as important as the gameplay. If you are a true gamer you care about the evolution of gaming. Developers should always try to produce something better and it is up to gamers to punish them when they fall short. This isn’t evolution this is blatant profit seeking. Less time developing and same money coming in = higher profit.

  • Majestic 12

    Gameplay in a COD game. I’ve heard jokes before…

  • bjboz

    It’s not about the graphics, its about the gameplay. I still play cod because its fun, not for the graphics.

  • me

    well, 2 things. 1, call of duty has never been known for amazing graphics (just look at the console games) and 2, if the gameplay is solid, it wont matter. besides, this still looks 10 times better then anything on psp or 3ds

  • Mitch

    The gameplay is what is most important, but time will tell.