Skyrim’s PR disaster with Dawnguard on PS3

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 14, 2012

From the perspective of most PS3 owners Dawnguard has been a marketing disaster for Bethesda, and if it wasn’t enough that PS3 players saw Microsoft’s money buying a timed exclusive now they have no idea when the first Skyrim DLC will land on their games console. It is fair that Dawnguard shouldn’t release with major problems, but its been 3 weeks since the Xbox 360 exclusive ended, 7 weeks since the Xbox 360 received the DLC, and over 9 months since the game launched.

The longer Dawnguard takes to arrive on PS3 the more gamers will boycott – we’ve heard some people talking about never buying another Bethesda title since the release of Skyrim, and at first we just thought these gamers would get over it when Dawnguard finally releases, but considering the delay has lasted even longer and with “no-timeframe“, it looks like the list of gamers not planning to buy Dawnguard is growing.

We previously touched on the 30 day exclusive and wondered what Bethesda did in this time with Dawnguard on the PS3 platform, and the majority of gamers agreed with us that more communication is needed between the developers and Skyrim fans, especially when it comes to the PlayStation 3 owner. This article also included a quote giving the reason why the PS3 DLC is being delayed, the exact reason had not been given, although the last official word came from Bethesda on Twitter. They stated there’s “no specific timeframe” for information or even a release date, so you can understand how this only frustrates PS3 gamers even more.

What will happen when Skyrim DLC 2 arrives? We are expecting another 360 exclusive, but after problems on the PS3 some gamers have fears that similar delays could appear when the second DLC launches. Some PS3 players have even resorted to selling their copy of Skyrim, which might seem a little extreme but considering the lack of information it can be understood.

If you’re a PS3 owner with Skyrim, will you download Dawnguard when it releases and do you expect a discount? In our opinion Skyrim has been amazing and well worth the money, we have put hundreds of hours into both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but it’s clear that the PS3 version has been a PR disaster and one that might make some players never return to a Bethesda game again. This is thanks to major PS3 frame-rate issues shortly after Skyrim launched and a lack of communication with PS3 owners, which has made some people on this platform feel disregarded. At least patch 1.7 is now on all platforms with the new features and bug fixes, although there’s plenty of quests still needing attention.

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  • shazwolf

    bethesda should give ps3 player all three dlc at once for 20$ or give us for free dragonborn ,or give the exclusivity for redguard dlc on the ps3

  • Gameguy

    why would I blame Bethesda? They make amazing games using normal technology…PS3 and Sony are the ones creating upsidedown hardware for developers to try to make their stuff run on. I don’t blame anybody but myself for buying a PS3…and in the future I wont be buying another Playstation…PC games only for this guy from now on!

  • No_Hope

    Bethesda just kisses microsoft’s ass, they don’t care about the PS3

  • I logged several hundred hours on Skyrim,but I won’t spend a cent on DLC for it. 1)$20 DLC?Really? & 2)I haven’t played the game in months because other games have since been released. Bigger fish to fry with BL2 coming.I love Bethesda games but I am not likely to buy them on release anymore.I will wait a few months for the debugging to be done first.

  • Hoppy Two

    All the raging and spouting about “fanboys” and “discrimination” about is fairly ill-informed and misses the point mightily. The difficulty is that the PS3 is a resource starved machine, and stuff often needs to be scaled down or made to depend more on secondary storage (HD/optical disk)- because RAM is a real problem.

    It also caused massive problems in a lot of other cross-platform games, where the PS3 was often the least good option for this reason- though the devs often did an amazing job fitting stuff on there at all.

    Most people simply don’t have time to scope, design and build stuff from the ground up for the PS3, so it will often come off badly with titles which were intended to run on the other platforms.

    If you don’t like that, well, play PS3 exclusives on your PS3, and cross platform titles elsewhere. If you aren’t able to run multiple systems, then stick to simpler games, or at least caveat emptor.

  • jp

    Personally, this is the final hit from the PS3 console for me. There are way too many ootions out there for gamers right now. I’m switching to XBOX today.

  • PS3 is Awesome

    Zoom is right PS3 now needs a discount or release it now!

  • PS3isAwesome

    Since Ps3 has been waiting for so long we should get the dawnguard DLC for 5$ or free

  • Hi

    hmmm… bethesda procrastibated

  • Ben

    I really want to play dawnguard, i’m not really a big gamer at all but i absolutely love Skyrim and it’s so disappointing that it is taking so long to come to the PS3.
    I don’t care about a discount, just release it!!!!

  • AM123123

    yes we should get a discount for the waiting because seriously how many people would for a dlc of 20 bucks for ps3 while xbox and pc had it way before to the same price.

  • Mark G

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Microsoft was utilizing more of it’s famous underhanded business practices to keep Bethesda stalling on the DLC as long as possible so more players will convert to the 360.

  • What really sucks about the situation, as well as the fact that most other releases follow the same trend (early exclusives for Xbox and not PS3), is the fact that it ruins the magic of the DLC for us PS3 fans. We keep getting second hand stuff; receiving the DLC after our Xbox-wielding buddies have been talking about it for a month or more. It’s more fun to get it at the same time and discuss it together, instead of having to “earmuff” every time you hear something about the DLC’s story or see a spoiler on the net.

  • logos623

    I will still get it just because im into the story line and hae done everything else in skyrim. This will however really make me question if I will buy another Bethesda game. I have always been a Fallout fan and Skyrim was great but not only did the lack of communication show a major disconnect from their fans, their overall attitude has been very disappointing. As much as Fallout New Vegas glitched and crashed and with the Dawngaurd disaster I have lost mjaor faith in Bethesda. I think my money would be better spent on the Mass Effect 3 DLC and the new Assassins Creed coming out.

  • Tandy

    Im not interested in anything bethesda has to offer ps3 anymore, if this is how im expected to be treated as a paying customer…

  • PaartunaxMurderer4eva

    I gave up on Skyrim and I don’t give a sh!t about Dawnguard, cause patch after patch all the problems persisted. It’s the most broken game I’ve played in my life. I’m glad my PS3 survived all the crashes. And, yeah I guess I won’t buy any other game with a Bethesda logo in the future.

  • bigsquirl

    To be unreasonable I say they should give it to is half off on dawnguard and future dlc. But seeing as im the reasonable type and can clearly see that the ps3 is falling apart I would settle for 5 to 10 dollars off. Also dawnguard being delayed and all of skyrims problems have not made me hate Bethesda, but I am considering buying a Xbox to replace my ps3 until next Gen.

  • I’m definitely not paying full price when it finally drops, or buying it at all until general consensus is that it runs smoothly and is fully patched. I am still looking forward to getting it, but I don’t think I should be made to spend the same money as someone who’s been playing it for two or three (or more) months.

    What is really bugging me about this is that since the end of MS’s 30 days they haven’t specifically said anything that signifies they are still actually working on it. Their apology said “content available for all… isn’t the case” without a “yet” on the end. It’s bizarre.

  • Tim

    yeah the 1.7 patch may be out on every platform in the US, but us Europe PS3 users still don’t even have the 1.7 patch update yet! frickin joke!

  • Deny

    I want a blowy off some Bethesda executive

  • xxdragonsourcexx

    man if they don’t release dawnguard at least put an update for the dragon bone weapons and the craftable arrows

  • Ashlyn

    We should all just not buy dawguard. Bethesda will learn not to screw ps3 users over again.

  • Ashlyn

    Is the game at least going to be free/discounted when it comes out??? It’s the least Bethesda could do. Besides, I bet many ps3 gamers wouldn’t buy it if it came out at full price. I know I wouldn’t.

  • z

    bethesda really needs to improve there communciation skills but at the same time it floors me how long its been since both xbox and pc versions have been out and they still are working on ps3. freaking ridiculous but the good part for me anyway is that i wait till the GOTY to come out.plenty of stuff, great prices and there are plenty of games in between there and here to keep me occupied.

  • I know we’re all pissed off due to the lack of communication, but I don’t think we really ‘deserve’ a discount or free release of Dawnguard. Sure, we’re frustrated because everyone else has it, but that’s not to say we should be getting a bonus just because Bethesda decided to spend more time and put more work into ours. Just sayin’ guys

  • Draco Saber

    PS3 customers definitely deserve a discount at this point, it’s just ridiculous. I was so pumped to play Skyrim again and to play the DLC, and I was willing to wait the little extra, but now I don’t even know if I want it, especially not for $20. If Bethesda would at least talk to us, it wouldn’t be as bad, but this complete lack of communication is only losing them a considerable amount of money. I understand the need to fix issues, and that it takes time, but silence is never warranted, at least not in this case.

  • StoneFaced

    C’mon Bethesda, stop beating around the damn bush with Dawnguard. Aren’t us PS3 players suffering enough with the unfair gaming development preference to the Xbox? This sucks major, I know that PC players kind of got screwed on this too, but the PC has a million mods, we have nothing! I’m starting to lose faith

  • crying over the release want make it any come out any faster.You do want a well polished game when it hits your ps3 right

  • DJPimpDaddy

    After the PS3 launch and frame rate/crashes, I sold my PS3 copy and moved to Steam. Never looked back or regretted that decision. I feel your pain though fellow PS3 players. I will never buy another Bethesda title on PS3 again.

  • Got DG on Xbox-good enough, but not for that price point. If you’re a big skyrim fan it will give you more to chew on but sadly the dlc came out way past when most people had given up the game. However, if you really love the game it’s worth picking up. Also, it seems like the trend is that they take 6+ months to put out Skyrim DLC so who knows if there will be anything more this year-even by the holiday season. W/Xbox exclusivity in effect for at least 1 more release they might not get another release on PS3 until 2013. With all the footage/quests already on the net for weeks should PS3 owners be expected to pay full price for last months DLC? not likely. But will dedicated Skyrim gamers using Sony’s console pay the price? definitely.
    If you liked the game and haven’t touched it in months wait until it’s on discount-or they have multiple DLCs available at once, b/c it is weird jumping back into the world w/ just one more quest chain/one more Dwarves quest/one more blacksmith set/one new horse-get the idea for what Bethesda has decided a Skyrim DLC is?

  • WhySoSerious

    Typical for the lack of patients people have. I have Skyrim on PS3 and I am not going to boycott Bethesda because of a stupid wait…They have amazing games why is this delay such a big deal?