GTA V inspiration from unlikely source

Time to break away from the norm now and we have something which is surely going to put a smile on your face. It’s clear that the wait for GTA V is an agonising one, but that wait feels so much better when we have members of the community come up with brilliant creations like this.

GTA V, meet Battlefield 3. This unlikely pairing between Rockstar’s adventure game and EA’s immensely popular shooter has been created by YouTube user Ketegano15 and attempts to recreate the infamous GTA V trailer using Battlefield 3’s graphics and soliders.

Although this is somewhat random, you have to say that the creativity factor that has gone into this video is pretty astounding. Watch as the subtle lounge music plays over maps such as caspian border and gulf of oman – pay particular notice to the stunning GTA-esque visual at 0.18 where we see a speedboat go under one of tunnel’s featured on BF3’s Noshahr Canals map.

At 0.40 we see a BF3 soldier looking down at the lovely environment below him. If you’ve watched the GTA V trailer, you’ll know that this scene is a recreation of a certain suited man striking the exact same pose in Rockstar’s trailer. While GTA V has a plane flying over the city, in this trailer we see a jet flying over a group of soliders on caspian border.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it. Have you seen any other brilliant recreations of GTA V that have been inspired by other games? Suddenly the wait for GTA V doesn’t feel so bad with videos like this to watch.



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