iMac 2012 needs anti-glare

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 10, 2012

There has been a lot of focus on the display for the 2012 iMac, which is understandable considering this is where you spend most of your time looking, but it’s not just a Retina display being demanded for the iMac in 2012. Fans have been demanding an anti-glare screen for the new iMac and would like it to at least be an option.

Paying extra for an iMac in 2012 with anti-glare – we have seen the MacBook Pro receive a non-glossy reflective screen, which is built-to-order and stops reflections thanks to its matte finish. This would cost a little extra and recent polls have shown around 40% of potential buyers would consider this option, dependent on the price, and feel Apple has been procrastinating with this option on an iMac.

The lengths some people go to for an anti-glare iMac – not only are thousands of Apple fans signing petitions for the non-reflective option, but we are also seeing some people remove their glass front and install a new Mac frame, which goes in the same place as the iMac’s glass front. One brand that offers this product is MaxM Digital, and you can read more about their service at

You can see a photo above that shows how an iMac looks without the front glass, which is thanks to this article that performed some tests after installing the new frame. The full review had been performed on an iMac in 2012, and this was published just a few days ago. It is worth noting that the project mentioned above had been after a screen cracked, so with a problem like that there had been no real risk. Taking a perfectly good glass screen away is a different story, although the glare could upset some users enough to make them purchase a frame from someone like MaxM Digital.

Would you remove the glass front on an iMac if the 2012 model didn’t include a anti-glare option, and then install a MaxM Digital non-reflective frame? You can read more about the importance of a new 2012 iMac here, which also looks at what some people want to see with this new hardware.

Apple has explained to users that tilting the screen stops reflections, although this doesn’t seem enough for thousands of people that want an anti-glare option at least to order. Some users also complain about glossy screens causing eyestrain, but it’s yet to be seen if these people would pay extra for something built-to-order?

We did hear a recent rumor about G-Tech supplying anti-reflective glass for a new 2012 iMac, although sources only mention “industry insiders“; so take this with a pinch of salt. Do you want to see an anti-glare screen on the new 2012 iMac?

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  • Maria Fernandez

    There are many reasons why I hate the glossy screen on my computer. The top one is that I can’t stand seeing my reflection on it for ten hours a day. Then there’s the color inaccuracy, constant glare, damage to the eyes … My current iMac sits on a three-inch platform, so I don’t have to see myself. One thing is for sure, I won’t be buying a new computer until matte is an option.

  • David

    Given the strong level of interest in matte displays, I am astounded that no company produces a matte glass substitute and sells a service to replace out the existing glossy glass.

  • mike thomas

    ok – well it’s obvious the system here needs tweaking. i clicked on a comment and it seemed like it never went through. it went through all right, too many times.

    • mike thomas

      when i click on my name i see four comments i made – all the same – over here i don’t see it. someone needs to fix this system.

  • Beejay

    I just operate my iMac in a dark room. Great screen colour and no reflections.

  • MD

    As a pro photographer and avid Mac user for personal use, an anti-glare screen defeats the purpose of spending the amount of $ on the screen. The colors are so rich and vibrant, an anti-glare will only dull that affect. If you don’t want the glare, go buy a cheap monitor and uses Windows box.

  • RickyT

    SSD and anti glare should both be options that are built to order, not all of us want to be forced into having a special display or SSD for a number of reasons.

  • Yuvaraaj

    Needs anti glare, blu ray and more. Soon

    • Apple will never put BluRay into the iMac. I’d love the option of a Matte screen.