Eagerness after Sleeping Dogs review

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 10, 2012

It is really hard not to get excited about Sleeping Dogs after seeing the review scores, and a recent walkthrough of the gameplay has only made the situation even harder to bear. Some gamers like the lack of hype surrounding Sleeping Dogs, which could cause a lot of people to be surprised at how good this game is, and then considering Grand Theft Auto 5 could release next year you might find this game a needed fix until then.

The early review scores came from OPM UK and the Official Xbox Magazine, which will be a feature in their magazine, so for now we only know the scores and that they found Sleeping Dogs very impressive. Both publications gave the game a 9 out of 10, so for something more detailed you should see the video below this article.

IGN recently got some hands-on time with Sleeping Dogs with a developer on hand, and this video runs for just under 20-minutes and showcases the Final Kill mission. The visual look will make you more eager to get playing, and the good news is the footage is spoiler free. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think of Sleeping Dogs, and also see a quote below from the Official PlayStation Magazine review that can be seen in the latest edition.

Will you be picking up Sleeping Dogs on the release day or have you already pre-ordered? The release date is August 14 for the United States, and UK/Europe will see the game launch 3 days later. Sleeping Dogs is on multiple platforms including PS3, OnLive, Xbox 360, and PC. If GTA 5 doesn’t release by Christmas then this game could make an ideal gift.

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  • matt

    sure ya did

  • Two-eight

    Consoles suck…..just that simple.

  • Random

    got this game early 🙂 so fun to play



  • Jim

    I don’t trust early reviews. They always seem to be higher than the rest. Look at Homefront. The early reviews were all 8’s and 9’s. The game comes out and it’s bombarded with 6’s. So I’ll wait.

    • Chalice

      This isn’t homefront, how you could ever connect the two is beyond me.

      • Berto

        He was using homefront as an EXAMPLE you muppet

    • hong

      good for you, i was really exited about this game until i downloaded and played it half hour ago. it reminded me of when i bought True crime NYC, lots of potential but again a huge disappointment. open world genre are my favorite but it only took me 30 minutes of free roaming in Sleeping Dogs to know i would never play it again. here are some reason why= guns you have disappeared if you die, load, finish mission or start mission, driving is very rigid and unnatural, lots of glitches and most times simple commands don’t work. but maybe this only bothers me.

      try the game for yourself

  • Andrew

    I can’t wait!!! I’ve been excited for this game since it was announced years ago. And now that we see proof Activision was so wrong in cancelling it, I’m so glad I preordered it.

  • Elliott

    already pre ordered it…was not planning to spend money this month…boy was i wrong.,