Value with Counter-Strike Global Offensive beta bundle

If you have been keeping an eye on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive throughout the beta, you’ll probably be aware that the game is due for release very soon. What you may not be aware of though is several deals that are taking place on Steam which will save you a lot of money.

Valve has always had a glowing reputation for delivering amazing game sales on Steam and this latest one is no different. They have a series of offers to tempt you with, all with the focus on CS: GO which launches on August 21 worldwide on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

It is the PC version that we’re focusing on though, as you have the opportunity to play the game one week before everyone else if you decide to pre-order it before release. To make the deal even sweeter, Valve is offering a 10% discount on top, meaning that you only pay $13.49 instead of an already ultra cheap $14.99.

Pre-ordering will get you access into the final beta for the game which lands on August 14 and it is a no brainer for us if you are a well seasoned CS veteran from 1.6. That’s the first deal out of the way, but there’s more from Valve. They are also offering the Counter-Strike: Complete package which will score you all of the CS games in Valve’s library.

This includes CS 1.6, CS: Condition Zero, CS: Source and CS: Global Offensive. The price for this lovely package – a mere $18.69 after a whopping 66% discount from Valve. This crazy deal is only available for a limited time only though and currently has 17 hours remaining according to the Steam store.

It’s time to put down Modern Warfare 3 folks and play a real man’s first person shooter. Let us know if you plan to pick up CS: GO, or if you’ve already been heavily involved in the long beta testing.



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