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Samsung Galaxy S3 redefined with GameKlip mod

If you have just picked up your beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and are looking for some great games to test out the new hardware, one of the games that you should be trying is Grand Theft Auto 3. However, if you don’t enjoy playing hardcore games on a touchscreen, you’ll be pleased to know that a fantastic controller solution has become available courtesy of the GameKlip.

The GameKlip is a simple, yet brilliant little device that allows you to play your favorite Android games, hooked up to a bluetooth-ready PS3 Dual Shock controller. The GameKlip is designed in a way that the action is still in front of you and gives you freedom to grip the controller in a normal way and still have access to those crucial shoulder buttons.

Designed by Ryan French, the GameKlip is available in two options, depending on if you want to play with a wireless connection, or wired. Wireless is obviously the preferred option for most, but we’re hearing that not all Android phones are compatible with this and you may require a root.

Having said that the wired option doesn’t hinder gameplay in any way, as you’ll see in the impressive looking video below. Imagine hooking up your GameKlip while on a long journey home – GTA 3 would be the ideal game for such purposes. The wireless option costs as little as $15, while if you think you’ll need a cable you’ll have to pay a little extra at $23.

The project just seems to be starting up, but we have a feeling that a lot of you may be willing to give this a try for such a good price. Head to the website here for further details and for some screenshots showing GTA 3 in action.

Is this something you are interested in, or is it a bit too gimmicky for you?



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