GTA V within cryptic clues

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 9, 2012

Religion can be very cryptic and opinions certainly vary, so we find it interesting that Rockstar would take this approach with the marketing of Grand Theft Auto 5 and especially when replying to tweets in regard to GTA V and the franchise as a whole. There is no doubt that Rockstar are behind the Epsilon Program, which is known thanks to direct links to their website and the company being found on the domain registration page, but do gamers enjoy this silent marketing for the next GTA game?

GTA V within cryptic clues – one of the most recent tweets by Rockstar’s Epsilon Program focuses on Cris Formage, and a response to one fans tweet produced a hint about GTA V and how it would fit into the Grand Theft Auto universe. Fans know that Cris is a San Andreas character; so hearing that he exists “in all paradigms” has resulted in a number of opinions about what this cryptic clue means.

This message came after one Twitter user asked if Cris is still alive, and you can read the full response from the Epsilonism Today Twitter channel below. This quote is significant when it comes to the franchise as a whole and how Cris Formage fits in, although it doesn’t directly mean he’ll be in GTA V. Have a read of the quote, and let us know if you think this means there’s a crossover between GTA 5 / IV and previous games like San Andreas and Vice City? We must remember this had been denied by Rockstar in the past, so this only confuses the message for some people.

Those behind the GTA 5 viral marketing think this tweet should clear up a few things, although some gamers might find it too cryptic for their liking, and the subtle hints we saw last week are not making the impatience Grand Theft Auto fans happy. Do you enjoy this type of marketing from Rockstar, or would you prefer something more direct like a month for GTA 5’s release date?

Are you following the Epsilon Program in hope of some solid GTA 5 news? There are 9,039 followers at the time of writing, but when this is compared to the amount of gamers likely to buy the next GTA it’s a tiny number, which might show that most fans hate cryptic messages or don’t see the connection with Grand Theft Auto.

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  • i dont think ROCKSTAR is going to release the gta 5 next year or next 2 years i think theyre going to release gta5 this year because one good or bad reason depending on your opinioun for me theyre going to realese the game this year because ROCK STAR u dont wanna get beat by SLEEPING DOGS right?? i mean whos going to be the top earner or whos gonna be the most best game of the year.. :/

    • It won’t release this year. Max Payne 3 has had poor sales, they wouldn’t want to worsen it by releasing a 2nd game this year. Next year would be the more realistic option for R*.

  • Alvaro Rivilla

    Why is people so eager? Like in my opinion that type of merchandising is what makes the game succesful at launch and whatever it is, it doesnt change anything. What are they going to tell you? Release date that is it. You wil still have to wait a few months to pick the game up so i dont know why people are so desperate…

  • Where’sMyPants?

    Alot of you need to smoke something that makes you relax, and go find something else to do for awhile. Play another game, or go outside and check out that bright yellow thing in the sky. Once you’ve forgot all about GTA5, one of your friends will eventually tell you that there’s a release date, and you can start stacking your pennies at that point. Believe me, you’ll enjoy the long wait alot more if you decide not to be obsessed about it.

    Personally, I’v enjoyed the GTA games in the past, and I’v no reason to believe I won’t enjoy this one. Likely I’ll be “sick” from work for a few days, once I have a copy, and play it nonstop. Until then, there’s plenty of other things to pay attention to. Any of you played paintball lately? Nothing like shooting a friend in the back of the head for a laugh.

  • Adam

    if this game isnt out by the end of this year.
    im gonna be pissed.

    • K

      Hahaha, nobody cares!

    • Yeah… you’re going to be pissed 😉

  • DamItsHard

    I really love the GTA series but R* are killing alot of people with this silent and vague marketing treatment I think that a few open world games like sleeping dogs have given them some competition and has resulting in them brainstorming on adding more features to the game to keep them on top of the pile. They should be giving their fans more feedback though

  • Genius goose.

    Lol you guys are punks. Let’s play rock stars games. If their viral marketing doesn’t work, we’ll still get the game, but they’ll regret the day they ever had faith in Americans for having brains.

    • wibble_wobble

      GTA Games are British,made at Rockstar North in the UK. Plus Rockstar Games is a UK company,2 English brothers started/founded Rockstar Games and put Rockstars ‘Head Office’ in New York is all.

  • BMW E36

    all i want is a solid release date from Rockstar really dont care about anything else

  • peter

    I just tried to replay GTAIV…..i got really bored,same thing over and over,drive here drive there,shoot someone,drive somwhere else. Im going to give GTAV a miss and try something else.

  • Dylan

    i’ve been through a few articles about GTA V tonight, and noticed how people always say that they don’t want Rockstar to rush GTA V but instead they must take their time in making the game as great as possible, when nobody knows how long GTA V has been in development or even how far along it is. Almost nothing is known about the game. There is no doubt the game is going to be huge, but the longer Rockstar keep the game behind closed doors, the more new titles are being released and fans are becoming less interested. GTA V better be no less than expected or Rockstar is going to become unpopular, fast.

    • peter

      GTA Games are made at Rockstar North in Britain. They started making GTAV in 2008. Last January Rockstar North advertised for games testers to test GTAV and become games testers for £14,000 a year. They warned testing games wasnt all it was cracked up to be and you would be testing the same tiny segments of game over and over for hours on end. Look it up for yourself, type in to Google “Rockstar North hiring games testers” and you shall see. Also someone who does voice work for GTA games also done work for GTAV,he has it down on his CV and he said GTA was pretty much finished in late 2011,they just had to add lil side missions and voice work. (look that up for yourself too)

      • BMW E36

        just say Scotland not Britain

  • Mr.t

    I don’t know how many of you found that functionality was much more interesting in San Andreas as opposed to GTA IV. I was actually disappointed with not being able to drive trucks with trailers or fly actual airplanes. If GTA V is also going to be a water down version it will be the last GTA game I buy.

  • Dylan

    GTA V better be the greatest game ever made in order for it to live up to expectations. And if it does release on next gen consoles, people would have to spend a lot of money on the console before they can play GTA V. I dont feel GTA V will be as good as expected, how much better can games get on the xbox 360 and ps3? Rockstar better have a near perfect game on the way.

    • humaim

      agreed. if it comes out on next gen, r* will lose more money than if it came out in 2013 cos for the first year, less than 1/4 people will have a next gen ps/ xbox so they will lose a f*ck load of money for that time

  • InsaneJester

    Rockstar is getting so much free advertising with not advertising at all! lol Way to go Rockstar! I can’t wait to play GTA V but I’ll wait as long as I have to for the game to be great!!

  • Mr_soft

    That is a good point. GTAV had better be something special,ground breaking and 110% after all this because if its not it will get scrutinized beyoned belief. If its more of the same and like all other GTA’s people will all say it wasnt worth the wait and start giving it bad reviews all over the net. Rockstar are already risking their ‘cool image’ status theyve had for so many years, they risk becoming seriously uncool. Because of this i dont think Rockstar are cool any more.
    This silent advertizing campaign could backfire on them greatly.

  • monkeyman

    Everybody wants something to do THIS Winter Rockstar, NOT next Spring. Your old October launch date was what helped you get massive sales as its the start of long dark cold nights where everyone has a lot more time to play games. The only reason GTAIV sold well with an April spring release in 2008 was because it was a NEW NEXT GEN VERSION. GTAV wont be new next gen so not as many people will be ‘that’ excited like they were over GTAIV. If it launches this year i will 100% buy it, if it launches next year i 100% wont buy it, ok maybe id wait till October 2013 and buy a second hand copy if i dont buy next gen by that time that is.

    • GTA 4 didn’t just sell well, it’s the 3rd highest grossing game ever. I’m sure GTA V won’t be far off.

  • YourMomsBush

    I would bet it will be released may ’13, that’s still a long ways away. Games generally do not start marketing until within 6 months. And games that give you release dates a year in advance end up getting delayed.

  • Squidgybo

    Because they have annoyed me im buying Sleeping Dogs instead, it looks great and i know exactly when thats coming out ,plus there loads of other great games coming out this year which will keep me occupied untill the end of 2013 when next gen arrives. Kiss goodbye to my money Rockstar. =D

    • Yeah, spend $60 on a game with 10 hours of gameplay, and you will still be buying GTA V, because it will still not be out.

      • ?????

        stop trying to start fights, troll

    • InsaneJester

      Have fun with your PS2 graphics looking Sleeping Dogs. The game does look fun and I’ll probably get it eventually but I’m also going to get GTA V because it’s going to be epic! Anyone who gives up on Rockstar just because they haven’t released much about the game yet doesn’t deserve to play it!! Good things come to those who wait, not people that whine!

      • Haribo

        Its not about graphics although Sleeping Dogs looks great. If it was about graphics GTA III through to San andreas wouldnt of done well as they were famously bad graphics for their time, they were great because of the gameplay. Ill have fun playing Sleeping Dogs while you sit twiddling your thumbs waiting and not knowing when GTA is out. Then come May 2013 when your hiding away playing GTAV in your mothers basement, i will be out doing sports,partying with friends and playing with boobies. May is a bad time for release. If it launches 2013 i will give GTA a miss this time round, wait and buy a second hand copy the following winter.

      • Amen, I’m a long time gta fan. Played every game and loved them..I’ll wait patiently for gta 5 I don’t care if rhe game takes another 2 years..The game will be epic no matter what..Highly doubt mext gen will be released next 2015 for out xbox 720 though don’t want the red ring of death repeat.

    • aivin

      lmao, we will c how long you will last before buying it. clown, so you are. good games take time to make. remember that.

  • Tony

    Give us a release date or I’m boycotting everything R* related till you do!!!!!

    • Well what else are you going to buy? If you don’t have MP3 now, then you weren’t going to get it anyways, what else are you boycotting? Their Social Club?

      • ?????

        stop trying to start fights, troll

      • Haribo

        Hey means he will boycott Rockstar games in the future,not buy anymore of their games. I did the same thing when EA announced they wouldnt let Turn 10 and Forza 4 have Porsches. I stopped buying EA games and will never buy another EA game aslong as i live. (And i was a massive EA fan untill they did that,showed they didnt care about us gamers by denying Forza 4 porsches)

  • austincourier84

    Actually, GTA V needs no advertisements at all. Rockstar could announce today that it’s coming out next week and the game would still obliterate all sales records. Previous installments of the franchise have already done all the advertising.

    • Squidgybo

      I think Rockstar and you are in for a big shock. You think GTAV will smash all sales records, i dont think it will, i dont think sales will even pass GTAIV. Reason being i know LOTS of people who have lost all interest in the game and moved on to something else, other people who refuse to buy it because Rockstar have been being tools playing with us (No these people are not kids who will still buy the game when it launches anyway, these are adult GTA fans in their late 20’s and early 30’s who grew up with GTA), then people who are going to get their own revenge on Rockstar by waiting an extra week or 2 after launch and buying a 2cnd hand copy off Ebay or Amazon etc (Hey Rockstar made them wait this long,waiting another week or 2 after launch wont kill them,and they get it cheaper) Also if it launches in 2013 sales will be hurt because 1.) People will be saving for next gen which comes out the end of 2013,we live in tough economical times and next gen will inevitably be expensive. 2.) There are so many good games coming out this October to December , Medal of Honour,Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Hitman, Far Cry 3, Forza Horizon, Need 4 Speed, Resident Evil 6 and lots more, people will buy some of these in October to December,get other for Christmas, then they will last them right the way through to next gen. 3.) When Rockstar released the trailer last November people got so excited they went and played through all their old GTA games and are now all GTA’d out. Sleeping Dogs is looking great and people who cant wait for that next open world GTA type fix will buy Sleeping Dogs, this will give them that open world GTA style fix theyve been craving, by the time GTA releases some wont be botherd or in the mood for more open world GTA’ness.
      If Rockstar released the trailer 6 months before launch and launched the game in its traditional October slot (all GTA games have launched October apart from GTAIV because ps3 version had bugs) it would of stood a chance of smashing even Call of Dutys sales figures. But now it doesnt stand a chance….wait and see,sales figures wont be as good as expected.

      • Not the first game to have a single trailer shown and have a release date a year or more on. It’s just because it’s “GTA” fans are especially impatient and want to boycott and game that is a work in progress. No point boycotting R*, if the game was ready it would already be out, asking for it when it’s not done is rather stupid. “I want my chicken” “But sir, it’s raw” “I DUN CARE, I WANT IT NAO OR BOYCOTTSSSSSSS*nerd lisp*”

  • DingusMcTartBerry

    It is “Rockstar is” not “Rockstar are”. Rockstar is singular not plural, if you’re writing articles you should know this instead of having to be corrected by readers. The article itself is a load of spaff

    • jizm

      I left my rotten apple on you’re desk teacher.

      • f*ck off trolls

        you’re not funny, troll. give it up

    • cuuntsfuqd

      no need to be a pathetic cuunt who worries over correct grammar.

    • Dudeman

      your a muttt wit eh pckle upp yo asz

  • 70% gone

    i hate this silent advertising. i just wish GTA wouls stop mucking us around and just say “well, here’s the info…” and stop leaving us to imagine and risk getting trolled

  • Dylan

    i live in south africa, and in my regular gaming magazine, i read GTA V is to be realesed in 2012 and on Ps3 and xbox 360

    • smokestoomuch

      I live in the Republic of Ireland, and my local Gamestop store claims that GTA V has been delayed till May ’13. I’m fed up with all this back and forth guessing from non-Rockstar sources. I’m just going to wait for the official announcement.

  • Legion

    I am Interested in nothing but a release date. R* are building an absolutely unmatchable hype by not releaseing any information. No way is this game going to be worth 6+months of utter silence. It had better be revolutionary in every detail and absolutely perfect with this crap they are putting us through. Its a pretty shocking way to treat life long dedicated fans.

    • Bob

      Yes, because they absolutely hate you and want to torture you with no info. Get real, they’re marketing for Max Payne 3 at the moment, I doubt we’ll hear anything solid until all of it’s DLC’s are released.

      • ?????

        stop trying to start fights, troll

      • AChubbySquirrell

        All of the DLC’s???? There’s one scheduled to come out in December!

    • InsaneJester

      Are you really that stupid? If you’re a true “life long dedicated fan” then you of all people should know how Rockstar works. They want to make the best game they possibly can and that takes time dumbass! As they’ve said many times, they don’t want to release anything that’s going to give any of the story away and they want to release accurate info on their game! This game is going to be epic no matter when it comes out. Rockstar never disappoints with a release this big!

      • Bryce

        Sorry Jester, I’m with Legion on this one – SURE it takes a shitload of time to create the game and that’s fine. But don’t tease us with an f’n trailer in November 2011 when the game isn’t released until 2013…. Not to mention, I don’t expect the game to be 100% completed but I’m SURE there’s a bit of info they could release to keep people happy during the wait (which really shouldn’t be more than 6 months)

        • yoyapple

          and i am with Jester. I agree with you in part that the trailer over a year before release DRIVES ME NUTS but hey. Also its pretty cool like when u get the game u havent seen much of it. ever gone to see a movie and u recognize SO much of it from the trailer ur like “oh ya heres where im gonna laugh”. well rockstar doesnt want that i guess. Ya its bitter sweet indeed but in the long run that makes the drive back from the store… with that fresh Copy of GTA V on your lap and the new game smell just ready to burst out of the pack THAT much sweeter. Cant wait for that night

  • Susan

    Please Rockstar at least let us know if GTA 5 is coming this year or next year.

  • RickyT

    I am not following that Twitter channel as it just seems strange to me, and makes no sense.

  • Rockstar is a reliable company,you know that no matter what type of marketing they use the product will be high quality so i dont really worry