Expanding iPhone 5 icons with iOS 6

By Alan Ng - Aug 9, 2012

A lot of people are now expecting to see a 4-inch iPhone at the rumored Apple iPhone 5 event on September 12. What many people are still unsure of though, is how the new size will affect the new iOS 6 software and if the screen will allow for much more freedom than on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Some new evidence has revealed that consumers are going to be very happy if more homescreen space is a main priority for them. An test conducted by 9to5 has concluded that Apple plans to add a fifth row to their upcoming iPhone, thanks to the enlarged screen which is likely to feature a 1136 x 640 resolution.

Using an official iOS simulator via Apple’s developer tools, it has been revealed that iOS 6 allows for an upscale in resolution to 1136 x 640. Furthermore, this resolution alone is only compatible with the upscaling on iOS 6, and results in the addition of a fifth row of apps on the homescreen.

Trying out the same process on iOS 5 resulted in a slight enlargement of app space, but no fifth row was added. In simpler terms, it looks like Apple has already put plans in place for iOS 6 to be compatible with their new iPhone 5 straight away and that it is going to have a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels to accomodate further space for apps on the homescreen.

The image above gives you an initial idea of how this will work and it is just a glimpse of more exciting features to come from the new iPhone and iOS 6 in a few weeks time. How does the new row of apps look to you? Dare we say it, a little like an Android phone now perhaps?

We can’t wait to see what other changes are coming in iOS 6 to accommodate the new iPhone.

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  • logan X

    Same old boring app blocks, no widgits, no customization, and how do you make the phone taller and not wider , pull your head out of the rabbit hole Apple and come back to the real world. “The most amazing IPhone yet” has been the same from day one, okay you added a better camera, different shape, camera flash, give me a break, Google is winning this war with Androids for troops!

  • dodgebizkit

    Longer screen that isn’t wider = FAIL

    I love the 4S and the S3 (and the WP7 phone I used to have) before I get any accusations of trollism.