Skyrim 1.7 patch hitch adds to PS3 Dawnguard misery

By Alan Ng - Aug 8, 2012

The wait for the highly anticipated Skyrim 1.7 patch will come to an end this week, on Xbox 360 and for select PS3 users. We’ve heard that Bethesda are planning to drop the update later this week, but bizarrely, PS3 users in Europe are being made to wait for yet another week.

As we told you in a previous article here, the Skyrim 1.7 patch is already live on PC and by the looks of things, missed out on a few requested fixes that didn’t come. To give you a little reminder of what is coming, expect to see a fix to water shading crashes, fixes for dragon landing crashes and some general stability improvements.

There’s also a few Xbox 360 specific fixes coming in patch 1.7 and that includes using dragon shouts when playing the game with Kinect support. Bethesda’s Pete Hines made the announcement on Twitter that the 1.7 patch would be hitting Xbox 360 and PS3 users on Thursday.

In a twist though it is only going to be out for US PS3 owners, leaving European owners in the dark with no further explanation. This is obviously going to be seen as another kick in the teeth for European Skyrim players who have not only been waiting for this patch to land, but also the delayed Dawnguard DLC expansion as well.

If you live in the US, you are not going to be affected by this – you’ll still enjoy the 1.7 update this Thursday. For our EU readers though, are you frustrated by this latest disappointment? Hopefully Bethesda will offer an explanation soon, just like they did with the Dawnguard wait on PS3.

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  • Jimi-Jey-Knelt-and-Prey

    I think that Bethesda drenched itself to the forest, by allowing vast and free “modding”, without supporting any backups, or ability to drawback your game securely. So, mods played their awful act in corrupting game-saves. But I admit, there is something wrong with Dawnguard and 1.7 update, but not without mods.

  • Jimi-Jey-Knelt-and-Prey

    I played Skyrim on PC since 12.11.11 and I saw no major bugs or problems, until “skyrim workshop” became available for PC and until now, when “Dawnguard” came out. I am not really a mod-fan. I usually installed from five to ten mods. Bethesda made players wait for extra months, then it magically brang bugs and glitches with 1.7 patch. Now my game’s freezing, nevermind what I do (mod disabling etc.) , but just for annoying two or three seconds regularly. And it’s not even freezing, but there’re loads of broken scripts appeared, and game itself have become unstable. For instance, completed quests now re-highlighting again just by saying “the quest is complete”. Broken carriages and quests even not related to “Dawnguard” now refuse to work.

    It is fact. I swear, I’ve had no complains about Skyrim at all… Until now…

  • collo

    On the ps3 I’m having problems with skyrim freezing when swimming in the water… -_- any help?

  • D. Walker

    Anyone know about Australia getting 1.7? Or will it be released at the same time as EU?

  • Sxs

    Are people really still going to buy this DLC after the way Bethesda have treated us?? Dawnguard is now old hat move on. Buy this now, and they ll do you again and again…….

  • Shmorp

    Sorry Europeans….I wish I could feel your pain…b..b-but…dawnguard :c I sorry.

  • This is ridiculous and pathetic..I am being “punished” because i live in europe and i use a ps3

  • Colin

    What company posted a $312 million dollar loss last quarter? That’s right, Sony. If you want to continue to purchase a failing companies products go ahead, but don’t complain because successful companies produce better deals and products for their customers.

  • Razgriz646

    and srry for my shitty spelling

  • Razgriz646

    Well Ps3 users in Europe including australia r getting f***** over because its in sony’s hands i live in america so i guess im in a way lcuky for teh update part just not teh dawngaurd part.

  • Skyrim fan

    What about ps3 users in Australia?

  • Aaron

    Well, to be fair, the DLC will be there by the time it’s half price. Nobody really buys DLC full price anyway.

  • Delta593

    Just hope you realize that Even if it comes out for ps3 the update it will Lag the ps3 even more the Ps3 wasnt made to handle skyrim. skyrims too good for the lag

  • JD


  • Rob

    Look I am not a fanboy of either PS3 or 360.

    I have both, and they are both good in their own rights. I play mostly with the PS3 for the free multiplayer. I have Skyrim on the PS3 (it was bought as a gift) and yes i would have purchased it for 360 if given the choice as I don’t like having to wait for timed exclusives.

    Bethesda agreeing to timed exclusives with Microsoft is not making a deal with the devil, for God’s sake they are company that need to turn a profit in order to keep building magnificent games.

    Such a deal just tops up their coffers, and ensures they turn a profit as its very costly to develop for 3 different platforms. Its not screwing the other users over, we are all promised the DLC. The DLC is not late, the deal with Microsoft said 30 day timed exclusive, Bethesda did not make any promises that the DLC would be available to all on day 31.

    Whilst the delays are frustrating, leave them be, they are doing a good job. One of the few developers that still make games where the single play satisfaction is their important drive, instead of spamming shitty games that are charged full price for what is essentially updated multiplayer. By this i mean MW2 – MW3, campaigns over in a flash, not really worth the price paid in my own opinion.

    • slender

      but that’s the problem, PS3 originally wasn’t even promised the dlc, the only certain thing was an xbox 360 30 day exclusivity, and after that, it may be released for PS3 (pc was always going to get it, just… eventually), i mean, that scumbag hines actually said in a tweet that it wasn’t ever even guaranteed to be released for PS3, this was shortly after it was expected to be released from all the implications. now we are in august, and we still don’t even have a damn release date, only cryptic bloody updates that don’t actually give any new info. bethesda should have been working on the PS3 and pc versions of the dlc during the exclusive period, not sitting counting their money with their dicks in another hand. if they did work on them during that time, pc would have gotten slightly earlier, and PS3 owners could be enjoying it now. the patch 1.7 scandal is truly annoying, especially for PS3 players, as patch 1.6 wasn’t even released (the mounted combat patch), bethesda have just decided cause it was late, cancel it completely, and just put some of it in the next patch. and don’t say PS3 is a complex system, its been six years, bethesda have released many games for it, one measly dlc, not even an entire game, is proving to difficult for the workers at bethesda, they’ve just become to lazy.

      • Rob

        Just because you have worked on a system beforehand does not make it any less complex because you have 6 years of experience on it. It is still as complex as it was 6 years ago, you just figure out certain shortcuts.
        However the PS3 OS has not been static for 6 years, it gets updated from time to time, and the engines used by Bethesda also get updated too, meaning they have to figure out the same old glitches again.
        Skyrim is by far the largest game on the PS3, its going to take more work, especially when the underlying game itself seemed to have way more flaws than the version developed for the 360.
        I genuinely don’t believe this has anything to do with laziness or “we are just counting our coins”. They are I believe trying to do their best.
        I too would have cancelled the 1.6 patch alone, and wrapped its features up into patch 1.7 if development had slipped so far and would then run into Sony’s 2 week validation process.
        But I do agree i would absolutely love it if they just came out and said “look really sorry for the delays here, however we promise by X date to have it ready for you folks”

  • Joseph

    For those people who are all pissed that they didnt get to play the dlc this summer um… ITS SUMMER? get out of the house and do something productive with it.

    • Fry

      I’ll do whatever I wanna be!

  • Microsoft 3==> (/) Bethesda

  • Angry ps3 user

    Listen to the people saying it isn’t easy remember this. It’s their job. They get paid to do this and they got the job so they should be capable of programming it on PS3 if not why did they get the job? These guys are professionals and should be able to do this right because as I said before IT’S THEIR JOB!

  • frank

    I think ps3 owners are whiners!all i play on is my ps3 and its great, yes it has a few bugs but so does xbox and pc! ontop of that its blueray and 3d and all the s@&t the others aint! i would rather wait an extra month to play with the least amount of bugs possable! and its life so what if xbox payed them to get stuff first, sony does the same crap too.

  • PS3 User

    it might have something to do with the fact that Europe use a different memory format than NA…

    • Liam

      oh sorry I didn’t know Japan had the same memory format as NA, give me a break… next it’ll be that sony can’t release in Britain as they have a different blue ray player, sorry im not particularly having a go at you, just annoyed after constant responses that make no sense

  • The only reason xbox got dawnguard first. is microsoft effings bribes to great companys

  • EnterTheFade

    What about Australians? Also everyone else in the southern hemisphere…

  • That Guy Who Has A Question

    What about canada!

  • cw365

    QUOTE: If you live in the US, you are not going to be affected by this – you’ll still enjoy the 1.7 update this Thursday.

    I don’t know that I would consider any Skyrim update “enjoyable”. I for one will be waiting a few days to see what this update breaks.

  • Java

    I, for one, got the game on PC and am completely happy with Bethesda’s service.

    You people complaining about the PS3 getting shafted – yeah, it sucks, but software development isn’t easy. The 360 and PS3 have totally different hardware sets. It’s like porting an app from iOS to Android – possible, obviously, but it’s an entirely different language.

    To the one lonely guy who said people who buy Microsoft are holding the industry back technically, take a look at the PS2. Weakest console of its generation, but the best ever in terms of library.

    • cw365

      If software development isn’t easy, then perhaps Beth should leave it to the professionals. It wasn’t easy for me to part with $60 for a game, especially one that I still can’t play completely due to buggy quests. PS3 users have definitely gotten the shaft on this release.

      • Aron

        Boohoo. Bethesda didn’t force you to buy their game, nor did they force you to buy a PS3. FINALLY, only since Oblivion (4th in the series, mind you) have Elder Scrolls games been playable on a sony system. It has always been PC & XBOX. They COULD have simply NOT made the game compatible in any way with PS3, and TRULY shafted you all. Get over it. You have to live with your choices. YOU got a PS3. YOU bought Skyrim. Deal with the consequences of your decisions.

        • Christianrump

          Not correct. Xbox users have only been in the elder scrolls since morrowind. the rest of the series was on PC. Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire and Redguard were only on PC. So you are incorrect about your statement about it has always been a PC and Xbox game series. Correct answer the game has always been PC.
          PS. This comes from a PS3 player and not a PC gamer

    • D Powers

      If you played skyrim for PS3 you would complain like the rest of them. idiot.

  • Shepherd

    This is unfortunately an issue on Sony’s end and happens for many games. Sony NA is simply updated much earlier than its EU counterpart. I’m surprised this article doesn’t state that as this is quite widely known now.

  • Sargeist

    All the Xbox bashing is sad and make you all look like lifeless nerds. I’ve had the PS3 since about the time it released and it’s a good console, but it mostly collects dust, whereas my 360 is what is used most of the time. You’re telling me that marketing has “brainwashed” me into believing that the Xbox is better even though I’ve had both since they came out? Fanboys almost never have anything to say worth paying attention to.

    • pepe

      Hey saying that the xbox is just as good or even in the same category as the PS3 is an insult. Do not compare that upgraded DVD player. To the Blu-ray beast that the PS3 is, the most technological advanced game system out there. You know fanboys are the first to call others fanboys.

  • Adi

    Wow, this is f****** stupid. In the waiting mark its coming up to three months since it was first announced, and now im being told that bethesda hate europeans, i’ve had to make my own excuse cause they’re leaving us in the dark, alll…of…the…f****** time! For F*** sake bethesda, just f****** release 1.7 for europeans for god sake.There is no excuse to not release it for us! sometimes i really wonder what bethesda think of us…

    • it isnt bethesda that is holding it back theyve released the update its now sony that is making you wait.

  • Ayzed

    What about Australians?

  • M Lawrence

    I’m sick of getting kicked in the nuts because I play Skyrim on PS3, let alone in Europe. Bethesda need to get their act together, they’re the only AAA developer I’ve come across who seem to be completely incompetent when it comes to programming for the PS3 and the only I’ve come across that have managed to delay DLC even after a system-exclusivity period. It’s ridiculous.

  • DP84

    Thanks Bethesda! It’s good to know that Americans will get this patch today. So, I guess I don’t get the patch because I’m Australian? My fault I suppose, I shouldn’t have been born here. I mean, provided that it’s being distributed online, a worldwide release must be too hard to manage. Tools.

    • I live in NZ and I was wondering how to tell Bethesda that I’m sorry for being born here… You just summed it up perfectly. Thank you.


    The fact is people.. rather then writing down all the complaints here, send them an e-mail or something, if they get enough, maybe they will give a damn… All though I think we should boycott them for 2 years…

  • Shayne

    This is Sony, everything is in NA first before EU, thought everyone knew that.

  • AwkwardTurtle1.7

    It’d be nice if Bethesda could explain why they’re making Skyrim’s players on the PS3 in Europe wait an extra week to get the update…:/

    I’m waiting for the 1.7 patch because the lag has kicked in again on my current save file (it’s 8MB and 60ish hours in, haven’t done any of the main questlines), because if i keep playing with the 1.5 update then the lag might get so bad that the 1.7 update won’t be able to save my current save file. 🙁

    I’d nice to finally have the mounted combat feature as well, having to get off my horse to fend off random bandits gets annoying after the first few times.

    • Shayne

      This is Sony, NA comes first to them. I thought everyone knew that.

      • Raz

        Sony is Japanese right? you’d think EU would come first for them, being geographically closer…

  • Rynn

    (Okay maybe I’m exaggerating but I JUST REALLY WANT THE DLC AND UPDATE!!)

  • Gamer465

    Simply disgusting service. People, don’t blame game developers as why would they put time and effort into a game and then see it get bad reviews??? Blame greedy CEO’s who’s only interest is making money and obviously microsoft offered them money to get 30 days exclusivity. And as for the patch, it better be a mind blowing one that fixes all the major issues in skyrim or i’m gonna sue and I bet a lot of people would gladly back me up. Peace.

    • Shayne

      You can’t sue for that, lol.

    • ps3rulesall

      naw its just easy to play with legos (xbox) other then real bricks (ps3). The ps3 is a beast for devs and so they take the easy way out.

  • Pigman

    This is absolutely bulls**t! Not only has it taken ages to reach PS3 but us europians have to wait another week to get it.After all this s**t it better be bloddy brilliant! >:(

  • I waited for this the whole summer, and it still hasn’t come out. My school will start in the next 3 days, thank you for nothing Bethesda. The hype is dying down and soon most ps3 owners will simply not care anymore.

  • CJM

    Didn’t a similar thing happen with Fallout 3 DLC? As in, a ‘deal’ between Bethesda and Microsoft meant it wouldn’t initially come out for the PS3. Even though I’m a PC owner, that’s frankly quite pathetic for a company like Bethesda. I like their games, but I don’t like their attitude towards certain customers. PS3 players pay as much as we do, so why should they be left out?

    • John

      Truly a deal with the devil.

    • senator476ad

      If there was a deal in place for the Fallout 3 DLC between Bethesda and Microsoft, it was never announced to my knowledge. The Fallout 3 DLC wasn’t seen on PS3 until a year later roughly. I saved myself 50 bucks there by trading in the copy I had for the GOTY copy that came out around the same time as the DLC did for PS3. Fallout New Vegas had an announced DLC deal, and they were actually on track with that one.
      But I agree with you, the whole deal thing Bethesda does with Microsoft is pathetic and displays a lack of loyalty to their entire customer base. Even moreso with Dawnguard

  • Skyrim Addict

    So the DLC is coming out this Thursday? Only for the US, and Europe has to wait? What about the other countries like Canada?

    • Whatever

      Its coming out for North America not just US. So that includes Canada.

      • Zackman88

        I believe they mean north america because the PSN is linked to Canada as it is to the states

        • senator476ad

          Canada is included on that one, PSN is one entity in NA

    • Gobble

      And it’s not the DLC coming out this Thurs, it’s the 1.7 patch. The DLC is Dawnguard and that is still far off.

    • Boss

      no not the DLC smart one the damn update 1.7

    • Canada is north America so they get it aswell im pretty sure.

    • also for anyone that is getting pissed at bethesada for 1.7 not being released until next week in Europe, dont get mad because it is now out of their hands and into sony’s.

  • AlbertBielecki

    I live in europe, and been waiting for dawnguard and 1.7 as soon as they announced it, yet I think I can wait few days – not a big deal

    • Yes but Dawnguard will not be released for probably another f***** month. To be honest, they should have released it all on the same date, there is no excuse, PS3 is the same as XBOX 360, there both console’s and have pretty much the same dynamics and controllers etc. Im O.K with it for another week, but if its not released by september, Bethesda is gonna see alot less PS3 customers for their future games and DLC’S.

      • AlbertBielecki

        Yh I agree, but since next Xbox and ps4 is coming out next year, I will buy the one that is very is to develop on since games will be much more optimised and less better looking (so probably next Xbox, since current ps3 is very hard to develop on)

  • Guest

    This is why I traded in skyrim. You should do the same and save up for borderlands 2. from what I hear. Dawnguards not worth the money. all this wait to stab a guy while on a horse? if you’ve no other games, get a pre-owned one for a fiver or w/e. This update/dawnguard thing is simply not worth the wait.

    • criddy420

      i hope you didnt just let loose a spolier, because that would suck

      • Lenfred

        Nah they are referring to the 1.6 update.

  • M Thompson

    It seems that if you support Sony simply by buying their console, you have to be prepared to bear the wrath of Microsoft and Bethesda. I purchased Skyrim for the gameplay, it just so happens that I have the PS3, why should I be deprived of the same service as the Xbox and PC users. I don’t care what the big guys say, they are holding back just because they can…nothing to the contrary has been proved to me in any statements made up to now….in fact it is the complete lack of information relating to Skyrim on the PS3 that speaks volumes!!

    • me

      At least there are plenty of games that Microsoft can’t ruin for ps3 users… Xbox users can stick to Halo and controllers that are designed for people with fat hands! The only good thing i have to say about Microsoft and Xbox is that considering how rubbish it is in comparison to the PS3 their relentless marketing has convinced some people otherwise.

      • Ukaz

        what people dont realise is that when they buy a Xbox they are ruining there future of quality products by buying budget consoles, Gaming industry cant improve as fast as the demand for quality is lower than the demand for budget daft I much prefer supporting the development of quality entertainment and play PS3 laugh at Wii and 360 mi sons dvd player

        • me

          absolutely true but if Microsoft pays enough to cause delays on the ps3 and have the most adverts on tv people buy it. The way Microsoft screws the competition just encourages me not to buy Microsoft in general. Personally, I’m happy with Apple and Sony

        • Aaron

          So between the choice of buy a 360 or buy nothing, I should just buy nothing?

      • Delt593

        i held your ps3 controller and i could not hold it it was like a Tiny Mouse on a pc that only a Idiot or cheap person would buy

        • scotty


        • me

          I heard that the new xbox controllers have been designed so that you can just palm the buttons whilst simultaneously shovelling cake.. have you preordered?

        • Colin

          Hey, I think I say your and every other PS3 members credit cards on this one website. How’s the free identity fraud insurance?

        • me

          It worked out well, I got a bunch of new games for free and a new card. Hang on, I think there’s a small aircraft taking off next door, oh wait no it’s just an Xbox…

        • Liam

          You’ve won this by a mile, i wouldn’t say small aircraft though, more like a rocket launch

  • Codyd51

    GRRR! I want Dawnguard already!