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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale goes hardcore

If you previously didn’t take PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as a serious fighter in the genre, Superbot has taken the next step to change your mind. After showing up at the EVO 2012 tournament, PlayStation All-Stars will now have official support for fighting sticks for those that really want to go hardcore.

That now means that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has now opened its doors for the collection of enthusiastic button mashers out there, as you’ll be able to play with the added pleasure of not knowing how you pulled off a specific move, against a guy who is using the default layout on a PS3 Dual Shock controller.

Superbot made their announcement on their official Facebook page, confirming that the transition to fighting stick was actually a natural one, since all of the PS3 commands switch over to the arcade buttons accordingly. The only notable difference that Superbot has made, will be the repositioning of the throw command which will differ slightly between arcade stick and Dual Shock.

While this is obviously great news for those that really take their fighting games seriously, the majority of PlayStation All-Star fans are still waiting to see which new characters are going to be announced next. Recent leaked information has suggested that the likes of Raiden, Dante and Sackboy are coming, but official reveals are due at GamesCom 2012 later this month.

There’s still no hints on any Final Fantasy characters joining the party either, so let’s hope that Superbot are keeping this ace up their sleeves until the week before release. Are you a hardcore fan of fighting games? If so, let us know if you intend to pick up a fighting stick for the game. We’ll let you know if there’s an official stick out closer to release – we expect so.



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