iPhone 5 puts Galaxy S3 in its place

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 8, 2012

You will find a lot of Android owners explaining why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than Apple’s phone, although the iPhone 5 is expected to put Samsung’s flagship phone in its place over the next year. In terms of sales the iPhone 5 is predicted to shift over 250m units in total, and this is compared to 50m for the Galaxy S3, which only confirms that no single smartphone can compete with the iPhone.

The secret iPhone 5 release date – Apple’s success lies in the hype their products build before launch, which is partly due to the secretive way Apple do business. Silence about every detail of the iPhone 5 is key to Apple’s marketing with 2012 being no different, and the fall launch should create a platform that results in around 100 million more iPhones selling than the 4S model (sold more than 150m).

Asymco is a company that tracks the numbers when it comes to a range of data, and their latest report has taken a look at the expected numbers for iPhone 5, although they’ve also taken a look at the total sales for each generation of iPhone to date. You can see these figures in the image below that displays cumulative sales for the generations and the iPhone 5 prediction in comparison.

Why can no other phone reach anywhere near the total number of iPhone sales each generation? The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best Android phones to date, and this device is expected to be 200 million sales short of the iPhone 5, so this will leave some of our readers wondering why no brand can come anywhere near Apple on a phone vs. phone basis.

It is fair to say that the choice of Samsung smartphones only dilutes the sales of each device, and if Samsung had one phone then that device would sell a lot more. You can see an image below that is widely expected to be the design of the 6th generation iPhone, which should be a little bit longer but no wider although some people would prefer a lot more width as well. It looks like the final iPhone 5 design will not stop the eventual sales that will set a new record.

Are you going to be one of the first to pick-up an iPhone 5, or would you prefer an Android smartphone instead? Why do you think each iPhone sells a lot more than any other phone? While we love the iPhone after owning 5 generations it seems pretty obvious to us that Samsung are aiming for a range of options rather than focusing their sales total on one design, although Apple’s focus on one design is preferred by millions of fans and the sales forecast shows this.

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  • Tailand

    i purchased my SGS3 about a month ago. Upgrading from an iPhone 4s (previously owned an original Galaxy S- Vibrant) I wanted back my customization that I previously had with my android. I played around with the GS3 for about an hour before purchasing. After 4 days, it began having system crashes, stock apps would not open, such as: Messages, Phone, Internet, etc. I NEVER had this problem on my iPhone! I am not a FANBOY by any means. I love customizing my device, without jailbreaking and actually using my phone to its full capacity. However, when it will not allow me to answer a call or make one, it becomes a paperweight to me. I have not messed with the phone at all, nor have I downloaded any other applications besides, Facebook, Twitter and Google Apps! This is disgusting for a phone that has such promise and amazing features. I guess I am going back to a boring phone that WORKS!

  • For The Rebellion

    Apple are the smartest …. in marketing only. They have made billions by making the smallest amount of changes possible in every new iPhone released because they had no real competition. Sucking every last cent out of every fool that tries to be part of the imaginary “iT” crowd and own an iPhone. It all started with the iPod, even when there was so much better quality out there, creative MP3s shat all over them but now you can’t even find where to buy them anymore You want a Sony MP3 and you have to find an actual Sony store. Apple have crushed the market and actually stopped the rate of technological advances to stuff their pockets as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort.
    Finally we are starting to get some phones (and an android market) that is going to make Apple have to get out of their own way or get left behind and become an iHasBeen.
    People (even some of the dumb ones) are starting to realize Apple’s condescending and arrogant attitude, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, we won’t allow you to because we know best. Like a parent grounding you but tossing you a lolly or 2 every now and then.
    What do we do? Rebel and/or runaway. C’mon peoples, time for a revolution. Open your eyes and give Apple the bird before it’s too late and we become, iEarth under a totalitarian Apple dictatorship.

  • there is no comparison between Samsung and IJUNK ICRAP5. If apple useres want to WASTE their money on GARBAGE due to lack of brain, let them i guess, they will learn the hard way. it’s like Ferrari( Samsung S3) and Yugo(IJUNK5). Another thing most apple lovers don’t know, Samsung provides LOTS of parts and make the screen for IJUNK. Apple does not make ANYTHING them selves. Thank GOD for SAMSUNG, LG, SHARP, Quelcomm, ect…. that make the parts for apple and CHINA or KOREA puts it together for them, otherwise there would be no apple to talk about.
    Samsung, is FASTER, MUCH better LOOKING, Bigger screen and MUCH BETTER screen, you can ADD MORE MEMORIES, u can take the battery out if u like or cary an spear with you if you use you phone alot( SORRY IJUNK OWNERS you CAN’T do that on yours), EXTREEMLY user friendly, on and on and on…………. SAMSUNG ALL THE WAY.

  • theoneopenmindediphoneowner

    Nobody knows whether the iPhone 5 will beat the Galaxy platform. This is one of the first smart phones to surpass the iPhone in quarterly sales and came so close to the yearly sales that it was damn near neck-and-neck… and these sales were done within a shorter period of time. The Apple does have the great advantage of having its far superior fandom who will undoubtedly be lining up outside apple stores for the 5’s release. The sales of the SIII may not boom in early sales like the iphone usually does and probably will, but the Sumsung Galaxy SIII is without any doubt a worthy competitor… If it wasn’t the typical Apple fan wouldn’t be as snide towards it, right?

  • SamsonTheMad

    Epic fail on this article. Please learn how to read the chart!
    The blue line is sales figures per phone model the white line is Cumalative previous generations… Means ALL models of iPhone back the the start. So the last line in this graph estimates ALL models will hit a cumulative mark over 250m phones not the new model. The 4s did not reach 150million.

  • sameer somu

    apple is for the average, conventional user. its for those that don’t want anything fancy or high tech. the galaxy s3 is for the advanced and a more progressive user. and lets face it, there are more average users in the US, hence the sales difference.

  • Jayson

    The new iPhone is going to have a larger screen, but not large enough. Many users play games and watch videos. Galaxy has a large screen that fits fine in someone’s hand. I think Apple made a big mistake not increasing the width on their new iPhone and sales will show it. I currently have an iPhone 4 and debate everyday if I want to switch all together. Just waiting to see what Apple reveals, if it sucks, apple loses my business.

  • DarthStrawberry

    It’s simply an issue of quantity this year, Apple is simply releasing a device of the competition’s quality, from last year. I am still getting the S3 but I’ll keep my 4S/4.01 for iOS 6. I wonder if a 64gb S3 will be available in North America around the time of the iPhone 5’s release, as the lack of a 64gb version is all that’s holding me back.

  • RealDeal

    This is one of the dumbest most inane articles yet.
    1st up, You are comparing a phone released a while ago to one not yet out yet. FAIL. By the time the Iphone 5 arrived, if it actually can top the GS3, there will be many other Android phones ready to trounce the Iphone 5. The iphone can not keep an edge on android phones….ever.

    2nd, you are comparing sales of a single android phone (IN WHICH THERE ARE MANY) versus Iphone as a whole. As Iphone has more than one carrier, you to be fair you need to compare all Android and their success as a platform versus Apple as a platform. You will again find that Apple has paltry share versus Android in both sales, and activations.

    Apple loses vs Android. Don’t even get me start about an OS features, customization options, or integration comparisons.

  • The Outlier

    I’m sorry….but I am getting sick of the constant quarreling going on between android fans and iOs fans…. There cannot just be one operating system, and sadly i doubt there is anything i can say to get that through everyones thick skulls. No matter what android fans say android would not be in existence if it were not for the success of iOs and when iOs came out it dumbfounded the entire market…it really did. Now no matter what iOs fans say the Apple operating system would not be advancing as quickly as it is now if it wasn’t for the competition android has put forward. I’m not arguing for either side because both systems do what they were meant to do really well. Everyone just has to be get of the mindset that there can only be one in the market. But i say this knowing both sides will criticize me for having this crazy idea. But if there was less fighting and more productive comments maybe just maybe the world will be better and i think consumer technology will move along more quickly… stop saying there should be only one, start discussing how each could be better and dream for the future….. venting complete….

  • Fayd

    Android sells more than iPhone and is therefore is better

  • Just returned my Galaxy S3 on ATT What a joke! Have a friend with RAZOR MAX EQUAL 4G 4 BARS RAZOR ON VERIZON SMOKES IT! And dont get me started on crashing Apps PGA App 50/50 it even opens Google Visual Voice Error 927 wont even down load complete!! ATT is a joke! Period! Meeting a friend who has S3 on Verizion said it screams and APPS work! Ill update what I see 🙂 Oh and Turning on Wifi when I get home I have to reset the phone for all apps to work on wifi.. Iphone users have a point Android is a mess… but I like its advantages! And Nerds dont give me the “its the Apps fault” ..that means you know zero about android! All android Apps are different for each carrier/phone its a fact! Not much but enough to see a difference. And to prove I am not Mr Hate ATT I have a Galaxy Note also and it is ROCK SOLID!! Every App that sucks on my S3 is perfect on my ATT Galaxy Note so :-P!!

    • viper

      That happens occasionally with Samsung products. I had 2 galaxy s2 skyrockets before I had one that was flawless. Samsung tends to not have as food build quality as other manufacturers. Oh and by the way, my skyrocket can SMOKE ANY IPHONE!!

  • jay

    iphone plain and simple… android customizable .. they have apps 2 make android phones run like a iphone , y would some one do that? i dont kno , but ppl like the iphone cuz its simple, the ipad is simple, the i touch is simple its all simple and boring and some ppl just dont want to think 2 much.. iphone looks nice but its not all that great its a hipsters phone, if every celebrity or artist or singer had android ppl would all be into the android , so yea its everybody’s preference

  • matto

    What’s the likelihood that the new iPhone sports a beautiful 4.8″ display? What are the chances it supports flash player???? I think we have finally found the “iPhone killer.”

  • Poor Windows. I guess everyone forgot about them 🙂

  • Doof

    After owning two Android phones I think I’m going phore an ifone this time, I just want a small simple phone this time, I’m tired of carrying around a big ol’ tablet type device in my pocket, I will get an iphone 4s and not wait for the 5 because it got bigger. As far as putting the Samsung in its place, it hasn’t happened yet unless the crystal ball app really does work.

  • A Taller screen? Ehh i like to see wider phones. Was hoping this was the chance.Ow well.

  • “iPhone 5 puts galaxy S3 in it’s place” NOT with the same design & only a 4″ screen!!
    F UCK Apple they don’t care about their customers all they care about is $$$$$$$$$$
    Y would anyone spend $$ on iPhone 5 with just a 4″ screen? Im going with the S 3!!

    • paul

      but samsung is the company that steals the design off apple who spends so much money on research and development. so samsung actually makes more $$$

      • paul

        apart from the new s3 of course. this is because the lawsuit had pressured into making a phone that doesn’t look like a iPhone.

  • JimmyC

    My wife and I have each owned 3 iphones. Last month we switched to the Galaxy S3. Android finally had everything we wanted in a phone. I still love the Iphone but we have moved on. I thought my wife would want to stay with IOS. But she also switched and we are both crazy about this new phone.

  • Kevin

    Android will always be a lesser product compared to the iPhone and it’s iOS operating system. iPhone is so much better in all aspects!

  • Josh

    Why are there so many android users reading this artical if android phones are so good, do you really have nothing better to do with your time? The one thing that gets me with the argument that the s3 is better than the iPhone is that the iPhone 5 isn’t out yet, so really what everyone one is doing is comparing s3 with the current iPhone and that’s pointless. It would be like comparing the next iPhone with the s2, pointless!

    • sam

      Josh, if you google galaxy s3 you’ll find this articLE [not al] is the second search hit in ‘news’. thats what im doing here. secondly, we ARE arguing the s3 vs the iphone 5? you need to learn how to comprehend what you read a little better. your making iphone users look even worse..

  • Why so many anti apple people calling people who have iPhones idiots & mentally challenged etc? I have an android phone right now & you don’t hear me slagging iPhone users off. It is each to their own, some people prefer android, some apple. I have recently just got an iPad for my birthday & is the best gadget I have owned, after sampling the apple os I can definatly say it is much nicer to use than the android os. In fact I’m getting so fed up with my buggy android Phone I will be making the move to iPhone 5 when it arrives.

    • Flasy

      Good choice! Had a GS3S. What a pile of fail. Had 2 in 2 weeks. It just kept crashing. Was buggy, and felt flimsy. Have an i phone 4s now, much happier. Andriod fans are not stupid, they just come across over protective. Insecurities often manifest with fear of the superior, over abusive natures are not attractive.

  • Trolllolololollolllooooo

    Get iPhone, install Android on it.. Send it back. XD

  • akshit

    galaxy s3 sold 50 million in 4 months and iphone 4s sold 150 million in 1 year and samsung has other selling phone like galaxy note and its other cheap phone

  • Chris

    Do the writers of these type of articles and Apple Fanboys realize how ridiculous and what a joke this is? Speculating on specs of a phone that hasnt even come out yet or any validated real specs. OK then the Samsung Galaxy S4 is 100% going to put the APple iPhone 5 to shame. Period. I ask iPhone users what makes iPhone better than Android and get the same answer … It Just Is. Being “Idiot Proof” or simple doesnt make a phone better it just makes it the best for the millions of simpletons out there. Apple motto? Build anything apple … and the fanboys will come

  • Alex

    “iPhone 5 is predicted to shift over 250m units in total, and this is
    compared to 50m for the Galaxy S3, which only confirms that no single
    smartphone can compete with the iPhone.” How can this confirm anything, this is pure speculation! I hate these types of articles that go on rumors/predictions and say one product is better than the other. Especially when it hasn’t even been released yet!

  • Yash

    the secret design with unique built quality..thts the apple’s aim for users…Features that people havnt used or even seen earlier in other phones…..Well samsung also waiting putting his hands in pocket for iphone 5 release..Yes !! for agaiin the technology copy to release its Samsung’s Note II..:D

  • I don’t know about everyone else but the primary reason I chose iPhone was because it has a much cleaner UI than android and it’s app store is better regulated. In other words there are not tons of junk apps that either don’t work or have no use. The apps are carefully tested so only good apps go into the store. That along with the excellent selection available and the way in which iPhone is seamlessly compatible with my Mac and iPad make it a no-brainer.

    • Finally, a better way to explain why we love Apple… The UI of Apple products are not for simpletons. Just the weight of Android phones makes me shiver.. It was like holding a box with nothing inside.

      • jay

        we have some of the same apps lol and if you want apple apps just get a ipad

      • the weight of an android phone…. clearly you haven’t held a S3…. the iphone is the brick… i agree with an above comment that apple users are mentally challenged

  • chris t

    I’ve owned my Samsung gs3 for 2 weeks now and it is AMAZING. They definitely raised the bar. Apple will definitely try their best to beat this phone and they might or might not do it, but I am happy with this super smart phone Samsung has created.

  • RyJ

    this whole page is biased towards Apple, how can anyone take this article seriously… if you’re going to write a tech review be at least make an ATTEMPT at trying to stay unbiased. I read the whole thing and I felt like I was watching a Fox News version of a tech site. Yeah Iphone might sell more units but units aren’t everything. UX and UI are important too. Both sides have their pros and cons. If you like to mod your phone, go Android–Apple is too much of a stingy corporation to let you do anything to their phones. end of story. stop being fan boys of either.

    • xblazestormx

      of course its based towards apple its an article about apples creations

  • Steve Jobs

    Iphone sells more phones because there are more mentally challenged people in the world. And Iphone is the best phone for them.

    • andante_it_is

      This is true. Every time I see an iPhone user I can just picture them yelling “BUTWONS! APPS! BUTWONS! MORE APPS!”

      My god the phone is made for idiots.

    • xblazestormx

      thats a bit of a low blow mate, dont you think

    • Sean

      Whoa I’m an android fan myself and will not agree with someone who says an Iphone is better and yes IOS is simpler, but come on some people may buy an Iphone just because Iphone but most of the people you are insulting here are intelligent people doing these comments who just want to express their opinions. Even though I think their opinions are wrong I respect them.

    • if i c u, i would give u a huge hug(i am NOT gay). u are the smartest man ever. Only MORONS or IDIOTS buys apple(sorry for being blunt). there is no comparison between Samsung and IJUNK ICRAP5. If apple useres want to WASTE their money on GARBAGE due to lack of brain, let them i guess, they will learn the hard way. it’s like Ferrari( Samsung S3) and Yugo(IJUNK5). Another thing most apple lovers don’t know, Samsung provides LOTS of parts and make the screen for IJUNK. Apple does not make ANYTHING them selves. Thank GOD for SAMSUNG, LG, SHARP, Quelcomm, ect…. that make the parts for apple and CHINA or KOREA puts it together for them, otherwise there would be no apple to talk about.
      Samsung, is FASTER, MUCH better LOOKING, Bigger screen and MUCH BETTER screen, you can ADD MORE MEMORIES, u can take the battery out if u like or cary an spear with you if you use you phone alot( SORRY IJUNK OWNERS you CAN’T do that on yours), EXTREEMLY user friendly, on and on and on…………. SAMSUNG ALL THE WAY.

  • Michael jackson

    iPhone buyers buy iPhone because they can use the best operationing system for mobile : iOS 6. This is the only phone wich works very great compare to android or windows phones…that’s it
    PS : I’m gonna buy an iPhone 5 in Sept. When it will be release 🙂

    • Getalifeisheep

      Oh my god your so cool. Your buying one… Whoahhhh wooooooow

    • sam

      Your grammar makes me think your in 5th grade.. you must be typing on an iphone..

  • Michael jackson

    iPhone 5 of course 🙂 the best ever phone

  • I completely agree with the data and projection. Despite the midgety screen of the iPhone 5, it will do pacman moves ahead of anything out there, even the G 3. Samsung is getting somewhat desperate, so early in the game. Their intent is to artificially inflate the numbers to compete with the iPhone. Samsung now is offering a rebate of UPTO $300 (good luck in trying to get the full $300) if you upgrade to one of their smartphones.

    While this strategy may look good to pitiful and stupid chairmen of the boards or shareholders, the revenue component will fall short, terribly short. They may achieve very high or close to the number of iPhone 5 in the marketplace, they will lose money on the phone. The iPhone 5 OTOH, will sell itself, at a full (subsidized price) probably around $159-199 or $699 for an unlocked version. The carriers will be heavily discounting the Android phones just to get them out there, they will not do so with the iPhone. The iPhone will once again be proof that it is king.

    • Facts, anyone?

      How did this trash end up on page 1 of my google search results? Jesus, Chubby, how did your speculative made-up review get here? Really??

    • Snarfy

      my wife just bought an iphone that was highly discounted. I, on the other hand had to pay full price for my s3. I don’t care which phone is better anymore. The lines are surely being blurred as you can see from the comments in this article. iPhone will probably forever be the “financial” winner due to an over saturated cell phone market and ever changing technology which seems to bounce around like a pebble in space. I just don’t think the market will ever be the same. I also think Microsoft has been laying low for quite some time. Perhaps they might have a trick or two up their sleeves soon. Don’t think so? They’ve been ramping up for a BIG windows 8 release which brings with it a connection to cars, boats, appliances, tvs, computers, tables and who knows what else. Should be interesting to see what happens next. I say it’s anybody’s game if their willing to put the sweat, blood, and caplital into it.

  • Chaz

    Its because all of the millions of people who are too lazy to look into any other phone other than the one that is over hyped. I would take a gs3 without a screen and a processor over 100 iPhone 5s. Lol maybe not, nut from what it’s looking like, I’d say
    GS3 > IPhone 5

  • RickyT

    This article is looking at predicted sales for both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, which are based on numbers from a well known number cruncher. With this in-mind it is not about specs and more about the more popular phone based on unit sales.

    • Greg Short

      Simply put, the iphone is better, and will sell more than the Galaxy S3 because the iphone is simple. It’s for people who want a smartphone, to use it as a phone. And it’s for people that want to do the popular thing of having an iphone, like teenagers or immature adults. The iphone is simply a phone with a touchscreen. If you like customization or if you’re tech savvy or just a bored nerd, then you will love the S3. There’s no way to tell which is better besides numbers and sales, but Apple heads will buy the iphone regardless and people that want to get the most out of a phone before they’re 2year contract is up, will get the S3.

  • Ric Rush

    iPhone buyers buy iPhones because they are iPhones. That’s it!

    • Michael Jackson

      iPhone buyers buy iPhone because they can use the best operationing system for mobile : iOS 6. This is the only phone wich works very great compare to android or windows phones…that’s it
      PS : I’m gonna buy an iPhone 5 in Sept. When it will be release 🙂

      • brandon

        How can ios6 be the “best mobile operatng system” when it isn’t even out yet? IPhone users seem to be either in-educated or just plain arrogant. I am so glad I decided to switch to an android device because I understand the difference between user friendliness and a just plain stupid/dumbwd down operating system.

        • chris t

          the galaxy s3 is amazing. I bought mine a couple weeks ago and am amazed. We’ll see what Apple does to compete. Samsung definitely raised the bar though.

        • Chris M

          In-educated or just plain arrogant? Are you sure that you didn’t mean “uneducated or just plain ignorant.” Maybe the translator on your S3 messed this up for you. My wife just purchased the SGS3 a week ago and she already misses her iphone. Simply because the iphone is MUCH easier to use and it’s easier to hold onto while having a phone conversation. The SGS3 is a great mini-laptop/tablet, but way to complicated for a phone. Sometimes simplicity and ease of use is actually better. This is why apple usually wins over consumers.

        • PoundTown

          You just proved the OP’s point. The iOS is a dumbed down UI, which your wife was obviously indoctrinated into. Android (and the S3 specifically) give the user OPTIONS to completely customize their phone without having to pay for apps to change features. Most iphone users I know are Mac users overall and enjoy the streamlined ecosystem between devices, technical morons that get overwhelmed by technology, teenage girls, and old people.

        • Dr D. Michael Renner

          I am an “old person” with an MD, Ph.D. in cardiological research and have both an Iphone 4s and a Galaxy . I find both have technical advantages and disadvantages, which are not daunting to master. AND sorry, but my teenage daughter is not a moron either; though she does prefer an Iphone. She’s studying neuroscience and the connections between twitter node-like responses and neurotransmitter interrelations. She is hoping to find relevant correlation functions.

        • nick

          ppl at faxconn say iphone 6 will put s3 to the shame….let see what happens….

        • nick

          iphone 5 *

        • xblazestormx

          its in beta so technically that is a release

      • trob6969

        How is ios 6 better when it lacks so many functions than Android? AND the iPhone ALWAYS has inferior specs than Android phones.

        • baz

          just because android has better specs doesn’t mean anything. Im not favouring any phone but i just want to get this straight, its the OS that decides the speed of the phone which is why iphone is just as fast as an S3 if not faster when the S3 looks clunky. Why bother putting a more expensive chip in a device that doesn’t need it because the OS doesn’t need that much power because it is more efficient than an android OS.

        • trob6969

          Has it ever accrued to you that maybe iPhone is almost as fast as Android phones because its processor doesn’t have to work as hard due to iPhone’s lack of features and functions?…hmmmm…

        • Alvaro Rivilla Casado

          Do youknow why the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 will have inferior specs? Because they dont need better specs to compete, because their OS is so much better. The iPhone 4 has inferior specs to manyyy android phones now and still runs better thanks to iOS. You android fans think that us, people who use iOS are retarded. I had an android i bought my iPhone 4 and I really doubt i ll ever change. You just cant admit that is superior. Apple makes the whole of their divises, everything is made by apple(yes processors etc are like from other brands ) but apple has control of the hardware and software while there is a million android devices with the same OS so…it will never be a real battle the iPhone will be the best smartphone out there like it or not.

        • trob6969

          Why is it that you won’t give SPECIFIC reasons why you think ios OR iphone is better? I can give a list of reasons to support my stance that Android is superior .

        • Gumby

          You type like an idiot. That is why you use Crapple products

      • I want an operationing system. Sounds awesome.

  • How can the iPhone 5 put the S3 in its place if it hasn’t happened yet. I agree with you that the iPhone 5 will sell more than the S3 but that doesn’t mean that it’s better. The iPhone is made for users who normally don’t want to fuss around with their gadgets, hence that is why they will sell more.

    • Byron Williams

      Well sorry I disagree, have you heard of Jail break if not where have you been. A vast number of people who have or have had an iphone are not alien to the fact that you can jail break your iphone and load pretty much anything you want. Jail break is free and there are so many links online to do it. I love my gadgets and have many of them but I have an iphone that has been jail broken and just about everyone I know that has one also has theirs jail broken too. And yes I am waiting for the iphone 5, my work colleage has been given an unwanted S3, its not even a month old and the user has gone back to his 4S awaiting the new iphone5.

    • Jegz

      I owned many samsung android phones galaxy SL, s2, ace, even the cheapest samsung android and it all ended flashing new rom or custom rom just to have a decent battery life, smooth and responsive screen, decrease lags and good UI. I always end up flashing and flashin, i’m always wasting my time downloading roms and learning how to flash them.

      At first i hate apple for its Closed OS but after using ip4s for the first time i still love android phones but sorry and i will be choosing iOS from now on.