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Samsung Galaxy S3 upgrade made easy

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available to buy throughout the US, but for some consumers, the best Android handset is out of reach from them at the moment due to financial reasons. Luckily, Samsung hears your cries and have come up with an interesting, yet useful tactic to help consumers upgrade to their latest smartphone.

Some of you may already be aware of this as it isn’t exactly new, but there is a Samsung Upgrade program that is currently going on and gaining momentum as we speak. Samsung are offering to accept your current Android smartphone, in exchange for credit to help you upgrade to a Galaxy S3.

Samsung has provided the upgrade platform here, detailing just how much you’ll get by sending in your old phone. As expected, newer handsets like the HTC Rezound get the most trade-in cash, with Samsung preparing to offer you $200 in credit towards a new Galaxy S3 phone. We say credit, but it is actually a refund once you have purchased the device – since Samsung will be sending you a cheque with the quoted amount after your purchase.

As you can see from the image above, attempting to cash in on the Galaxy Nexus will score you a quotation of $170, which you’ll get back in cash from Samsung. Lower down the spectrum, Samsung will amusingly only offer you a paltry $20 for those that decide to send in the Motorola Droid 2 – pretty laughable isn’t it?

Head to the website here and let us know how much you have been quoted for your current handset. Are you willing to take Samsung up on their upgrade program, or are the quotation amounts too low for your liking? We think it’s nice that the option is there at least.



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