Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC joy on PS3 over Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Aug 7, 2012

We previously told you how the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed 3 will have exclusive DLC compared to the Xbox 360 version and other platforms. Now we have some further details on this and the revelation that the exclusive DLC will actually equate to around 60 minutes of extra content.

We wonder how hard Sony managed to work on this to get Ubisoft to sign on the dotted line? If you watched E3 in June, you’ll remember when the announcement was first made. Since then we haven’t heard any further details on the exclusive DLC, but Amazon has once again come up with the goods before anyone else.

In new online listings for the game which also reveals the official box art, a description states that the PS3 version includes 60 minutes of exclusive content. This exclusive content will be split up between four single player missions, which we are guessing may now take around 15 minutes each? This seems a little short, but perhaps Ubisoft will offer some clarity on this soon.

As you can imagine, PS3 users are treating this as a very big deal and arguably one of the first ‘massive’ franchises to get exclusive content on the PS3 ahead of Xbox 360. Microsoft offers similar deals for the likes of MW3 and Skyrim, but unlike those which are timed exclusives, we’re hearing that this content is fully exclusive so it won’t be available on other platforms.

Are you now going to pick up the PS3 version purely for this extra content? Or is 60 minutes no big deal to you and you’ll still get the Xbox 360 version?

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  • WhiteWolf

    still don’t know which platform to get it pc,ps3, or xbox and yes i have them!

  • Sticking with the PS3 version here, although I’m getting the Vita ACIII game (Liberation) first.

  • Jason

    Even though I have a PS3, this isn’t a big deal. It’s probably similar to the Copernicus missions in Brotherhood which wasn’t very exciting

  • Shayne

    Now give us 30 days exclusive DLC.

  • Scrips

    Sticking wit the Xbox version

  • poopnose

    thats why ps3 is better inb4 funny hate comments

  • big deal extra hour of gameplay that can be completed in 30mins.

  • JJ

    I wish Microsoft and Sony would just get along.

  • Duh

    And this is BULLSHIT…. and now im totally considering cancelling my pre-order of AC III purely because of this.