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Wii U, PS Vita gets WWE 13 silent treatment

It’s fair to say that there is a lot of expectation riding on THQ’s upcoming WWE 13 game. Many view it as the best looking wrestling game since the N64 WWF Wrestlemania days, but there are others who can’t overlook the fact that the developer won’t be bringing a handheld version to the PS Vita.

With a multiplatform brand like WWE, you would have thought that THQ would love to cash in on the fact that the PS Vita seriously needs some new games. However, we can now confirm to you that there will not be a PS Vita version of WWE 13, or even a version for Nintendo’s new Wii U console either.

Bizarrely though, there is going to be a version for the Wii, albeit most likely a toned down port of the game that is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 30. The obvious question is why are THQ bringing out a game for the Wii, instead of Wii U and why are they ignoring the up and coming PS Vita?

There’s no denying that the game looks good though. Attitude Era looks fantastic and with the recent news on Jim Ross providing commentary with Jerry Lawler, it is probably going to be the most popular mode in the game ahead of the regular campaign and multiplayer.

Do THQ really expect people to buy the Wii version knowing that they are not bringing out a game for the Wii U? It sounds like a crazy decision to us and hopefully THQ will provide some sort of official clarity on this soon. Playing through the Attitude Era on the Vita would have been an amazing prospect too, but the only hope now is via Remote Play if users have the know how.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you perplexed that THQ are releasing WWE 13 for the Wii, not Wii U? Would you have picked this game up for the Vita ahead of Xbox 360 and PS3 given the chance? Let THQ know how you feel on this one.



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