iPhone 5 helps 4S top trade-in offers

By Alan Ng - Aug 6, 2012

Apple has yet to announce an official date for their upcoming iPhone 5, but it looks like most of you have already jumped the gun following strong rumors of a September 12 unveil. Online marketplaces such as Ebay are now seeing an unprecedented increase in the amount of iPhone 4S and previous model trade-ins.

Consumers love to make a bit of spare cash when they can and with the new iPhone 5 inevitably on the way – who can blame them. Usually consumers would wait until Apple at least say something official, but it looks like verified rumor ‘confirmations’ from the likes of AllThingsD, the WSJ and Bloomberg have tipped users over the edge.

Heading to sites like Ebay’s instant sale can score you an 8GB iPhone 3G handset for as little as $50. The site is also accepting offers for the 16GB iPhone 4S on AT&T, for which you can get up to $298 in cash back. It’s the same situation for the Sprint and Verizon models, so it’s clear that everyone wants to get rid of their existing model in favor of the elusive iPhone 5.

This is a no-brainer to some consumers, with exciting rumored specifications such as a 4-inch display, quad-core processor, improved camera and 4G LTE support at last. If you haven’t got a family member who you can just give away your iPhone 4 or 4S to, then trade-ins seem to be the most popular alternative at the moment.

Still though, the iPhone 4S is not exactly an old handset and still remains the only device which is compatible with Siri. Are you trying to sell off your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S at the moment? Let us know if you have had any success with cash for trade-ins.

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  • Lol

    Whoooooa 4 inch screen. Whoooooooaaa.
    Pathetic. I traded my 4 for a s3. I’m sure many are doing that.

    • Guest

      Obviously a simple minded fool. The hardware improvements rumoured for the iPhone 5 are quite exciting for an Apple user such as myself. I have to admit, the Galaxy S3 is a beautiful bit of tech and if it wasn’t for the software, I would’ve purchased one myself. A problem with Android phones is that not everything is compatible. A certain app may be available for purchase in the PlayStore but then won’t work on your phone because the screens too big or the screens too small… They have too many people making phones for Google. iPhone has one company overseeing everything from the hardware to the software to the case it comes in and the people who sell it to you. When you’re with Apple, you know you’re with a company you can trust. You’re witless, senseless, sarcastic ‘whoooooa,’ shows how simple minded Android users are…