Black Ops 2 MP within 2 days

By Alan Ng - Aug 6, 2012

We previously told you that GameStop had managed to get a major coup in having a Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal as part of their upcoming expo at the end of this month. We initially thought that this may be the first time that we see multiplayer in action, however Activision has dropped an exciting bombshell by revealing that we’re going to see multiplayer gameplay a lot sooner.

With all of the single player gameplay shown for Black Ops 2 so far, it’s no secret that multiplayer is heavily desired now that the game is going to take on a whole new theme by being set in the year 2025. Futuristic Call of Duty multiplayer is a big attraction for many gamers and we can now tell you that multiplayer is going to be revealed on Wednesday August 8.

That means that we’re just a few days away and Activision couldn’t hide their excitement themselves as they announced the news on Twitter.

“In just 4 days, we reveal #BlackOps2MP. RT if you’re ready to see Multiplayer in action.”

It also means that by the end of the week, the only major reveal left to come for Black Ops 2 is obviously the brand new zombie mode, which we’re guessing Treyarch will keep secret for as long as possible. It would probably be a close fight if you asked gamers what would they prefer to see between multiplayer and zombies, but we’re just glad that we’re finally getting some new info at last.

The lack of Black Ops 2 Declassified info on Vita is also very disappointing to a lot of you, so let’s hope this multiplayer reveal will open the barriers for more Declassified info during GamesCom when the Vita is set for a big showing. As we mentioned above, multiplayer is going to be on show at the GameStop expo on August 29. Not only is it going to be on show, but it’s going to be playable as well.

With an ‘adaptive’ campaign mode, futuristic multiplayer and the continuation of the immensely popular zombie mode, is this going to be the most successful Call of Duty game in history?

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  • Wewefr

    to be fair i prefer the old skool WWI & WWII guns etc of WAW, all i’m waiting for is the zombies!! New zombies, i just hoep they don’t wreck and loose the orginal gameplay.

  • doyomommaindabutt

    need more declassified details

  • Lokafooak

    fail worst cod games ever

  • Alex

    It’s being released Tuesday August 7th not Wednesday

  • Johnyoungmhs

    It sure will be the most successful or else infinity ward will always have the record and we dont want that

    • UnknownUser28

      Mw3 didn’t actually beat black ops for most sold. It only beat the ”best selling” record. 

      • Nathanflores39

        yeah i agree black ops was way better than mw3. mw3 is waste of time