Samsung Galaxy Note 2 must go multi carrier

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 5, 2012

The future looks bright for Samsung and their upcoming Galaxy Note 2 launch, and when we look back it’s easy to see why consumers love the original model, which went exclusive on AT&T. Shock could be one word used to describe what the other carriers might have thought after seeing the success of Galaxy Note, and we’re sure T-Mobile will be happy to receive the large smartphone this month, but what about the carrier choice for Galaxy Note 2?

Breaking a contract for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – some people want the smartphone so bad they’ll break their contract for it, although it is hoped the Galaxy Note 2 will launch on more than just AT&T. Samsung need a better strategy to meet demand with the second offering, and we’re hearing from a number of PR readers that really want the Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint and Verizon.

Some delay expected for multiple carriers – there is a good chance we’ll see AT&T receive the Galaxy Note 2 first at launch, although you can also count on a staggered release for each carrier. We know the Galaxy Note 2 is being revealed on August 29, thanks to a Samsung rep, although Samsung need to be clear with the release date for each carrier to stop people jumping ship if they have to wait too long. Most people will wait until their eligible for an upgrade, and certainly not much longer than this if there aren’t any clear launch dates.

Are you desperate to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch on Sprint and Verizon? Something that is extremely favorable with Sprint is their 4G LTE network, and when it comes to Verizon you’ll find the biggest 4G network, so this is just one reason why a lot of consumers are requesting the Galaxy Note 2 for other networks. Then you have the different coverage for each area of the United States, and AT&T will not do for a lot of people, which gives even more weight to other carriers being needed.

There needs to be balance when it comes to the different carrier launches, and some people have voiced fears that the dates could be too staggered like with the Galaxy S3, so let’s hope the gaps are just a couple of weeks apart at the most.

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  • Smartphoneandpeople

    Im on sprint and a larger screen device will be a huge plus for me

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    It would be monumentally dumb for Samsung to not release this on Verizon…

  • Obrienmills

    COME TO SPRINT PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billy Bob

     Something that is extremely favorable with Sprint is their 4G LTE network????

    Oh, stop it!
    Stop pretending Sprint’s coverage is nationwide.
    Sprint has 4G LTE in 5 cities while the rest of the country is dark!
    It may Sprint by the end of next year to get where Verizon is right now.

    • Billy Bob

       *It may TAKE Sprint

  • I would love to see this hit vzw!

  • Ron_Swanson

    Verizon first…..screw everyone else. Just kidding. Not really…..

  • Harveyd63

    Bring it on Verizon Stop messing around! !!!!!

  • yarrellray

    Even if Samsung lainches the Galaxy Note 2 in a staggered way it must hit all carriers in the US just like the Galaxy S3 did this past summer. NO CARRIER EXCLUSIVE this way every android lover has the opportunity to enjoy this beast the way it should be. I want this on tmobile as soon as possible even if it is November/December I would be happy. They should launch GSM carriers first meaning T-mobile/Asst&t lets say October5th then Sprint/Verizon October 15 or vice versa…

    • Ron Wilson

      I now have a HTC Evo with sprint, no contract. I wanted a Galaxy S2 but didn’t want AT&T. I understand that at the end of Aug. 2012 the Note 3 will be coming out. I sure hope it is available on Sprint or I might be forced to switch carriers.