iPhone 5 analogy is chalk-cheese

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 4, 2012

We have seen a few smartphone comparisons in our time but none are stranger than the iPhone 5 versus the Galaxy Note 2, and while both phones are not even released yet, the weird factor lies in the size difference. When you look at the type of users both these smartphones are aim at, it is like comparing chalk and cheese, but this hasn’t stopped a number of blogs comparing these upcoming phones.

Very little fact is known about the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 – we have heard plenty of rumors about both devices, but one common factor for the Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5 is a change in screen size. There is mounting evidence that the Note 2 will increase to a 5.5-inch display, although the form factor is rumored to stay the same while the screen will increase slightly thanks to a redesign. The most common rumor for the iPhone 5 is a taller display, but in this case the form factor is expected to grow slightly longer.

We looked at the credibility of the iPhone 5 size in the past, and the photo above shows the iPhone 4S next to a Galaxy Note, which clearly shows each smartphone would have to cater to a very different user. This fact alone hasn’t stopped this article from being published, and the author attempts to justify the comparison of both the upcoming smartphones.

Two smartphones that have their own niche – It’s understandable that both these phones will arrive around the same time, although could either really take business away from the other? As an iPhone user for 5 generations we had to test the Samsung Galaxy S3 at launch, and while it impresses the size of that Android phone seemed more like a brick tablet on our ear, so thinking of potential iPhone 5 buyers wanting a massive 5.5-inch display seems almost impossible, unless they don’t make many phone calls.

Undeniable support for the Galaxy Note 2 – we cannot doubt the overwhelming support for the Samsung Galaxy Note, and also the follow-up that’s expected really soon, which can be clearly seen on any blog talking about the Galaxy Note 2. The current model owners cannot sing enough praise for a smartphone that first received a lot of negativity, so thumbs up to Samsung for creating a niche with the Note.

Can you understand why some people compare the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2? If you are considering one of these smartphones we’d love to know why you want that device, so hit the comments with the reasons you love Samsung or Apple smartphones.

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  • jerrymcafee

    Apparently Apple thinks the Galaxy Note II resembles the iPhone as it is now on the forbidden list of Samsung phones. Go figger.

  • societyofosiris

    I have waited nearly 7 years for a business-class replacement to my Samsung I-730. This device has quickly replaced my laptop, tablet & cellphone. At times I find a quick minute to do some R&R and find myself actually enjoying Netflix & Hulu. Able to take a call from my shirt pocket if I am on the go or take notes while on a call.

    Galaxy Note + S-Pen Accessory + Moshi iVisor AG = quick text/email/note taking as they provide a comparable feel to pen and paper.

    Galaxy Note + Samsung Vehicle Mount + Samsung 32GB Class 10 Micro SD = Police style Dash-Cam capable of recording 4.5 hours in 1080 HD. Also doubles as a GPS device when I plug in the USB mobile charger for the long road trips.

  • societyofosiris

    I have waited nearly 7 years for a business-class replacement to my Samsung I-730. This device has quickly replaced my laptop, tablet & cellphone. At times I find a quick minute to do some R&R and find myself actually enjoying Netflix & Hulu. Able to take a call from my shirt pocket if I am on the go or take notes while on a call.

    Galaxy Note + S-Pen Accessory + Moshi iVisor AG = quick text/email/note taking as they provide a comparable feel to pen and paper.

    Galaxy Note + Samsung Vehicle Mount + Samsung 32GB Class 10 Micro SD = Police style Dash-Cam capable of recording 4.5 hours in 1080 HD. Also doubles a GPS device when I plug in the USB mobile charger.

  • Jobsloid

    I have the Note and I think it’s the best phone I have ever used. I had the iPhone 4 and the 3G before that and, although I think they’re both decent phones, they just don’t tick all the boxes I want them to tick.
    My Note has become my one gadget. It is my pocketable phone, newspaper, books, social networker, TV, movie theatre, music player, sketch pad, texter and browser all in one. Before I bought it I’d have to carry my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4 around everywhere. What a pain.

    Now, my iPad sits and gathers dust at home most of the time.
    I own a PowerBook G4 laptop by Apple and I love that old thing, it has never broken down, had a virus, needed rebooting etc etc etc and it’s 8 years old now. I absolutely admire and respect Apple products for their ease of use and simplicity.
    But, when it comes to phones now, I just can’t fault the Note running android ICS.

    In fact, the Note has taught me many things, the most important thing being that I couldn’t EVER go back to a smaller phone. In my opinion even the Galaxy S3 is too small.

    As long as someone, I don’t care who, produces a good high end, 5.3″ or larger screen phone, they will have a consumer in me.

  • Asl3383

    I am counting the days for the release of the Samsung galaxy note 2. The iPhone is incredibly frustrating when it comes to reading articles or webpages in general. The screen is so small that you must constantly scroll left and right as well as up-and-down. You have to be crazy to prefer an iPhone over the Samsung Note 2. ~Alex

  • Andiegc

    Already have the iPhone but ready for change 🙂

  • Whoever

    Never had an Android phone, so can’t comment on them. I’m not an apple fanboy, I have the iPhone 4 because it was a natural progression from my iPhone 3G. It does what I want it to do and it does it well. Maybe one day I might try android just to see what all the fuss is about. Looks like iOS and android will be with us for a long time, can’t see the point in bitching about which is better myself.

  • Willshaneswearingenswearing

    I have owned the Iphone 4. It is a good phone, no doubt.
    I gave my iphone to my wife who loves it.
    I have the Galaxy Note now, after owning 4 smart phones
    I will say this is the best phone I have ever owned hands down.
    I love the Galaxy Note, It is only limited by me. Where as the Iphone I
    Had was what it was, with no way to change it, no flexibility at all.
    I have become a real android fan thanks to my Galaxy Note, now I
    Understand the strength in the open design of my Note.
    I love my phone.

  • David Kight

    I seriously considered the iPhone 4s but I will be going with the Galaxy s3. My eyesight isn’t so hot and it’s not getting any better. The larger display is a huge advantage for me. I use a bluetooth headset so the size agaisnt my face is not an issue.

  • Dude

    LOL I love reading these comments. I can easily give cliff notes

    People that prefer the android provide a logical argument, giving their reasons why they prefer their OS to the highest degree of rationality

    Those that prefer iOS continue with ‘apple is better just becuz lol’

    • dude2

      says the android fanboy

      • Dude

        I own an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4. Hardly an ‘android fanboy’.

        I was pointing out how each side has been commenting on this article. I clearly did not mention anything about my opinion on the operating system. But thank you for further proving my point on the simple mindedness of the hipster douchebag sheeple that make up most of the apple fan base.

        I agree with iDroid wholeheartedly

    • iDroid

      No, people who prefer either platform can provide logical arguments, giving their reason why they prefer their OS to the highest degree of rationality. 

      I believe that iOS outdoes Android in some ways. For example, there is a larger selection of apps and media available in the iTunes Store than on Google Play. Updates are delivered promptly so users can get the latest and greatest. Siri is the state-of the art virtual assistant software that makes life so much easier (which Google copied). Facebook and Twitter integration included in iOS 6 can only be accomplished with 3rd party add-ons on Android. Basically, I think the user experience is more intuitive and polished.

      Android also has plenty of advantages as well. On-screen widgets rather than just rows of icons comes to mind. NFC payments, 4G LTE internet, integration with Google services without the need for 3rd party apps, and more just aren’t on iOS yet, and some may never be. OTA updates are great – provided your manufacturer ever gets around to pushing updates. You can customize your interface on Android, you aren’t just stuck with what Big Brother gave you. Finally, there’s no need to use iTunes or a similar bloated program. Just plug in your phone, drag and drop your mp3s, and they’re there. Android’s functionality is superior in many areas.

      Apple is the best-selling hardware manufacturer (this quarter Samsung passed them, but that’s mostly because of advance demand for iPhone 5), and Android is the best selling platform. They both have their pros and cons. iOS wins in terms of user experience and polish, while Android wins in terms of sheer functionality. There’s a market for each, it’s just a question of what matters to you more?

      • dodgebizkit

        I like this post – I hate the retards that go on about how good one is and how bad the other is. I love the 4S, the S3 and Lumia 900 – all 3 running different OSes and all 3 amazing and I wouldn’t say any is better or worse just different

      • Lol

        Forget itunes. You can download free music with android apps. I tunes is way restrictive

  • Would like it if Apple opened up a bit more and allowed their interpretation of Bluetooth technology to reach across to other smart phones.

  • Conal

    I would just LOVE if Apple made a 5’3inch size phone just like the note, because I like Apples OS better I have stuck with Apple over the years but since I have seen the S3 and the Galaxy Note I am now underwhelmed by the iPhone, anyone who says the iPhone 4S is better than the S3 is kidding themselves!

    • Man


      Agreed 100%!!!!

      The fact that they’re only increasing the length of the iPhone is pushing me towards the galaxy. It just seems really long and thin

      I had purchased a galaxy tab 10.1 but returned it for an iPad 2 for the very same reason. The galaxy tab was too long and thin. Even though the tab had a higher resolution screen I couldn’t stand browsing the Internet in either portrait or landscape mode

      The only thing keeping me from jumping to android is all the apps I’ve purchased on iTunes 🙁

    • I agree. They should release the 4 inch device called the iphone 4G LTE alongside an iPhone 5” with a fie inch display

  • Wasbikebloke

    Interesting comments about app stores. I use both and think both are great. I can always find an Android version of an iOS app and vice versa….and now either one may be free.
    It’s only the fact that I couldn’t sync iTunes music that kept me locked it but now Easy Phone Sync has changed that.

    I think both OS have their advantages and it’s a matter of choice…….I love the ease of use of iOS but love the live wallpaper and widgets of Android.

    Why do people comment xxxxx is best with so supporting comments??? No use to anyone

  • Wasbikebloke

    I’m watching the iPhone in the hope that they’ll produce a device with a new eye catching design and much larger screen….and not a boring rehash of the limited 4s

  • Wasbikebloke

    I’m in the market for either. I’ve had the note and thought it was fantastic but huge.

    Having finally succumbed and bought an iPad I love it but hate carrying 2 devices ….with 2 contracts…..and can see the advantages of a larger device.

    I love the integration that iOS gives and would love an Apple Note…..a mini iPad that could make the occasional call??????? I can’t the point of an iPad mini that doesn’t make calls. I’d be too big to pocket yet have none of the advantages of the iPads screen size……the note is as large as you can get and still carry in a shirt or jacket pocket.

  • AppleDroid

    I’m done this room is just filled with ignorant people that won’t give android a try but judges it like they are experts about it. Formal apple user and can say its not for everyone but my mom just used smartphones still barely uses her iPhone maybe an app or two and is not good with them but when I showed her what my s3 can do she ran out and bought one so that shows how simple and lag free android is. 150 thousand apps last year 600 thousand a year later losing to apple barely next year android will have mor and 56% of smartphone owners have android less than 30 have iPhones so apples gonna be just like blackberry in a few years. Thank you.

  • Apple!

    Ok, listen. I love Apple and am Apple all the way. Of course I recommend it, but you choose your own taste that fits you. 

  • Michael Francisco

    I’m still nursing along my iphone 3gs. I have always appreciated the stable, easy to use interface of Mac, and over the past 3 yrs ios. I’m not married to it and am waiting for an actual iphone5, or whatever it will be named, before choosing to upgrade to iphone versus android. I don’t use my stylus much on my lifebook tablet/laptop, so even though i like the huge screen and the idea of the note, I wont be carrying it with me on my runs…Maybe i’ll simply look to the nexus or something of the sort to cover that useage. I really wish I could have one device to do it all, but that just isn’t possible.

  • fjtb2000

    Just to keep this short, I love the camera / video camera capabilities + editing capabilities on iPhone 4. I love getting one new iPhone after another and not having to learn a new operating system. Love the Apple Stores where I can walk in and get free support. MOST importantly – I love selling my iPhone for the amount I bought it for. My last 3GS I bought From AT&T for $150. Sold it 18mths later for $150. My current iPhone 4 32G att I bought used for $170. I can easily get $200+ right now. How do Android phones hold there value? I never searched it out. I doubt it is even 1/2 as good. Maybe to some that’s not important.

    • fjtb2000

      fjtb2000 back. Just sold my iPhone 4 32g black for $260…Bought it for $170 well over year ago. On Sept 21 I Bought iPhone 5 64g black for $399. Not too bad!!! …. I should be able to sell it for $400 two years from now. That’s how I can afford it. Does any other phone, like Androids for example, sell used this well? Anyone??

  • Wbrujan

    First off comparing any phone to the iPhone is a waste of time.apple is the blueprint of technology. Secondly if apple was such a piece of sh*t why would android steal all of iPhone ideas like the emoji keyboard and lets not forget instagram.make up your own apps and quit copying apple!

    • Sorry man. Innovation requires new ideas. Not taking old ideas and rehashing them as something brand new. Apple didn’t come up with instagram. The only BOUGHT instagram.

      • Appleallday

        Actually Facebook bought instagram

    • chris

      Wow, you’re such an uninformed idiot it scares me a little. First, Instagram wasn’t designed by apple, it was simply released for iOS before Android. As for “apples keybard” what the hell are you on about? Do you actually believe that apple invented the soft-keyboard?? In terms of re-hashing the same technology, the iPhone is a perfect example of just that! every single piece of tech in the iphone already existed before it’s release, all apple did was package it together into a more usable form. I have nothing against apple, in fact I own a mac pro (and a nexus phone…) but I do have a problem with morons like yourself spewing absolutely bullshite. Please kindly die in a fire.

  • Wbrujan

    First off comparing any phone to the iPhone is a waste of time.apple is the blueprint of technology. Secondly if apple was such a piece of sh*t why would android steal all of iPhone ideas like the emoji keyboard and lets not forget instagram.make up your own apps and quit copying apple!

  • Wbrujan

    The s3 and galaxy note are not and never will be on the level of apple.apple is in a league of its own.its like comparing a pawn to a king!apple all the way 📱.one more thing android needs to stop stealing apple apps like the emoji keyboard and the infamous instagram copy cats!

    • Richard

      I’ve owned an iPhone 4 and now have a galaxy s3. Unless you’ve owned both devices, I don’t think you can give a honest/unbiased view. Me personally, I think the s3 blows the iPhone out type water. The connectivity of the s3 is way better. Not having to sync all the time is brilliant aswel. There are just too many better points about the s3 to reel off. All this being said by someone who was completely apple biased and wouldn’t even look at another phone

      • Lex

        But what are the attributes of the Iphone? I am a current Galaxy (s2) owner myself, and am about to purchase the Iphone 4s. Wondering the pros, as well as the cons…

        • one2three4

          Why are you purchasing a 4S? You’ve waited this long to buy a new iPhone so you might as well buy the new iPhone when it’s released or wait for Apple to officially drop the price on the 4S

    • Lol

      Lol fanboy. Owned every iPhone and iPad. First android phone was s2 and got s3. In don’t know what drugs your smoking kid. The blue print of technology? Lol every thing in the iPhone is built by another company. Shoot 30 percent of the components on iPhone are made by Samsung.

  • Hhh

    i will go for original invention thats Iphone by apple

  • Karan

    galaxy note rockx

  • Charay02

    People never keep in mind that  multiple companies use android in their phones. Because of this there are bound to be more hiccups vs, the iPhone. The Google play store (not Samsung store), in my opinion, is very user friendly and has more apps that people use day to day, especially free ones. Because the google store is opened source i see it growing exponentially over the next few years. So many iPhone users get on their high horse about how their phones are better, but they never give a legitiamate reason. Yes, iPhone is simpler and streamlined, but the skys the limit on these new android phone. These phones have unbridled power, gorgeous displays (not all as good as retina display), excellent hardware, and a personality. Lastly im my experience, the android community seems to be more friendly on the forums, vs Iphone users, who tend to be douchier and condescending.

    • Terryjambo

      Your last point is grossly incorrect my friend, from a somewhat non partisan point of view I must sadly profess that in my experience Fandroids and Ifans are about the same. Extremely annoying, dull, tiresome, repetitive and scream “innovation”, “thief” and “he must be a fan of a rival OS because he doesn’t enjoy inferior features”. I’d like to wash my hands of the lot of them, but there’s too many sites filled with their bile and OS bigotry. As far as I am concerned, Apple is outdated, stake and reliable while Samsung is new, expensive and releases far far to many devices that ruin it’s flagships (ex. The Note 2 will ruin the S3, and the S2 über variants ruined the S2). None of the others are in contention for me, especially fiscally, Android as a whole (outside of Samsung) recorded zero return profit last year, disagree? Then learn how to read the stick market, in business zero is never good unless it refers to how long your going to jailing for embezzlement.

    • Lex

      My question to this commentary would only be, does the phone define the man, or does the man define the phone?

  • Christienooks

    Comparing the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S3 is perhaps a better comparison. But I think it’s very understandable why some people would compare the iPhone 5 to the Note 2. They will both be high end devices releasing within weeks of each other. I think it’s really that simple.

    • one2three4

      I think it’s s dumb move on Samsung’s part to release the Note near the iPhone. Not to mention they released the GS3 a short time ago. Likely the Note won’t steal too too many of potential iPhone buyers, but more than anything they’ll just end up cannibalizing the sales of the recently released GS3.  I realize Android OEMs and fanboys like to tout being about having a choice, but company strategies like this are the reason why many Android OEMs make very little (if anything at all) in terms of profit because there are too many phones being released in a short amount of time and all end up competing with one another.  On the other hand, Apple doesn’t compete with anyone in because they are the sole manufacturer of the iPhone.  

      I understand that Samsung wants to compete with Apple, but I think it’s a bad idea to release another flagship phone shortly after the GS3 and so close to the iPhone’s release. Think of it as having a really good TV show that some people want to see, but the TV station decided to air it at the same time as the NBA Finals or the Super Bowl. Samsung being the most successful Android OEM has sold 10 million GS3 handsets in the 2 months of its availability.  Without a doubt Apple will sell the same amount within days. 

  • Aerialdude34

    iphone is just better

  • AppleLover

    It’s just pure sense that everyone would and should go for the iPhone.
    The fact that Apple has the best app store makes me go right to the iPhone.
    Apple’s app store is so much better than Samsung’s store. And the fact that
    you can go and buy an iTunes gift voucher from almost anywhere makes it
    even more convenient to buy cool game or apps. So without the Apple app
    store, there really is no iPhone! The samsung store is so lame that the Samsung
    phones and tablets turn me off. Done and Done! iPhone all the way!!! Cant wait to
    get the iPhone 5, iv’e been waiting since forever!

    • A guy

      A samsung store? It’s called google play, smart one. Android has a huge edge over iOS, they’ve been ahead in the game for years.

      • Somebody

        Could not agree more. Sure, the Apple AppStore has close to four times more apps than Google Play, but have you seen the number of DUPLICATE APPS on the AppStore? Let’s face it: 

        Open-Source will, in the near future, overtake company controlled systems like iOS.

        • Brandon112

          “Open-Source will, in the near future, overtake company controlled systems like iOS.” No it won’t. This has been being said since the beginning of the personal computer. It is simply a matter of taste. If open source was going to dominate then Apple would not have seen the success it has seen even in the face of linux or MS’s license approach. Some people prefer the integrated approach because it makes thing more user friendly for the end user. It is also true that some people prefer open source, but those are far fewer in numbers. Those kinds of people are programmers and the like, but regular (non-computer programmer) people do not really care if their software is open source or vertically integrated. They only care that it works.

        • Lol

          As I read this I contemplate on what game to play on my pc that you can’t play on a mac. Oh wait, that would be about 85 percent of all games. What’s the point of simplicity if there’s hardly any software available.

        • Brandon112

          @7fd1bc3083e54ac8254dc6ceb78d29b6:disqus Not everyone is a gamer. To some the ability to play games means absolutely nothing. To counter your point I will say that you are right in that there are not as many programs for Mac as there are for PC, but for the normal person this is really a non-issue because almost all of the major programs that 90% of computer owners use come in both PC and Mac. Your point about hardly any software being available is very over simplistic, but you already knew that. It is fairly obvious that you are not an Apple fan, but I am doubtful that you have actually had much experience with them aside from a few minutes on your buddy’s computer. I have owned PC’s and Mac’s, and I can do everything on a Mac that I can do on a PC. Plus I can run BootCamp if I really had to have some random Windows only program. Again, it all comes down to a personal preference, and for most, not being able to run a small amount of PC only programs is not even a factor in the decision.

        • Gevg

          I agree also there are loads of useless apps no good for anything day to day,I have always had the iPhone but must admit I am seriously looking at the s3 ..

        • Brandon112

          @f30547f1904608061b096d9da69fb3aa:disqus if you thought there were some useless apps for the iPhone you will certainly be in for a treat if you think that Android is going to be crApp free. You get bad ones right along with good ones in both stores.

      • yeah, Android has been ahead, on the amount of times the phones freeze up, the amount of times they call people (on their own), the amount of times calls get froze or muted or hung up. Yep, good idea, buy an Android. I’ll buy the original, the one that works, no copy for me. The iPhone 5 is going to be awesome.

        • Nasir

          I bought the S3 after having the iphone4 for last two years and I have to agree with you. Although there are some nice features on the S3, it doesn’t compare to the iphone in simplicity to use and how smooth ios is.

    • Bobmclightning

      The Samsung Store?
      Never heard of it, but maybe you mean Google Play, with over 650k apps and growing.
      Buying an iTunes voucher seems like a pain in the ass, I’ll just take 2 minutes and open a Google Wallet account.

      Go ahead and buy your outdated iCrap, I will buy a real phone, like a One X or S3.

      • Fag

        outdated icrap? good one douche bag, it’s more technologically advanced than your galaxy shit3.

        • Lol

          More advanced how? Less functions, no 4g, no swype the list goes on isheep

        • chris

          You really believe that? Did your mother smoke crack whilst she was pregnant? I mean really, just look at the specs, it’s not a matter of opinion, it’s just a plain and simple fact. The S3 has FAR more advanced features in almost all regards, I can’t think of a single feature the iphone is higher specced in.

    • Lol

      Your words became meaningless the second you compared apple store to Samsung store? Wtf are you yapping about troll. It’s Google Play.