GTA V subtle hints this week

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 5, 2012

This week has been one of the most interesting as far as Grand Theft Auto 5 is concerned, which delivered something a little more solid in the form of a religious viral statement, and also some renewed hope for GTA V to feature a 2012 release date. Since the first trailer we have seen very little in the way of real news, but recently there has been two new photos and this week some subtle hints thanks to an old project being restarted by Rockstar.

The religious website we wrote about 3 days ago might be remembered by some gamers from the past, but considering the renewed tweets and strong messages towards GTA V, it is certainly being worked on right now in a form of viral marketing for GTA V. You can also look at the websites code to see the links to Rockstar, and as we mentioned before the navigation links to the official Rockstar Games website.

New information for Grand Theft Auto V – there is a number of fans counting on new information this month for GTA V, and while this is unlikely to be at Gamescom it looks possible considering the viral effort that started within the last couple of weeks. This week also saw the need for GTA V on a financial level, and how much Take-Two are pinning on the success of the next GTA game, which is almost guaranteed but worries some analysts considering they’re putting all their eggs in one basket.

Expectations for the game to launch this year – considering the financial need for GTA 5 we could see the release date land in 2012, and this is exactly what well-known Michael Pachter expects. His views always meet a mixture of reactions from gamers, but in a recent report Pachter explains that GTA 5 would need to launch in 2012 to reach the revenue level needed by April next year. You can see his comments below, and while most gamers don’t want Rockstar to rush GTA 5 it’s understandable they might need to release sooner rather than later.

Would you be happy if Rockstar had to rush Grand Theft Auto 5 slightly thanks to meeting certain financial results? Most fans want the game to arrive as soon as possible, but are happy to wait for a better quality game. Those gamers that say they won’t buy GTA 5 thanks to the lack of information are mostly voicing frustration, and when the release date arrives they’re likely to purchase the game anyway.

Real problems could arrive if the developers had to rush certain parts of the game thanks to a need for bringing in revenue for Take-Two, and we’d really hate to see Rockstar’s polished image ruined due to financial demand.

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    we got more screenshots today.
    rockstars web page. also on their facebook. told y’all we will get something before end of month. hahahaha

  • GTKade

    Calm down guys this whole argument is over when GTA:V comes out which is silly, you should just be happy that it’s coming out at all and when it does we all know it’s going to be amazing

  • hamletkok

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  • MyKokisinurbum

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  • noober suckston

    Just let Rockstar do what they want, you might add a little pressure into the team causing them to release it early making the game a little buggy (I know V has been in development for a long time). To those who are like “IM GOING TO KILL YOU ROCKSTAR IF YOU DON’T RELEASE IT BY 2012” like is the world going to end on December 21 or something?

  • Mantle

    I would wait years for V, i want a perfect game that lasts for years

  • Isselman2000

    So GTA IV came out exactly six months and three years after GTA: San Andreas. Right now we are about two months shy of it being FOUR and a half years since the release of GTA IV… And we are still out serious information about, let alone a release date for, GTA V. Is it just me or is this starting to look suspiciously like a Duke Nukem Forever???

    • yomomma

      “Duke Nukem Forever” really? calm your tits its been four years not twelve. it most likely will be released next year.

      • isselman2000

        It’s not the release date that’s concerning, but the fact that no information has been coming out in the last 9 months. With GTA IV, even with the massive delay, they would release a new trailer every three months. This time, after promising information “in the coming months” after the trailer, all they released were a couple screenshots eight months in which revealed substantially less than even the first trailer. Is GTA V in financial trouble?

  • Paradox430

    Ahhh UK here! Over the ‘pond’ we are very happy to wait, a game this sizeis going to take time and after all you can’t rush perfection! You know what R* I think I speak for the majority when I say you take as long as you like getting this game right! I’d rather wait and play another R* classic than some money rushed flop!

    • Mr Big

      I totally agree with you on that. I just wish to hear/see a bit more about how the game is coming along. I don’t think this would damage the sales one bit. Publishing more information would at least make it easier for the fans to bridge the time before the release. In the end, quality is all that matters.

    • Rockstar

      Haha just an FYI, Rockstar North, the developers of GTA are actually based in the UK, thus meaning a large amount of the game will be made here not over the ‘pond’.

  • Snake050872

    And for the next gen, I hope R* goes into the ways of cry engine – taking a look at far cry 3, makes me wonder how awesome a gta game would be in an engine like that, and now unreal 4 and Agnes philosophy, wow – maybe more to come!

    • Ill2down

      R* will just work on their RAGE engine, the physics is some of the best, everything will be absolutely amazing for the next gen GTA

  • Snake050872

    Too bad it’s coming out for this Gen of consoles. There’s nothing to be done to undo this, since GTAV has been in dev for so long, and Next Gen dev kits just got shipped in Februrary. Now if I want to be blown away, I have to wait several years until a next gen GTA comes out. And I know that Next Gen version will be the Bomb! It will be as if we are playing CGI with of course super improved physics and lighting! This Gen sucks ass, and that’s why I never had an Xbox 360 or PS3. BUT, for the sake of playing GTAV, I will buy either an xbox360 or a gaming pc, whatever is better, since I know GTAV will be the same on all platforms. I’m saying because of DLCs.

    • Whereisit

      where’s your evidence? or are you trolling for attention?

      • do you really  think this game is next gen???????
        where is your proof that this game is next gen????
        b/c TONS of people have already pre-order this game for this gen consoles.

        • YUnostoptrolling

          Where’s your evidence that it’s even available for pre order?

        • some random fella

          caus i have preorded it and jesse t has probably preorded it as well

        • yep.

        • Not to make you sound like a dumbass but um, can you properly comprehend the English language? He (assuming you were actually replying to “snake” since “whereisit” doesn’t even make mention of a next gen system) clearly says in his first sentence, “Too bad it’s coming out for this Gen of consoles.” Now I’m no English teacher but I’m preeeeety sure he never said it is next gen. God help us all.

        • i was replying someone who deleted there comment.
          forgot who it was

        • and if i’m wrong he said where is your evidence.
          he didn’t say evidence about what. I assmued he ment This game to be next gen b/c well LOTS of people believe that this game is next gen. Now do you know what sort of Evidence he was talking about??

  • Richard

    It won’t be out this year, because this year the sales of games have dropped hugely and if GTA V was released this year, Rockstar know they won’t get as much units sold as they would if they waited till 2013, also i’m not trying to make out i know everything because i don’t i’m just thinking outside of the box and fans who have seen 2 screenshot photos going crazy thinking it will be released near Christmas need to calm down purely because it’s stupid to big something up that you don’t actually know when the release date is and everyone would prefer a long wait for GTA V because we know the quality will be much better.

    • i agree with ya.
      its not coming out this year.
      and heads up.
      your comment is about to get alot of hate

    • Yoyo_not_yoyoyo

      there is a possibility of it coming out this year BUT unless we hear conformation by R* at the latest Sept (maybe Oct), it may not but there is the possibility

  • CJ

    I find this all too funny, you know how rockstar work and the way they approach releasing a game especially the GTA series, it will be released when they release it. Whatever the case you know they’ll want to hype it up as much as possible and make as much money as they can. We’ll just have to keep our ears to the ground and see what scraps of information they decided to throw our way and enjoy what we get until the day of the release comes

  • 4356MareNights

    Rockstar should not rush the game.  No matter when it is released people will be upset about the timing until the release.  However, once it’s released all the crying will stop…unless the game is low-quality.  If the game is weak, the bitching will continue endlessly.  Quality is the answers to all these problems. 

    If the game is great no one will remember the wait.  If the game is great the financial goals for the game will be met and exceeded.  If the game is great we’ll all play it endlessly and then wait impatiently for DLC and GTA 6.  Rockstar seems to know this…they seem to wait until the game is right. 

  • Unkown

    Guys, KIFFLOM (The main word on the website) is backwards for March Or Late February, Five is Koming. (MOLFFIK)

    • unnamed

      that would make sense if it wasnt for the fact that march comes after february so kind unlikely…

      • don’t count on late February. Bioshock is coming out.
        Count on March.
        2012 is impossible. sorry people go ahead and call me what ever y’all want. This game isn’t coming out this year. 

        • Unkown

          Well then it wont sound right would it? (@6cbcf44c567fd4b38ab2d492a1662c2c:disqus)

    • Your a virgin :)

      No KIFFLOM is not backwards for march or late February five is coming, it’s backwards for MOLFFIK you absolute FUCKTARD 🙂 p.s your a virgin 🙂 I know because you was sad enough to think about something like that 🙂

      • Doesn’t it make you feel stupid when you try and make fun of someone else but “your” grammar sucks so bad you end up inadvertently making yourself look like the idiot?

        • Jesse Pinkman

          Grammar nazis are worse than actual nazis

      • Unkown

        I did not think of it.

    • Writer

      If you were a real GTA fan you would know where “kifflom” comes from.

  • Vader

    There is absolutley no need for a rushed launch. Trust me it will be a mistake. Of course it can and will outsell Crap Ops 2, and AC:III, and that game with that bald dude in a suit. BUT, It will sell substantially less than a 2013 release, something along the lines of, hmm I dunno lets say February. The suspicion nowadays and the amount of talk revolving around GTA is enormous, but they’ve got to release tidbits of info, TV spots, and even like GTA IV billboards and stuff… Y’know public advertisement. 4 months is a bit “HmpfYeahIdunno”. If they announce 2013 release and give us info occcassionally that will feed the anticipation; FACT. But yeah I’m willing to wait as long as Take-Two delivers another quality GTA game, I wouldn’t want to miss out on even tiny cool feature. I want EVERYTHING rockstar planned to be in the game IN THE GAME. PERIOD.

    • Ill2down

      Bald dude in a suit is Hitman 5 absolution which will be a pretty good game, I plan on getting it as well as GTA 5 when it’s out, not sure about BLOPs 2, but Everyone will be playing it and I’m not sure if I should give Activision my hard earned money for the same product we’ve gotten for last last 3 years

  • Newyorkbum_1

    Good chance the gta5 will be out may/June 2013 cause that’s been the rockstar release time for their past titles and they’re promoting Max Payne 3 (DLC wise). So between october went the final peice of DLC gets release to around feb/mar went Max Payne 3 Complete Edition is out, Rockstar will most likely release info and a second trailer on gta5

    • trust me GTA V will be out before March 31st. 

  • Kieran123456

    Tbh I think your all fuckers…

  • NiCk14AlPhA

    It wont be out this year, i dont understand people are still hoping for it. 

    Games, especially high end ones, always have plenty of warning and trailers and hype. In other words, if it was out this year, we’d have probably 3 trailers, the newest dropping last week.

    What the trailer was, was probably in game constructed footage, to start the hype.

    People saying Rockstar and TT dont care, tsk. 

    Rockstar and TT know EXACTLY what they are doing. They sat down and thought, “Alright guys. Weve made this game bigger than LC. Probably one of the largest game words created too. Weve put in a lot of new features and new characters. How do we sell this game.” … “I know, how about we put out a trailer, and build up so much hype and mystery, to get GTA firmly in the news, and basically middle finger them all, so that the game gets so much press that people will be trying to steal the cases off the shelves.”

    To all those hating on Rockstar and TT, they have you right where you want to, creating the hype and talking about GTA V up to release.

    • NiCk14AlPhA

      Its Rockstar all over, which makes me think this game will be a cracker.

    • if you posted this on youtube it will get negative review b/c you said GTA V isn’t coming out this year.
      i’ve been negative review for that like 5 times. haha.

      • NiCk14AlPhA

        I thought this reply would be a negative one. 
        Its all you get for speaking the truth. 

        The games industry is easy to know. You dont have next to nothing on potentially the biggest selling game, with only 4 months left in the year. 

        March 2013. Autumn at the latest. Next year.

        • Beforeduringafter

          r* are only doing the silence for MP 3, not so they “have us where they want us”. it is possible for a 2012 release, but maybe they have YOU where they want you. making you believe a 2013 release is a certainty when BAM 2012, the game is released and you are surprised and they have got you.

        • March 2013 for sure.
          Take-Two wants that 2Billion goal GTA V has to be out before end for March.
          BioShock and Borderlands 2 will sell but won’t be enough to get to that goal. 
          GTA V COULD do a DEC release.
          (most people) seem to believe that with Bioshock coming out in Feb. GTA V will be out Holiday 2012.
          But enough people know about Bioshock by now that they have either Pre-ordered it or are going to rent it..
          to where GTA V won’t effect the sales of Bioshock

    • Ill2down

      How many people know about GTA 5 already? The only trailer we’ve gotten was enough to forever kidnap everyones attention until a trailer for GTA 6 vice city (just throwing that out there, just wish the next GTA for next gen would be Vice city, dynamic lighting, physics 10X better than now, so much more stuff, with the 80s themed scarface story 😀 it would be epic) is out and that means we will be busy for the next half decade give or take

  • People more info is coming soon.
    we will get more info before this month is over with.
    just wait

    • How do you know that ?

      • just trust me and if i’m wrong then on September 1st come back here and call me a dumbass

        • Suspicions

          let me guess. you, relative or a friend works for r* or TT? or you have inside info? or your god told you? or it was in a dream? or you, relative or a friend hacked r* or tt? or you are a troll looking for attention?

        • if you must know KIFFLOM told me
          brother uncle.
          info coming soon is what he said

        • nohope

          so you are a troll trying to get attention by feigning a real belief in something you know to be just a joke? wow! i knew trolls stooped to a low level, but i was NOT expecting to read one go that low… there is no hope for the human race when you look at some people

        • Don’t call my religion fake. How dare you.
          And i’m sorry you don’t believe me. 
          But be ready for more info this month.

        • nohope

          more information would be great, but with all the attention seeking trolls out there, a bold statement such as yours would most certainly need to be taken with a pinch of salt. i hate to break it to you, but R* made up Kliffom and it is as real as my penis

        • I have been worshiping KIFFLOM for over 8 years. It is a true religion. i’m sorry you refuse
          to believe uncle brother.
          Remember we all come from the same tree. FACT

        • Nohope

          stop trolling it got boring ages ago

    • Jack deeh

      an what do you base that rather bold statement on?

  • Alex

    I Understand that they need to take time with these things but atleast a second trailer or up to date pictures would be nice

  • All these people crying and hating because a release date is not yet confirmed need to grow up i mean GTA V will be released and we have to wait… big deal, as long as the game is great i have no issues in waiting because the longer the wait the more work they are putting in to the game to make it better

    • Donconjo

      Rockstar knows if they will make 2012 or not, they could easily say don’t count on 2012

    • Chris

      People that whine about dev companies not announcing a release date are more than likely to be the first crying when the game is broken on launch..

  • Wooop

    Wel if they need to make 2billion by march why didnt they start making the game when they brought gta 4 out? But anyways if they brought it out for christmas they will make millions if not billions tons of people i know are talking about it! this better be THE best game ever.

    • GTA V was in the works since like 2009.
      and that is the month it is coming out. March 2013. 
      This game is not a holiday 2013 release nor is it Spring-Fall 2013 release. 

  • James mcinnes

    i dont care when it comes out just as long as its jept at a high standard

  • This game dose not have to come out this year.
    They have until March 2013 to make release.
    Enough people know about Bioshock by now that A)They’ve pre-ordered it. B(renting it. C) waiting for more GTAV news.
    Take-Two (rock*s parent company) for those who don’t know. needs to make 2billion by end of march.
    GTAV has been in the works since 2008-or 2009. due to Poor sales of spec ops the line. and MP3 . They have MP3 DLC, Borderlands 2. NBA 2K 13. XCOM and Bioshock coming out before March (and some other small games too) but that won’t be enough to get to 2Billion mark. 
    Now for those conspiracy nuts out there. OCT on licence plate dose not mean an OCT release. and the other number combo’s in game trailer dose not mean a thing either. (That one famous number combo is the BIRTHDAY of Mr. Dan Houser. 
    Now. This game COULD come out this year. It will sell, but not as good if it came out in March. I’m all for a 2012 release but its not happening. this game won’t be out no latter then March 31st. DO NOT listen to people saying oh its next gen. to bad its 2014 or holiday 2013. thats a lie the game is coming out before March 31st. 

    • Lizzy

      Why wouldn’t it sell good if it came out this year? It could easily blow away Copy and Paste: Black Ops 2

      • Halo 4
        Hitman absoultions
        Assassins Creed 3
        Stupid ops 2 no i’m sorry turd ops2 isn’t only big game coming out holiday.
        It will sell better if it came out when there is no competition. 

        • Simplesays

          halo is the same as COD and Battlefield. assassin’s creed 3 will be the same as assassin’s creed 1, 2, brotherhood and revelations only with 1 or 2 differences. they are all copy and paste games but, with the 1 or 2 different things, it means you can be amazed at something for 5 minutes and then no longer notice it. hitman is just poor. i do think GTA 5 could still be a 2012 release cos, if you look at the recent advertising, R* wouldn’t need to do much and announce it’s release only 1 or 2 months before it comes out

        • only way for it to come out this year ONLY way is if we get info SOON.
          Even if we still get info. won’t make it most def. for a 2012 release. just be ready for a March 2013 release that way when they say March 2013 release you’ll be like oh ok. well i was setting my sights on that anyway. that way you wont get your hopes up. BUT they have a release date of 2012 HIGHLY UNLIKELY. you’ll be like sweet i was hoping for a 2013 release but here it is. coming out in 2012. AWESOME..  

        • Martin Thompson

          the publicity is high and usually people only announce a games release a few months prior to the release due to advertising purposes. GTA already have a load of advertising done already meaning that they would only really need 1 or 2 months of advertising before they hot their target. plus this new site should be an indication to some news coming soon and that MAY bring some of the fans who have claimed they are not going to bother with it and not get it (whether they actually will or not is another question… i bet they are still very much going to get it) back and willing to buy the game.
          i will admit though, having been in the marketing business for 22 years, i haven’t seen a marketing strategy of “keep it hidden from the fans” at least, not for this long. i can see why they have done it. sales of MP 3 were lower than expected so they are keeping info related to GTA 5 hidden so they can get more sales of MP 3 and other games to relieve some of the pressure from GTA 5, but, they made the mistake of announcing GTA 5, a big and very anticipated game, while a less anticipated game was about to come into play

        • Martin Thompson

          sorry, i meant release game release date a few months (4-8) prior to the release to the game’s release. sorry

        • well this site isn’t new. its just been updated. its been around since 2004.
          and people won’t buy MP3 if Rockstar keeps GTAV a secret. Reason why MP3 didn’t do good is b/c GTAV was indeed reviled to early. and people want GTA V not MP3. 

        • Jagagag

          To say that Assassin’s Creed 3 will be the same as Assassin’s Creed 1 except for ‘one or two differences’ is an unbelievably dumb comment. Sorry. 

        • Simplesays

          will you be an assassin? yes. will you fight the templars? yes. will you be a lone hero? yes. will you need to use stealth and precision? yes. 
          what i meant, but clearly you are far too dumb to realize, is that there is only 1 or 2 differences between each game. assassin’s creed 2- 2 hidden blades and new locations. ac: brotherhood- new location and the ability to command a group of assassins. ac: revelations- new location and newer weapons and tech. ok, maybe i should have said “few” but it still doesn’t take away the fact that some people use “1 or 2” to symbolize a small amount. 
          don’t be rude

        • Ok. even if all those games “the same as previous” its still competition.
          IF Rockstar releases GTAV in march WITH NO competition it will sell a WHOLE LOT BETTER then it could in OCT-DEC. 
          I am saying it will sell but it won’t sell as good as it could if it is Release in march. (BIGGEST GAME OF THE NEW YEAR). People i’m sorry y’;all want a 2012 release but its 99.9999999 % chance of it not coming out in 2012. 

        • Jack Deeh

          it is likely there will be a 2012 release simply read ” 
          GTA already have a load of advertising done already meaning that they would only really need 1 or 2 months of advertising before they hot their target. plus this new site should be an indication to some news coming soon and that MAY bring some of the fans who have claimed they are not going to bother with it and not get it (whether they actually will or not is another question… i bet they are still very much going to get it) back and willing to buy the game. ” quote from Martin Thompson a few comments down. he is speaking truth

        • Moejoe69a

          dont be stupid will u, we have xmas coming in december if anytime is best for a game to release its now to december because at least if ppl cant afford the game they can ask for it for xmas off family or friend. some people dont get it, u have fans that either like cod or battlefield, but gta is a game of its own so when ppl say what shall i get fifa or pes, battlefiel or cod u dont get that with gta its shall i get gta or gta or gta simple as that no body i mean no body will put another game before gta v well at least no one over the age of 4 hahahaha, people get real rockstar dont give a f**k about competition end of the day any time for release will bring competition thats a risk u take in this industry, all they care about is getting everthing right before they release new news, they will be seeing exactly what they can actually put in the game and keep it and make it work before they release false information.

        • your going to be so sad when GTA V won’t come out in 2012

        • Moejoe69a

          i will be emotionally sad but at least i wont be sad and pathetic like you. you see JesseT, some people have something called respect you dumb b**ch sl*t. suck your dad’s c*ck

        • sure what ever you say kid.
          what ever you say.
          (FYI emotionally is what i ment and also if you saw the HAHA at the end you will also see i was messing with ya).
          how about you learn to read

        • Moejoe69a

          i am just messing with you. tbh i am bored and i have broken my back recently in a car chase. PIT went VERY wrong …don’t worry, i was the cop 🙂 bye

        • Mc-Turk

          F U mate

        • no thank you turk.
          and why hate???

        • Vader

          You’re kinda contradicting yourself…
          Dude, anything can sound the same if you put it in that context. Even in GTA. I could say: Do you steal cars? Yes. Do you do missions for others? Yes. Do you fly helicopters? Yes. Can you hang out with friends? Yes. If you made that comment thinking you had the guy by the balls then I’m sorry but you are real mistaken. I understand what you were trying to transmit but I think you were much more aggressive in your comment directly dissing him individually, whereas he insulted your comment. Hopefully you’re not one of those people that have gigantic poles up their a__es thinking they’re all that. But yeah, I had to say that.

        • Simplesays

          exactly,GTA 5 will be the same as any other. but it is the way the similarities are delivered and COD, AC and all the rest i mentioned, simply don’t deliver the similarities in a way in which you the player can feed off of. besides, GTA is free roam which leads to there being a lot more things to do once you get bored of the tedium of the same stuff over and over again. granted, AC has free roam but you can’t do 1/4 of the things to keep you entertained which you can do in GTA.
          i don’t think i have anyone by the balls. what i think isn’t any of your business. tbh i think a lot of things about you right now seeing as how you have been so combative but i don’t think that is anyone’s business besides you own and tbvh, if what i think about someone bothers them, then maybe they need to reassure your belief in think i am an arrogant, stuck up stupid little brat who  will do anything for attention? if so, who cares? you have your opinions and they are your problem, if you can’t realize that actually people out of your imagination actually don’t have minds of their own, that’s your loss

        • Vader

          If I came across that way (combative) then it’s not what I meant. It certainly wasn’t my intention, maybe you perceived it the wrong way. HOWEVER, I never directly adressed you as a stuck up little brat… Never did I say my opinion was better than yours, never did I say I was angry or annoyed by your comment. The first half of your comment I didn’t mind, the second half however did make you seem like a prick. If you read my comment properly and not half-assed then, you woulda realised I used the term “think” alot, for example the by the balls sentence. You’re quite defensive though. But yeah, I dont mind your opinion at all, but you’re probably going to reply in a extremley defensive way….

        • Simplesays

          you were combative because you acted and wrote in a combative way. you know what? it doesn’t matter what you think of me or what i think of you. how about we just NEVER speak again because this is boring and internet fights are for trolls and the unemployed with nothing better to do. end this and never speak again? i wouldn’t bother too much with a reply, i couldn’t care less and i wont reply back no return to this site. bye

        • Whereisit

          how did he contradict himself?

        • Mc-Turk

          assassins creed has changed alot on this one if u did any research u would know that they have changed everything this time it has nothing to do with Italy or Italians its about america and the whole map has changed also there is lots of new features.

        • NiCk14AlPhA

          Most of those games have a lot of difference though. Just everyone jumps on saying they wont.

          Black Ops, is set in the future. That is a bit different to every other CoD thats been, look at the multiplayer.

          Assassins Creed, that had a different story in ACII, made it amazing, the other two were a bit copies of each other, to keep AC in the loop for ACIII which already looks a shitload different.

          Halo 4, thats sort of a copy, but again, different story, and its the return of the chief. In all honesty, being Microsofts flagship franchise, that has no problems. Plus people will want to see how 343 have done on it.

          Most games in a franchise are simliar to th others, otherwise it wouldnt be a franchise then.

          GTA V will be amazing yes, but if your on about games copying and such, GTA V will be in a way then by your logic, like GTA all in all. A guy needing to escape some past and people, shooting people up about it, stealing their cars, getting a wanted level oh and flying cars up in the air. (Im hoping for the fun cheats back xD )

          Most games are like others. But the person is right up there, GTA V would do better with less competition, as much as people dont like CoD these days, its the same fot GTA with a lot too.

          It wont be this year, R* have done a smart thing. They have the hype nailed. One trailer and nothing for ages? Caused uproar. Everyone knows about it now. Soon they will be setting in motion the details and release.

        • NiCk14AlPhA

          Just going to add, when i say at the top and bottom;
          Most games are like others but have their differences.

        • Moejoe69a

          gta v could have as much competition as it could get and it would still  outsell anything, rockstar dont care about competition, they know that no game out there can actually compete with it in sales, the reason theres no new news yet is because there not ready to give news yet, its got nothing to do with competition u FOOL

  • MeGusta5810

    At last some news, now I feel happy that Take-Two is releasing more news

  • And that is why publishers suck. They’re all about the money. I’m surprised though, I figured Rockstar would have been big enough to be in control of their own flagship game, and not leashed to a publisher’s schedule. Power to the Developers!

    • angryBird2452

      ur being stupid listening to this writer as its the almighty word or something. gta 5 has been in development since around 2010. when u saw the first trailer it looked damn well finished as it had pedestrians and particle effects which are usually added near the end of development. just because rockstar hasnt shown anything on the game, doesnt mean it isnt ready… they could just be setting up a huge surprise for everyone

    • Removethespaces

      they care about money, so they can afford to give you a GTA 6 and so on. if they didn’t have money, you’d not get the game and if they had only a little, you’d only get this type 
      w w w

  • Tony360

    GTA 5 has been in development for a long time, so I’m sure any issues can be fixed with a patch at a later date. Obviously I would like everything to be perfect at launch, but it never will be, so please Rockstar release GTA 5 this year.

  • RickyT

    I am happy to wait as long as it takes for GTA 5, although seeing the loss Take-Two made it does worry me they might want to rush a launch.