Skyrim Dawnguard: 30-day PS3 DLC utilization

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 4, 2012

The communication from Bethesda for Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3 has been shaky at best, and one of the biggest complaints from PlayStation 3 gamers is the lack of two-way communication when it comes to the Skyrim DLC. The recent confirmation that Dawnguard for PS3 is being delayed has met mixed reactions, and some people wonder what Bethesda had been doing during the 30-day exclusive period?

It is not known if Bethesda were allowed to work on the PS3 version of Dawnguard during this period, but we’d expect it had been fine to do this before, during, and after the 30 day exclusive for Xbox 360. What some players on the PS3 want to know is if their platform received the attention it deserved during this time, or had most of the work been left to the last moment? This would explain why Bethesda has only just announced problems with the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC or PS3.

Communication is the real issue – the recent blog post explained the issues for PS3, can be seen below, and this is the first we’d heard about Dawnguard issues with the PS3 console, so why are Bethesda not communicating better with the fans? We’ve heard from a number of gamers that wonder what Bethesda were doing during the whole month of 360 exclusivity, and also point out that the “PS3 has been around quite a while“. Other gamers feel that this is just “poor planning and not caring“.

This news of a PS3 delay also brought about attacks towards the platform, which include some gamers claiming the “PS3 is garbage unless you want to watch a Blu-ray“, although this is completely unfounded but does highlight a pattern some developers have had with creating gamers for the PS3 and the cell processor. This is something we’re likely to see Sony fix with the PS4, although considering the time developers have had with the PS3 you wouldn’t expect problems to continue on this platform.

The comments from Bethesda are making some people wonder if Dawnguard will see a release date on the PS3, although considering they said “yet” it’s certain to launch soon.

How much attention did Bethesda give the PS3 version of Skyrim Dawnguard during the 30-day exclusive? This is something a few gamers would love to know, but the lack of communication is the real issue and the vague blog post opens up even more questions than it answers. There needs to be more detail on when the Skyrim 1.7 patch will land for PS3, more updates about the PS3 Dawnguard launch and development, and we also wonder how the second Skyrim DLC will go for this platform?

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  • PS3 is Awesome

    we should get hearthfire for free, since all PS3 owners have 2 months already

  • holigan

    this is like your dad buying you a new vehicle then finding out its defective, you blame your dad, but really its the manufactures fault. The same can be said for the PS3; its not necessarilly the game developers fault, it is afterall a defective system. Its not to say that Xbox360 is better, they had their own problems that were fixed with a revamped design, but PS3 made it worse buy trying to one-up their compatition with out testing the design first. Making matters worse they haven’t tryed fixing the problems, instead they charge developers to teach them how to work around the problems. with that said, if you find a PS3 in the garbage leave it there.

    • Rob

      funny how the ps3 has a great collection of exclusives which seem to run fine, and look great. i guess you must have forgotten about the uncharted series…

  • PS3 User

    Hello my fellow ps3 user are you guys fall asleep yet ?  Let me hear some voice !!   Yeah we ps3 are here to STAY !       For those of you who sicked of waiting well me too     but that doesnt mean we have to be sad and all      Cheers for ps3  Here for us   PS3 USer     Woo !      We will wait  and we wont given up  

    Never ! you hear me Bethesda      FUS RO DAH TO YOU  BETCHDA   

  • Lukestafford25

    I think Bethesda have really let the ps3 down, iv been a huge fan of the elder scrolls games for years and for the first time ever I’m thinking about selling one of there game. there are much more exciting games coming this year like assassins 3 and GTA V.

    • PS3 User

      AC are fun and all the story are great but after you finish the game then it get so boring there is nothing left to do  i think im gonna buy gta and darkness 2   but that ‘s only me  

  • Master555

    Well I was going to sell skyrim but I decided not to since dawnguard is the first DLC for skyrim I’m actually going to make to save at the part where harkon wants u to choose which u want to be in,the dawnguard or the vampires I’m actually play till I get the sixth quest from volkiar vampire and if its good then I play the rest of dawnguard if not I’ll play regular quests.

  • PS3 User

    I cant take this anymore i will switch to Xbox and sell my ps3 Now !!!!!  

    • what is wrong with you

      yeah that’s totally gonna help, and you’re totally gonna do that.

    • Sir.poopypants

      That’s just what they want you to do.

    • Ukaz87

      Rockstar prefer coding for PS3 because it makes more sense to and Devs that say its too difficult need to be sacked they have had years of practice and learning time even before the consoles come out they learn well before that.

      Also Rockstar might be doing a few Exclusives for PS3, Beth need to go back to college.

      • PS3 User

        Damn im not gonna sell my ps3 anymore im gonna wait for gta hell yeah !

        • Captanjoe18

          dawnguard ps3 release on september 1st or 3rd it cost

        • PS3 User

          it your guess  or what bethesda didnt said anything about that

  • Master555

    Well I don’t mind about the delay for ps3 beside I don’t want a buggy DLC it’s kinda nice for Bethesda to fix these bugs and glitches for ps3 to get a smooth version with less bugs and minor glitches and some of you are saying that ps3 will be cancelled why would they cancelled it for ps3 Microsoft cant pay them to not release it for ps3 so dawnguard is coming for ps3 and the September 13th is not the real release date so PC enjoy dawnguard and Xbox users fck u and ur miserable fcked up life and complaining

  • Master555

    Dovahkin1234 Bethesda said that they will submit the update 1.7 this week which means that they might release on Thursday before school starts

    • PS3 User

      This week my arse SIR ! 

    • kindlelover451

      oh really could you provide a link to this source of information that you only know about and if your lying (wich you clearly are)please don’t write idiotic comments like the one that you just posted it makes you seem like an incompinent idiot

  • Dovahkiin1234

    they release at the end of August. or in between 😛 

  • I think most game developers wish the PS3 did’nt exist….Simply because it is such a “pig” to program correctly…Just like most Sony cameras…you need a Degree in AstroPhysics to understand the menus!!!

    • Dave! Yognaut

      I’ve never heard any games dev saythe ps3 is hard to code. In fact some companies prefer it to Xbox (like rockstar) as someone else said, there is no excuse for people not being able to code games correctly on ps3, they have had years to sort it. If they can’t do it, frankly they shouldn’t be in the gaming industry.

  • Master555

    I mean that Microsoft can not give bethesda more money to delay beside if u think about if 1.7 has the one fixes for dawnguard vampiric grip and why can’t you guys stop moaning they said they’ll try to make a smoother version of dawnguard for ps3 and do you it was easy for Bethesda to put fallout 3 DLC on ps3 it took them more than a hour to get a smooth version and it may hard waiting for it but if you don’t want to buy it on psn and want to wait for GOTY edition of skyrim with all patches and DLC then your welcome to wait but seriously if you want to feel that dawnguard is new then don’t watch gameplay videos if u don’t want to ruin the surprise seeing new content and beside I don’t know why Xbox 360 are talking about heartfire Bethesda never announced for any console so they may announce heartfire/hearthfire after dawnguard been released for ps3 console

  • Master555

    It is coming out for PS3 but its how the ps3 performance on dawnguard you see it was going to be released on Thursday 2nd but it went wrong, dawnguard on ps3 brought back all the bugs we hated thats why they delayed it and Microsoft can’t pay Bethesda more money because Bethesda said that any increased delay would only happen by sonys approval

    • PS3 User

      But bethesda hasnt release it to ps3 yet So how can sony  approve on anything ? 

      bethesda have to release it to sony first right ? then wait for approval  but bethesda said that they hasnt release it to ps3 yet  So ???   there is no aprroval is  goin on right now 

      So confuse with the Detail man  cant get thing straight by the way they are sayin it  

      Bethesda always mix thing up and  make thing more complicated     

      • Senator476ad

        Just a thought, but could Bethesda have already passed Dawnguard over to Sony for approval and they rejected the DLC for some unknown reason?  To my knowledge, Sony doesn’t talk about software approval for the PSN…

        Like I said, just a thought

  • PS3 User

    All i care is when it going to release i dont care about how to utilization on anything God damn i dont care this has been more than 40 day of waiting it long enough  release it noww

  • Bobo

    Lol, why buy a PS3 just to use it to watch Blu-rays? Why not just buy a Blu-ray player? The PS3 is also a gaming console. Some people need to get this through their heads. I think Bethesda needs to hurry up, but I would rather have a dlc with 1 or 2 bugs than one with 10-15 bugs and have it freeze up or lag on me as well. I also think that the PS3 users should get something from Bethesda, that is only for the PS3, to show that they still care about their PS3 fans. Something like being able to download the Morrowind Game of the Year Edition from the Playstation Store. PC gets mods and Xbox gets the exclusivity. PS3 needs to get something. Probably won’t happen, but it would be great if it did.

    • MarkH

      ya that probably won’t happen, seeing as the ceo’s at bethesda seem to care more about money, seeing as they sold out on the 30 day exclusive.. but we can only dream

  • Shayne

    Just because they are having problems with PS3 doesn’t mean they weren’t working on it through the 30 day exclusivity window. PS3 is hard to format, and with Skyrim already having trouble on the PS3, this doesn’t at all surprise me.

     I have that $20 sitting around in my PSN wallet. But if no patch comes by tomorrow, I sell my Skyrim and spend the cash on something else, and never look back. 

    • Spiritreaver

      Sorry, PS3 has been out 6 yrs and Bethesda is a supposed top game maker. You telling me that after considering that, not to mention previous experience they should retain from making PS3 versions of other of their games, they can’t make a passibly decent PS3 version of this DLC?

      And it almost makes the whole situation WORSE if they were working on the PS3 version during that 30 days. Didn’t have to spend many resources on the 360 since it was out obviously. And i find it hard to believe the PC version took much time at all. 

      Again, sorry. Too many questions that could have been answered if Bethesda had just given some info.

      • Hoot471

         While Bethesda ARE a top game maker, they haven’t had as much experience as other companies have with the PS3. They are still new to making games for the PS3. Fallout 3 was their first PS3 game (correct me If I’m wrong.) Oblivion was made for PC/Xbox 360 and then LATER, made onto the PS3. So while they are amazing game dev’s and their marketing team could be a bit better, they are not so good with making games for the PS3.

        And why couldn’t they spend time on the Xbox version? The Xbox version still had a number of small glitches on Dawnguard when it was released. Xbox 360 is also the most used console in the USA, unlike the PS3. PC you have to take into consideration the mods and the different hardware/software. it’s not like a PS3/Xbox 360 where you have a set spec requirement and don’t have to worry about so and so.

        • Spiritreaver

          And again, sorry. If it was 2006 or heck even 2008, i would buy the whole ‘PS3 is a tough nut to crack’ excuse in terms of coding a game. But its not ’06, or ’08, or even 2010; its 2012 and close to the end of the 2012 fiscal year at that.

          I love the Elder Scrolls series, have since Daggerfall. Engaging world, history that builds on itself just like in the real world, gameplay that just kicks ass; all around awesome imo. That said, if Bethesda can’t reliably and comfortably code for the PS3, they should stop taking cash from customers of the PS3 and just close up shop on that console. 

        • Deadlyfart50

          And lose over half their gaming community. Its possible, but not likely. 

        • Master555

          Actually fallout 3 isn’t their game on ps3 you see before ps3 was invented bethesda released a game called giridoin some one correct me if giridoin is spelled, giridoin was the first game they released, and it was quite hard getting f3 (fallout3) DLC for ps3 since ps3 isn’t kinda great with bugs and glitches then when the FNV DLC came out took It took them more than an hour to make a smooth version of the DLCs, and PC is usually last but rarely it pc who becomes second so it goes like this, Xbox 360,PS3,PC that’s how the regular pattern but sometime game companies will release it like Xbox360,PC,PS3

      • I believe that they were resting on their laurels and being lackadaisical as well as arrogant about the PS3 release — they simply underestimate the competition. I’m now playing Dragon’s Dogma instead, since my gaming life cannot revolve around this one piece of DLC.

  • Criddy420

    imagine if Beth released dawnguard on PS3 and added some complimentary horse armour for our inconvenience. That would be the last straw, we would most likely throw crap at their offices 

    • Shayne

       Actually I WANT horse armor or they need to give the horses more health. I never buy any, considering they ALWAYS DIE.

      • Jarod


        • Ukaz87

          Shadowmere dies 2!!

  • Spiritreaver

    Just wanted to thank you Daniel Chubb for putting out a good right up for this situation that isn’t towing Bethesda’s line and asking questions that ALL of their customers(PS3 AND PC AND Xbox360) should be asking.

    • Spiritreaver

      was typing too fast, meant to say ‘write-up’

  • Beth Es. DA HO

    Well, I guess because I own a PS3, and I also own Skyrim, I have to bend over and take it from Bethesda..  They didn’t even give me a reach around..  I am tired of being a whore for Bethesda.  Last time I purchase anything from them.

    • Chinky Xbox user

      You say that but you’ll obviously get more games from them. Just hahah to you idiotic ps3 moaners. Best thing is, is that the second dlc will be again a 30 day exclusivity fOr Xbox. It has been confirmed by a Beth post. Hahahahahah!!!!!

  • Jamesryandaly

    X-Box players shouldn’t even get the new DLC until they know for a fact that it
    will be available thirty days from then on ALL PLATFORMS! I mean what’s the
    point of a 30-day exclusive if its not available to everyone once that 30-day
    period is up? It almost feels like PS3 gamers are just not at the top of the
    priority list, unlike our lucky x-box an PC gamers. Bethesda you guys rock, no doubt! But please,
    rethink your approach towards your future DLC’s release dates! Can’t wait to
    get a glimpse of your upcoming DLC’s!

  • tallguy199

    I hope other ps3 players will enjoy this dlc if it ever comes out. This dlc has become less and less appealing to me through out the xbox exclusive and this delay. I most likely will not buy it. But when I get a new computer I plan on getting skyrim to enjoy mods so I dont have to worry about these things. You need to step it up bethesda.

  • Athomas727

    I waited in line with all the x-box people waiting to get my special edition, and this is the way we get treated? I have al ready sent an email showing my disconcern and disapiontment to bethesda with no replay. All i want to do is play the new dlc. I have been playing this series since morrowind and have loved them all but this situation has really soured me to the series but it sitll cant stop me from playing.

    • If you sent them an email expressing your “disconcern”, they probably didn’t reply because they thought you were satisfied.

      • Senator476ad

        I don’t know how many times I have emailed the arseholes about one of their games or another.  They never respond.  Even on Twitter, where I have taken to making potshots at them and just being a nuisance about the whole debaucle.

        I love the games they make, but their marketing and PR just downright blow chunks…

  • Sxs5

    This is old news now…We been screwed over by Bethesda everyone knows it, its not news anymore they had their money from microsoft, and just now starting to realise how much they screwed us and trying some sort of damage control,
    Screw you Bethesda X

    • Sxs5

      I like to be kissed when I m getting f**ked X

  • Dominicrafter0

    Hey Bethesda, Give us our Motherfucking dlc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew_genuardi

    We don’t give a rats ass if tge game isn’t at its best that is what updates are for just give us our bloody dlc already we’ve waited long enough

    • Psnadams880

      Actually. I’m so god damn tired of my game freezing when I go underwater. As long as that is fixed. I agree with you. If I have to wait another week for that. I’ll gladly wait.

      • MasterSmith

         Psnadams880; Delete the “Game Update” in the game data folder for skyrim. Then install again, Fixed mine!

      • pb9882

        I had the same glitch. So I looked it up online and found this (it worked for me, now I can swim again):

        Yep, Everyone is having the problem. Bethseda posted the solution. This is what you have to do

        Go into you “Game Data Utility”
        Delete “Skyrim” and delete ” Skyrim Update” Once the deletion of the two is complete, open Skyrim and let the Updates redownload.

        These instructions fix skyrim for you and the swimming bug

        WATCH OUT! You DO NOT want to delete the files from “Saved Data Utility” , Deleting the files from the saved data utility deletes your skyrim data and your character.

        Deleting Game Data Utility only deletes the Disc’s information and patchs, It does not affect your character and his progression.

        I hope this helps!

        • Yeah, I remember that 1 minute fix. If that’s all I have to do to get Dawnguard working, give it to me now.

    • CM

      That’s pretty much what happened with the main game and everyone was quite unhappy with it. I’m sure, presuming you have patience, you’d be willing to wait a few more days for them to fully fix it. Just relax, we’ll have it soon.

    • Jon

      I can’t wait until this happens with the next DLC on PS3….

  • Jackwinpenny

    They could throw in some spears and morning stars from the game jam to aeraten the deal or just
    A working dlc, wait bethesda might have to ask microsoft first…

  • So its coming?

    • RickyT


    • Smellybutt

      so is christmas

    • RickyT

      i want a root email me

    • Probably. If you squint. 

      Rather, if you assume the “yet” part of that statement to mean that they are going to work on it until it works well and then release. Which is a bit of an assumption for a company that’s been playing a lot of semantics games and falling back on what they “technically” said.