Samsung Galaxy S3 in red with envy

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 4, 2012

There might be a few envious Samsung Galaxy S3 owners right now, and this is due to the new Garnet red version of the Galaxy S3, which looks amazing and launched just a few days ago on AT&T. There are a number of ways to turn your Galaxy S3 red if you couldn’t wait for this color to release, and this includes protecting your Android smartphone with a red case. Today we have taken a look at some of the latest video reviews for red Galaxy S3 cases.

New to the Samsung Galaxy S3 – if you don’t know much about this smartphone, we wonder where you’ve been, then you might want to take a look at the first two videos below this article, which are hands-on reviews detailing the main Galaxy S3 specs and features. We have also included an unboxing, so you’ll see how your smartphone would arrive.

If you are red with envy after seeing the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Garnet red, then see the videos below from the third onwards, which showcase a few cases. These include a red sparkly case, red hard skin cover, a red bumper, super thin red leather pouch, and folding red leather case.

Do you wish you bought the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Garnet red, or are you currently considering it? While some of these cases could appeal to you, sadly they don’t match the beauty of the official Garnet red option in our opinion, but take a look at the cases and let us know what you think. You can also read about the Samsung Galaxy S3 cell standby and battery drain problems, which some people are experiencing.

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  • Lee

    Pier, You are a dumbass.

  • I just got a red one yesterday. I love it! But what did I do? I put it in a black Otterbox Defender case. You can hardly see any of the red body! Oh well, at least I know it’s protected!

  • Pier

    The expression is “green with envy” you f’ing idiots

    • It’s a play on words you idiot. 

  • Brandon Bauman

    Battery drain is still a problem for many of us current S3 owners, where are you Samsung?
    People like me having the real battery problems shouldn’t have to turn off all the syncs, disable all the widgets, disable GPS, blutooth, ect ect. This battery is supposed to be the best on the freaking market and instead I have to constantly babysit it with power saving controls to get through my workday without it dying on me. There has to be a real fix out there. My Droid Incredible lasted longer than this and that was without reconfiguring everything to make it last.

    • Malcolm

      The DROID razr maxx is clearly the best battery on the market and nobody ever claimed the s3 had the best battery so you buying this phone for battery was stupid and un researched

    • Mark Whelan Ga

      Battery should be excellent. You have a program causing wake locks. Download better battery stats from the play store, or look to the xda developer forum…