iPhone 5 vs. 4S visually by parts

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 4, 2012

One of the latest iPhone 5 leaks has just landed on our desk and comes in the form of a video that details the iPhone 5 vs. Apple’s current 4S model, which visualizes both devices from the perspective of their parts. You can hear that the video has been created in a busy area, which could be inside a factory within China.

Considering the iPhone 5 release date window is almost here, a launch between September and October, it is possible these parts are from the final iPhone 5 design. You’ll notice the video starts by measuring the front glass lens for both generations of iPhone, and gives a detailed account of measurements. Take a look at the video below and let us know if the new iPhone 5 sizes are to your liking.

When we take a look at the views for this video on YouTube you can see they’re extremely low, under 2,000 at the time of writing, and this is likely due to the fact that this video has only just been published in the last few hours, so you’re likely one of the first to be watching it.

Looking at the size changes between iPhone 5 and 4S – according to this video it seems that the height of the new iPhone is jumping up to 90.25mm from 76.65mm, and the width is staying exactly the same at 51.60mm. This supports the majority of rumors pointing to a longer iPhone 5 with the same width.

You’ll also notice that the glass lens shows some movement for the camera hole, and it will move from the left to the right middle. We can also see that the home button hole has narrowed by 0.3mm, the light sensor hole gets smaller and moves to the receivers left side, and finally this video points to better scratch resistance for the iPhone 5. It is now extremely clear that the new iPhone will change in size and by not much, so if you’re planning on upgrading it’s a good idea to get used to this change as it will almost certainly happen.

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  • Marioocartagena

    Linoux1 is correct we measure screen size
    Diagonallly just like we do on any monitor and tv
    Screens now I am a bit disappointed that
    The screen isn’t wider but until I hold it in my
    Hands I won’t know for sure if it makes that much

  • Vagina

    correct you are, Sir!

  • Guest

    Is this guy on crack? He calculates the iPhone 5 screen to be 3.5 inches and the iPhone 4s screen as 3 inches? Correct me if I’m wrong but the iPhone 4s has a 3.5 inch screen. I’m not sure his magical micrometer is very accurate. 

    • Linousx1

      The micrometer is accurate. What he did wrong is measuring the height instead of diagonal length. That is what makes the 4S’s display 3.5 inches. Doing the same on the iPhone 5 it would show 4inches length diagonal. 

      • guest

        He didnt do anything wrong in measuring the screen. He made it clear by separating it to the height of the iphone and the width giving a better visual to the audience.

    • Steve Jobs

      Nevermind that, he’s wearing condoms on his fingers. What on earths wrong with a glove?

      • FlyIllusion

        how is he supposed to pick up something so thin with gloves on