Dawnguard PS3 farce mars PC release

By Alan Ng - Aug 3, 2012

Skyrim owners on PS3 and PC have been waiting a very long time for the first DLC expansion pack to arrive and this week at Quakecon, developers Bethesda delivered some crucial news. They announced that Dawnguard is now available for download and purchase on Steam, but at the same time sent a huge blow to PS3 gamers, by saying that their version isn’t ready yet.

If you have been playing on PC the whole time, your Dawnguard wait is finally over. Most of you probably haven’t even been too bothered by the wait with the sheer amount of custom mods available through the Creation Kit, but refresh your Steam browser now and you’ll see that Dawnguard is now available for $19.99.

That’s where the good news ends though sadly, as it isn’t good reading for the PS3 community who expected Dawnguard to be available this week at the very latest and as a simultaneous release with PC. Bethesda has put out a statement on their Blog explaining their reasons, as you’ll see in a portion of their quote below:

“We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3. We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience in Skyrim will be worse.”

So there we have it. Our immediate thoughts on this are that the company are being extra careful in not having a repeat of the water freezing fiasco which greeted PS3 owners on a previous update. As you can imagine, some disgruntled fans have let their feelings be known through the comments on Bethesda’s blog, with one user now saying that ‘this is getting ridiculous’, with others agreeing.

Should we be too harsh on Bethesda though if Dawnguard just isn’t ready for technical reasons? Some people will just feel like it is better late than never, while others will just choose to vent their frustration by any means possible. The reality is though, there’s still no PS3 release date and it looks like Bethesda is having problems getting Dawnguard onto to PS3.

What are your thoughts on this – Are you angry or not?

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  • matt

    Why is it that whenever bethesda says that the will release content “30 days” after xbox and we wait patiently for thirty days after the xbox version comes out the they pull crap like this? Frankly they should atleast release an update that allows us to become a vampire lord and have the perk tres for the vampire lord and were wolf and use the dragonbone weapons

  • Anonymous

    they were probably working on the pc version before ps3.They cant do both at the same time becuase Bethesda is a big company and they have other assets besides Skyrim.I mean,they are still working on Dishonored and ps3 has a different architecture than 360 or pc,and it would be easier if they did something with similar architecture first than doing something completely different and getting back.

  • b_alasdair

    At this point, the only thing that would please me would be to hear an announcement that all further DLC for Skyrim will be exclusive to the PS3 and PC, as well as a promise not to release any future TES games on the 360. It’s about time 360 owners suffer like PS3 owners do.

  • mikey_lolz

    I am annoyed, they should easily have done it by now, but I dont want a crappy update that crashes all the time, and I want the experience to be awesome – if it lagged, crashed and was generally a bad experience then, in my opinion, I would be even angrier than I am now for it being late. Bethesda is a great company, it’s just harder to code it for the PS3.

    Every little helps,

  • Sean

    What’s the big deal? I’d rather they left it until it can work properly…maybe in the meantime they can work on patching up the horrid pixellated shadow glitches which make being indoors with candlelight a lot uglier than it should be

  • Jesus Christ these guys aren’t obligated to you to have a game out to you by such and such a time. You’d rather have it released broken? Like we didn’t get enough of that with Skyrim. I’d rather it be later and actually frigging working than just bitching and demanding it now.

    Go outside or something in the meantime. <.<

  • Japrika

    I’m not angry, I’m worried. It sounds like they’re purposefully not confirming that it’ll EVER come out for PS3. If they weren’t sure they could manage it I wish they’d have said it from the start. I’ve been avoiding Dawnguard spoilers for over a month, which I expected, but now with PC users in the know it’ll become impossible. I want to know if I should give up and realize I’ll never play it myself.

    No company owes me anything, but I do think this one is being pretty weird as far as PR is concerned. Just frickin’ tell us the deal already.

  • cthulhuofrlyeh

    As someone said previously “better late than on time and buggy as hell” (not said word for word). Playing Fallout 3 on my PS3, when I’m in Point Lookout the game lags unbelievably bad whenever I enter the exterior area around the secret entrance to Kenny’s Hideout, with the only fix being to save, exit out to the X-Media bar and load the save when I get back into the game. Then it’ll run fine in that area (until I return to it after going somewhere else… rinse, repeat).

    • Gazz6666

      A nice ideal, but probably won’t actually happen. I imagine Danwguard will release in a week/few weeks time and it will still be glitchy as hell.

      Poor effort Bethesda. Very poor.

      • Bubby Bub Bub

         well, hang on. ever here of the guy that bought the car company SAAB? this story is similar to this scenario. he was gonna release a new car as a kind of last hurrah , but development was rushed and that ment the car was released before it was finished, and that meant that the company completely flopped. i’m not saying thisll happen but in the past companies havent done well releasing products prematurely, and as my mother always says, itll be worth the wait

  • Master555

    Well since dawnguard has increased delay it could be out in a week or two so these could be release dates thursday 9th or Thursday 19th but I don’t know so wait till Bethesda confirmed the release date so sit don’t listen to Xbox 360 gloating and don’t spend your money on something else because Bethesda they will keep trying until dawnguard becomes a smooth version on PS3 but we will have to wait till Sony done the patch process.

  • Sedraen

    I highly doubt it has anything to do with the DLC’s performance on the PS3. If it works decently on the 360, it’ll work decently on the PS3. This is obviously a ploy by Microsoft to hurt Sony, and judging by the 30-day exclusivity agreement, it’s not surprising, since they’re using Dawnguard as a marketing weapon. Screw you, Microsoft. And you, too, Bethesda, for letting this happen.

    • Psy Chuan

      No. Just… no. Do you actually believe it’s that easy? The two consoles use completely different processor architecture. It’s not as simple as changing the file extension.

      • Alex

        Steps in porting:

                1) Switch compilers        2) modify system calls for each platform
                3) Tweak some logic to compensate for differences in systems calls as necessary

        Analysis: They already did all this for the full game, it shouldn’t be a big deal.  They must have changed something fundamental or are usually a feature of their toolset that they didn’t use before, and which is not easily compensated for with the above three steps.

        Processor architecture has little to nothing to do with this, but I appreciate understanding of the difficulty of porting.

      • jamie

        it is simple as both consoles have same game even tho made on 2 different consoles they have the game right there in there hands thats the bluepf or dawngaurd to be constructed too just like any dlc on any game that comes out same time without delay therefore no exuse for ethier microsoft or Bethesda…the media and gaming community alone they done wrong and can tell smirks on there faces espcally whenre ps3 community and ps3 media demanded an ansew regardless there should be some justice done somewhere along the line

    • Steve

      That’s not how it works the ps3 and Xbox are completely different systems andmicrosofts agreement has already ran out so they can’t do anything to delay it and Bethesda doesn’t gain anything at this point by delaying it so they would only delay it if they had to

      • jamie

        maybe they like a manual guide to follow or one those child books with floppy pictures to show them how lmao

    • Cory_andrade98

      Mo because the ps3’s hardware is a lit better than the 360’s and more complex. the 360 runs games on a single harddrive that runs both the graphics and performance as one but the ps3 has a split hard drive half for graphics half for performance which gives ps3 games better graphics and better performance but the thing is bethesda doesn’t understand the ps3 hardware 

    • Kain13

       doubt it

    • Nachocrust

      Could not agree more

    • jamie

      your totally right i just hope sony get some payback for this not as revenge based but for justice for this evil Microsoft…

  • Kierstyn

    I am frustrated, but I’d probably be a lot more frustrated if they had released it with a lot of bugs. I don’t mind waiting.

  • PS3 User

    here is the full blog that bethesda said

    ” We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3. We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience in Skyrim will be worse. We do everything we can to have our content available to all; from our free updates, to user mods, to paid DLC. We’re as disappointed as our fans when that isn’t the case, but we’ll continue to push for that reality. ”

    i cant really guess how long when will they going to release it . maybe another week or a few more day : (

    I  dont really know 

    headache headache headache headache   i want some painkiller here .

    • Sxs5

      moderated again, whatever happened to free speech???? and they let that tosser on the last post???

  • Kyvor

    The DLC should be free on PS3, as far as I’m concerned.  Haven’t even seen an apology from Bethesda for the fact that it took them months after release date to make Skyrim playable on some PS3s

  • Michael

    FINALLY! An update on what’s happening. That was one of the most frustrating things about this whole delay was the lack of information they were giving to us. The way they made it sound, it was like they were sitting around the Bethesda office not doing a thing for the 30 days of exclusivity for Xbox. If it’s to fix technical issues, this is a little bit more understandable. But I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I better not see ONE glitch in my game when Dawnguard is finally released.

  • Chappers

    To be honest, i’m fine with there being a delay on the PS3 release date as long as it’s for improving gameplay and fixing any bugs. Yes, there are good reasons to be angry at Bethesda, since the succes of the Fallout series and Skyrim, the quality of graphics has greatly improved but the quality of gameplay such as quests, NPC’s and settlements has dropped significantly when compared to Oblivion. Bethesda, it would seem have become a more mainstream developer more orientated around sales than the games they release. As for the delayed release, when comparing with graphics, software and general quality, the Playstation is the far superior console to the Xbox (Anyone who argues otherwise is quite likely to be an biased Xbox player locked in petty arguements, or a typical Call of Duty fanatic, take your choice) and would therefore require more attention to detail. While i must admit, i am greatly dissapointed with yet another delay, i am much more frustrated with still sign of a permanent fix for the swimming freeze.

    • Djhutton21

       To fix the water freezing issue on ps3 you delete the update and then reinstall it, thats how i fixwd it.

  • RC

    Just please! release it bethesda. Come on…

  • RC

    Classic bethesda… you guys make me sick… Just release the dlc already. You guys have been telling us since February, and i was pumped for it to come out in summer. Now its probably going to come out when school starts. You guys suck.

  • Jsd27

    i get that they have problems with different consoles but i get the impression that they have done no testing for other consoles until it was too late

  • Jaranbrown

    Like said before the PS3 uses a different code to function than the Xbox 360 or PC, I minor PC or Xbox problem could be a big PS3 problem

    • Sxs5

      And Bethesda doesnt/ hasnt had the appropriate resources commited to resolving these problems (Minor or Not) for the last 5 weeks because…..???
      Take out the 30 days exclusivity agreement (greedy F**kers) the DLC content should of been ready on all platforms at the same time, just as the release of the game in the first instance.
      Prior to the release of the game I would of expected a number of teams to be working on each platform release…maybe not
      with one user now saying that ‘this is getting ridiculous’, with others agreeing. Is this really the best quote available throughtout this site, let alone the rest of the internet..?
      What a joke

  • VampiricNightmare

    Id rather just stay chilled and wait for it on ps3 becuase now we know its coming the console and when i comes out i know the i wont rage over the glitches

  • ReasonableRage

    im done with this shit,screw you bethesda yeah thats right you are not the only one who can screw people!

    • Hard_2_beat

      a nice sentiment, but you are a small fish in the large pond of consumers who bought skyrim, its no like they notice or care about you ‘screwing’ them

    • jamie

      this just exuse they came up with so dont swallow first ansew they give ya …ps3 community and media demanding ansew from bethesda about dawngaurd delay and first asnew they give was a small smirk and asking us to wait paitently now to me that is poor communcation and no ansew at all ps3 community,ps3 users,sony and the gaming media are all saying same thing pointing the finger at them both as both bethesda and mircorsoft both got caught with hands in the cooky jar lmao i hope there becomes justice

  • Randomguy

    The way i see it bethesda will take us ps3 users only by boycotting them.if the dlc isn’t at least 3$ cheaper dont buy it…then we see if they drop the price or not…

    • I’m an adult

      It probably would work, but I doubt very many people would do that. Bethesda fan boys who are like “oh, they updated us, how nice of them :,)” will buy it as soon as it comes out.
      There’s no beating the system, maaaan

  • Fatal_Ghost503

    they should of told us they were trying to fix all the bugs so itll run great. The whole communication issue, is what was making everyone mad

  • Sneaky Hobo

    Thank god their delaying due to preformance. Id hate to get another Operation Anchorage as first dlc.

    Just tell us the truth next time, Bethesda. The community seriously concidered a boycott.

  • I’m pissed off. They had a whole month to work on it, and Xbox has now had it exclusive for longer than that. Great PC users get it, but as you say they had mods. PS3 users have yet to see any love from Bethesda starting way back with a shoddy Fallout 3 release. Their games have been buggy more on PS3 than they have been on other platforms and Bethesda has paid absolute minimum attention to the community that can’t help but throw money at their awesome games and content. But I think I speak for the rest of the PS3 community when I say, we make up AT LEAST a third of your player base, which means at least a third of your profits, so why don’t you bloody give us some attention? I’d also like to point out that there’s been a shit-tonne of negative and trolling comments thrown at us by X-bots, which is never good for our ever shortening temper with these kinds of situations. I think that Bethesda could at least look us in the eyes and say they’ve screwed up and that they’re going to fix it. I also think it would be the mature (and cool ;D) thing to do if they were to give us a reasonable discount for a short period of time, 25% off sound good to anyone else? 
    Just my 2 cents that I’m throwing into the fray.

    • NgTurbo

      An excellent two cents I may add. Thanks Jerez

    • Doremeister

      i posted on a similar comment that i think they should give us a discount for having to wait an exta long time, i think it is ridiculous, its only a pain that the bethesda people just wont give a damn and will release it at the same price because the voice of just one or two gamers isnt enough to sway the thoughts of the game developers.

    • guest

      hey, at least they’re being open about it finally, and frankly all of this talk about boycotting Bethesda is probably one of the reasons for the delays; if you had heard that your product would not be greeted well by a particular group, would that not reduce your motivation to please that group?

      • jamie

        they were no where near open a bout it when we all ps3 ansews demanded an decent ansew to dawngaurd issues they just smiled and ask us to be paitent and that isnt much of an ansew and that heats the media up and makes ps3 users such myself furious

    • MacDaddy

      Bethesda is too big to listen to any kind of community, unless there is money involved. In which case they will be quick to the draw to get money, cuz that’s what business is all about, money. Bethesda has already proven me right with their current and past actions.

      In case it’s unclear to anyone, Beth is lying. There may may be problems with the PS3 version, but after this long you’d think they would have ironed the major ones out by now. Unless you give Beth a few hundred thousand dollars for 25% off, then your’e absolutely gonna pay 19.99 for it. 

    • matt

      I fully agree

  • Mr Tuff_guy

    I think we’re better off getting a working product late than a glichy piece of crap early. I mean if they just said “fine, u want dawn guard, here it is!” Instead of people complaining that the dlc isn’t out, people will complain that everything about it is messed up.

    • Randomguy

      Depends how you define “working”.if working = no bugs then its time to wake up…

    • Criddy420

      True. Bethesda are screwed either way. Buggy DLC releases, people get pissed and slate the developer. DLC releases late due to bugs, people get people get pissed and slate the developer.

    • Doremeister

      good comment but why couldnt they release it and then later release an update which would fix those bugs, sort of like with cod you get an update almost every month to fix glitches online so couldnt bethesda do the same, and every day since i was expecting dawnguard to come out, the weather where i live has been crap and rainy so i cant exactly do anything else but sit in doors being bored because i dont have dawnguard, i have gone over other game on both my ps3 and xbox (i dont have skyrim on xbox because i hate the controller) and i have re-completed over 10 games because im that bored, i will be really ticked off if when it does come out i will be on holiday next week and the weather will be great so my parents will be nagging me to go outside, and it will all be bethesdas’ fault

  • NgTurbo

    Their explanation is debatable at best guys, I agree with you on this one. But to say it’s due to performance issues on the PS3 just opens up a new can of worms in my opinion.

    • PS3 User

      It obviously bull man  god i bet we are gonna have to wait for another two week just to get it  At least ! bro  at least two week i bet you

  • PS3 User

    i also think if they say that they are not satisfied with PS3 performance ?? im confuse bro ps3 performance out run xbox in every single way so how come you cant satisfied with it  if you can fix bug on xbox how come it so hard to fix it on ps3 it should have been easier because ps3 are better than xbox in every way  ,

    So what now do we have to wait until patch 1.8 to come out before you guys bethesda are satisfied 

    and what is it that you are not satisfied with can you at least give us more to go than im still not satisfied ?
    what is it that you not satisfied with man im so confused here you not givin us any detail what is the problem  it obvious that money is the problem ain’t it   IF they say this we might gonna have to wait for over a month from now to get 1.8 patch is that right is that what you tryin to say ?   

    what the hell man you have enough time to fix a minor problem like this but you take over a month and still you cant fix it ?   god be damn some one please stab me in the heart please

    • Xiathorn

      The PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox360, yes – but it’s also a completely different technical architecture. What runs smoothly on the Xbox doesn’t have to run smoothly on the PS3.

      Software is written in human-readable code, then compiled into machine-readable code. The machine (PS3, in this case) reads it and does stuff. The PS3 is such a radically different machine from what is “normal” (read : PC and Xbox360, which follow a similar architecture) that it means the developers have to write the code differently. It’s not a huge change, but there are enough changes that need to be done.

      You could just say “Throw power at it”, and it doesn’t matter that it’s poorly optimised. But unfortunately that’s not possible here – the PS3, while more powerful, isn’t powerful enough to run badly-optimised code, particularly as Skyrim is a end-generation title for hardware that is 6+ years old.

  • Roaxian17

    id rather wait then get pissed maybe i can get a life in the meantime

    • PS3 User

      funny thing i dont know why i am agree with you bro maybe im getting sick of this for so long and losing my energy on it for long time    with no choice left i agree with you 

    • Doremeister

      the annoying thing is though that in the meantime it will constantly be nagging at the back of your mind “Dawnguard, am i on ps3 yet, Dawnguard” and so you wont be able to focus on anything else

  • Spiritreaver

    I’m not going to rage over this, but i can’t be alone wondering what Bethesda was doing during that whole month of 360 exclusivity. I mean this isn’t a fledgling game company here and the PS3 has been around quite a bit; they don’t know its quirks and how to code for it by now? 

    That said..

    Personally i think if they had simply diffused the issue straight away when the DLC went live on 360, by telling the customers and potential customers what was going on, all would have been well. Instead they went the route of silence for 30+ days. Aside from that woefully inadequate tweet from their PR guy, that is. 

    I have been an avis TES series fan since Daggerfall, and though i will still be a customer in the future, this whole situation is leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth.

    • PS3 User

      i agree bro microsoft company just to afraid to stand up to ps3 company face to face so they letting it down on us  CUSTOMER  these two company are competition but what the hell is it has to do with us we just a customer damn man and you guy bethesda you just agree to everything that microsoft has to say  first rule about marketing business is  ” Customer always right ”  so what happen to that are’nt we are a customer anymore ?  what are we just a dicease that you want to get rid off ?  get rid off your own customer ?  i dont understand that  i think microsoft might paid you too well to have you guy cross us customer damn im losing faith here .

      • I’m fixing your comment

         I agree bro, Microsoft is just to afraid to stand up to Sony face-to-face so they’re letting it down on us CUSTOMERS.  These two companies are competing but what the hell does it have to do with us, we are just costumers.  Damn it man.  And you guys, Bethesda, you just agree to everything that Microsoft has to say.  The first rule about marketing a business is “The customer is always right” so what happened to that?  Aren’t we customers anymore? What are we, just a disease that you want to get rid of? Get rid of your own customers?  I don’t understand that.  I think Microsoft might have paid you too well to have you guys crossing us customers, damn I’m losing faith here.

        • Codyd51

          I was just about to rant and scream that you literally copied his exact words, and then I saw your username. Derp.

  • TJ

    Ok, up until now I was perfectly fine with Dawnguard being released a little bit earlier Xbox 360, after all Microsoft did pay for it, but that fact that now even PC has the expansion pack and us PS3 gamers are left with nothing really ticks me off. Now I will be expecting to recieve a little bit of compensation for this delay – at least $5.00 off the expansion pack. Expected better from you Bathesda but I still support you.

    • mikey_lolz

      How do you think PC users feel about COD DLC? Now we know…

      Hurts, doesn’t it?

  • Patient

    Don’t get it…coz PS3 is a superior machine to the XPox

    • mikey_lolz

      HA! X-Pox…

  • PS3 User

    Another bullshit excuse  Why didnt i surprise  BECAUSE I GET USE TO IT  PERIOD .

    • Adfadfadakdfjakjdfadkfadjfa

       Another bullshit excuse.  Why didn’t it surprise me??? BECAUSE I GET USED TO IT.  PERIOD!

      • Adfadfadakdfjakjdfadkfadd

         I’m fixing your comment ^^^