Battlefield 3 Armored Kill hype mounts with new gameplay

By Alan Ng - Aug 3, 2012

DICE recently unveiled some initial information regarding the upcoming Aftermath expansion for Battlefield 3, but now we’re glad to see that they are switching focus back to the Armored Kill DLC expansion.

The developer recently took to the stage at EA’s Summer Showcase event and revealed a snippet of brand new gameplay footage, as well as the release of some high quality images showing Armored Shield – one of the four included maps in the pack.

Along with Bandar Desert, Armored Shield, Death Valley and Alborz Mountains, Armored Kill is also going to offer one main new gameplay mode called Tank Superiority. Unlike Close Quarters which focused on infantry combat, Tank Superiority is going to return BF3 to its roots with all out epic tank battles between the two opposing teams.

There’s going to be 16 vehicles up for grabs in each map, split between the normal M1 and T90 tanks, the new Tank Destroyers, mobile artillery units, quad-bikes and also the gunship which you and your squad can spawn in. Death Valley remains a mystery at the moment, but it looks like DICE is now starting to give out information for Armored Shield after initially focusing on Bandar Desert – otherwise known as the ‘biggest map in Battlefield history’.

Above is an example of what the map looks like and you’ll notice that there are instant similarities with Caspian Border. In the clip we’ve provided below, you’ll see at the end of the video a glimpse of Armored Shield in action – pay attention to the two tank destroyers going head to head at 2.05.

All this makes us wonder what Death Valley is going to be like. Having now seen Armored Shield, Bandar Desert and Alborz Mountains – which map is your favorite so far?

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  • Criddy420

    My fav so far is Armoured Kill. Close Quarters didnt do it for me but Tank Superiority mode looks like a hell of alotta fun!

    Also, surely this has to be the most well organised and executed DLC series in the history of gaming. I hate when dev’s say ‘ we dont even know what were going to release yet, but it will be great *winks at Bethesda*. Bring on the vehicles!  

    • NgTurbo

      Very good point Criddy.